6 Easy Ways To Make Money Without Actually Working

A Reddit user made a post asking if there were any way people could make money without working. I mean, if we could all have a way to make money without sweating it off, we would all grab the chance. 

While some commenters in the thread downright stated that there is no way out, some came in with tips that have worked for some people. 

 Here are some of them. 

1. Investing 

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The comments with the most upvotes on the thread suggested investing. 

Giving an example of how it would work in an ideal situation, they said, “Yes. It’s called investing. You go out and work to earn $1. You put that dollar to work, and it earns $0.10. Now you put the $1.10 to work, earning $0.11. Now you put the $1.21 to work, earning $0.12. Repeat for 40 years.” 

While many users agreed, there were still some concerns about it. For instance, you may need a substantial starting amount to live off it. 

Besides, you may have to factor in inflation; as one user said, “If your investment doesn’t at least get better returns than inflation, that cash is worth less than the year prior. How do you protect it from that? By getting a yield higher than inflation or spending it on an asset that will retain value, like real estate. Your cash loses value from inflation, but typically, an asset will gain value.” 

2. Recycling Plastic Bottles 

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While many people dispose of their bottles away, some take them to recycling machines and make some bucks off of them. 

What you make from this may not be enough to sustain you, but it is a way to make money without working long hours. 

One user who does this said, “If you can, take your bottles and cans to a redemption center. At least in Maine, it’s 5 cents a can and bottle. It’s not much, but it adds up the more you save. A full-packed trash bag will get me 14 dollars.”

If you want to increase your revenue from this, you may have to think of ways to get more bottles. One user would go to parties and walk away with bottles for recycling, while another would walk around their city and pick them up: “I’ve made hundreds in a month just going around town picking other people’s cans and bottles.”

3. Selling Plasma

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Another way to effortlessly make top dollar would be to sell plasma or take part in medical studies 

One member offered, “Sell your plasma. Google plasma donation near me, call and ask how much new donors get. It’s a lot.”

The good thing about plasma donation is you can do it more often than blood donation. 

4. Filling Out Class Action Lawsuit Claims.

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If you know where to look, you could make some free money off filing claims from big companies like Apple. This happens when a group of people(class) have the same grievance about a company, and they file a lawsuit. If the company loses against the class, a lot of money is usually left on the table because some class members are unaware of it or never claim their part. 

 One commenter who has been making money off this said, “Go online and fill out class action lawsuit claims. Every few months, I get checks… sometimes 8$, sometimes 180$. Look up websites that compile all of the class action lawsuits. Just type in class action lawsuits. Look for the cases that do not require receipts- most have two categories, one for proof of purchase and the other for NA. I think the most I ever got was 360$ in one check. Just fill them out and forget them; sometimes, they take a year. You can also fill out one for your family and parents instead of just sitting around bored.”

5. Selling Your Old Clothes

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Pick up the clothes you no longer use, take some lovely photos, and put them up for sale. 

One commenter who has done this said, “I have made £130 so far this month selling old clothes on Vinted! It’s not lacking work, but I’m chuffed with the extra income. I thought I could ask my pals for their old clothes too to keep it going, give them a small price for X amount of clothes, knowing I’ll make it back quickly. It’s not difficult, and you’d be surprised what sells!

Vinted and Facebook marketplaces would be great places to sell old clothes. 

This is a great way to declutter your closet and make money while at it. 

6. Selling Feet Pictures

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Selling feet pictures is another low-effort activity that was suggested in the thread. 

One commenter said, “Sell feet pictures on Feetfinder.com. Some women make fortunes doing this, and it is wild.” 

While it may take a lot of social media activity to kickstart this, it is certainly easier than having a full-time job. 

While working has been widely known as the only way to make money, there are certainly ways you can get the money by doing nothing or putting in a low effort. This is especially possible with many easy side hustles and businesses you can run online. They may not be opportunities you can entirely depend on, but they are still ways to earn some money. 

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