What Are the Best Frugal Tips You Use? 7 Best Ways To Save Money

Frugal living is vast, and you can almost always learn something new from other frugal lifestylers.

A Reddit user posted on the ‘Frugal” subreddit saying, “The best money-saving tips you have learned in being frugal. What are the best tips/tricks/hacks you have learned? It can be anything. Things around the house, grocery hacks, DIY, etc.!”

Here are some of the best picks from the comment section.

Switch to Reusables

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One commenter recommended ditching disposable house items. They said, “Eliminate disposables and switch to reusables for as many things as possible. Dishcloths, dish scrubbers, cloth napkins, hankies, dryer balls, water bottles, rags, cotton rounds, menstrual products, real plates and forks, reusable zip lock bags and containers, washable swiffer pads, and dusters. It’s amazing how much money you can save by switching.”

Besides saving money, getting more reusable items is one great way to show some love to the environment.

Be in a Circle of Like-Minded People

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Having frugal friends will go a long way in helping you save money. You can always cost share and look for cheaper options in restaurants, flights, etc.

One commenter who has found so much success in such a circle said, “Hang around / make friends who are frugal like you. I had many friends who were perfectly happy either dining at my house or hosting at theirs. Dining out was a treat. At these parties, everyone brought booze and a dish. Most of the time, we talked/joked/goofed around, but sometimes we would have movie nights, etc. Often the music would come on, and we’d end up “dancing” (I use this term loosely – Rock Lobster, anyone?) in the living room. People who had kids would often bring them to the party (to save babysitting fees), but they would sleep upstairs in one of the bedrooms while we were downstairs having dinner.”

Pick a Good Partner

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Another one said, “People, you can’t pick your blood family. But you can pick the rest. Choose wisely. A Life Partner should have (fairly) similar goals & habits as you. This person will make or break you for the rest of your life. Social circles: their habits will seep into your subconscious. If you’re rolling with “keep up with the Jones” people, it will have a negative effect on you.”

Invest in Good Quality

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You are better off spending more money and buying a good quality item that will last you longer than buying cheaper poor quality and having to replace it after a few uses.

One commenter said, “Buying good quality, either new or used, will save you. The adage of “buy once, cry once” holds even today. You save a ton on great quality from buying used at thrift stores, used appliance repair and sales, or even estate sales (the elderly have learned the value of buying quality items).”

Draw a Line Between Wants and Needs

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Do you really need it, or is it just on sale?

Ensure you buy things that you use and use things that you buy.

One user had something to say about this, “Learn between a want and a need. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t make it a need. For things around the house, I will buy a cheaper version and use it (if needed) until I save up for the version that will last a lifetime, like a kitchen aid mixer. I will also look for deals when searching. On the flip side, just because it is more expensive doesn’t mean it is better for you or better quality.”

Still, on the same, another user said, “Never replace anything that isn’t broken and continues to function for the purpose intended. I always see this with cars, cell phones, & televisions.”

Buy Second-Hand

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As long as they are good quality, buying second-hand items can save you loads of money. According to CNBC, thrift store shoppers save about $150 monthly, which translates to $1760 annually.

One user on the thread said, “I buy most of my clothes used. If I happen to buy any new clothes, it is because I found them on a sale that is similar to used clothing pricing.”

And lastly, “The average American spends $6000/year on owning a car, while I spent maybe $1000. I buy very reliable, but maybe not as sought-after, 5–7-year-old cars and drive them for about 10 more years. Some need more maintenance, and some hardly any. This saves me another $50K in 10 years.”

Ditch Health Insurance

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Do you believe in the extreme money-saving tips that could end up messy? For instance, one commenter had a tip that had tongues wagging. They said, “This may be controversial, but I completely ditched health insurance. They kept going up, and when I got my promotion at work, they would move me to a plan that would have been $500 a month. I said no way. The last time I went to the doctor, the visit, lab tests, and medicine cost less than the insurance. If anything major happens, I’m screwed, but the likelihood of that happening is low enough that I’m willing to roll the dice.” 

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