13 Frugal Wins That Will Inspire You to Save More Money

On Reddit user shared a story about a simple win they had this year by being frugal. According to the OP, he saved over $100 a week when he switched to buying groceries from upscale grocery stores to cheap ones. The OP wanted to know what other people considered as frugal wins for the year. 

Saving $1200 by Upgrading Furnace

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A user saved a lot when they upgraded from an old to a new furnace, “Changing my old furnace to a newer model. The up-front cost was very high, but I ended up saving around 1200$ per winter on the energy bill and a few dollars on my insurance bill as well as giving a better re-sell value to my home.”

Changed Grocery Stores and Saved $3200

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Switched from the two majors here in Australia to Aldi, a wholesale chicken outlet, Farmers’ Markets, and a discount grocery store (and a few other places, but those are my big four). We’ve saved about $3,200 since July last year.

Saved $100 Through Student Discounts

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Students have access to many discounts that can help them save substantially, “I went through ALL my recurring bills to determine who offered a student discount and signed up for that (I’m taking classes part-time). It saved me an easy $100/month.”

Quit Drinking

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Alcohol can be expensive, as one user noted how much they saved after quitting, “I’ve saved THOUSANDS literally since I stopped drinking alcohol.”

Save $450 by Bringing Lunches to Work

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This prevents spending money eating out, as one user illustrates, “It’s been 9 weeks since my last takeout. Even if I was only spending $10 a day (most days were more like $15) – I’ve saved $450.”

Revisit Phone Plans and Save Monthly

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One user is able to save some money every month after renegotiating his phone plans downwards “Got two cell phone bills lowered from 60 to 30 each, Internet from 110 to 55. All it took was a few phone calls.”

Saved $900 by Fixing the Dishwasher

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DIY worked for one user who saved considerably by fixing his dishwasher, “Fixed my dishwasher with an 18$ part instead of a 900$ replace.”

Save $25 per Week on Gas

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When the OP replaced his car, he noted a considerable change in weekly gas consumption, “Bought a 2008 honda civic # 3800$ with 130K miles to fix up for my 14 y/o son to have at 16 y/o. Replaced the coil packs, and it runs great now. Parked my 16 MPG Tacoma and started driving it daily at 30 MPG… saving 25$ a week.”

Save on Subscriptions

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One user says he saves money by streaming freely instead of subscribing, “Got a year subscription to Peacock for $12 dollars on Black Friday, so $1 a month for Universal content and WWE PPV’s. Also, I found a quality website to stream most premium cable shows and new release movies, and that’s all free.”

$900 Savings on Cellphone Plans

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A well-thought-out plan enabled this user to save almost $900 per year, “Traded out a $90/mo PLUS TAXES of about $10/mo cellphone plan for a $25 (all-in) unlimited everything. $75×12=$900 savings, EVERY YEAR!”

Save $240 by Quitting Smoking

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One user saved money when he stopped smoking, “My cigarettes were stupid expensive, over $10 per pack. Considering I smoked 5-6 packs per week, that was savings of $60+ a week, $240 per month, and per year that’s almost $3,000 savings.”

$700 Saved on Laser Hair Removal

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By switching spas, one user saved a lot of money meant for laser hair removal, “I almost paid 900 dollars for laser hair removal, but then found another health spa that offered the same treatment for 200. I’ve since been using Groupon for gifts for family members, like massages for birthdays and this upcoming Mother’s Day.”

Saving $100 per Month on Energy Bills

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One user illustrates how he saved on energy bills per month, “Getting the insulation in our house updated. Paid $2000 upfront, got a $400 rebate from the electric company, and am saving $100+ a month on energy bills. Will have paid for itself by the end of this year.”

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