12 Vices Frugal People Spend Money Without Feeling Guilty

Some people are frugal because they take it as a hobby, and they like the challenge. Others are frugal out of necessity. One Reddit user wanted to know what kind of ‘vices’ people splurged on without considering their frugal lifestyle

The OP said his vice was gacha games and acknowledged that it is a toxic, expensive, and addictive hobby. Other Reddit users who chipped into this conversation had the following to say;


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“I’m both careless and mindful about my money at the same time. I’ll buy a $10 game I just saw with no second thoughts. But I just switched from Spotify to Apple Music because Spotify increased the monthly cost by $1,” illustrated one user


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“My hobby is pottery. It’s not really possible to do it without spending a fair amount,” added another


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Food is a love language for this user, “It’s my love language. I enjoy cooking at home for friends and family, I think home-cooked meals bring people together. Also, with everyone’s busy schedules, it’s also nice to get together to eat at a restaurant occasionally. I budget for this, but I realize I probably spend more on food than the average person.”


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Experiences are worth everything for another user, “I love to travel. Do I do it frugally? Absolutely! But even doing what I can to cut down on expenses, travel still costs money. For me, it’s worth the expense to see the world.”

Quality Clothing 

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Looking good comes at a price, “Quality but expensive clothes and shoes. Use my frugal habits (look for the best price, etc.), but I know what brands I prefer and how to take care of them. Most of my clothes tend toward outdoor or athleisure brands, so I might spend a lot initially, but then I wear it until it can no longer be repaired. Limit me in quantity.”

Local Concerts and Events

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“I love to support the artists where I live, but I do also just take out cash before an event, and when it’s gone, it’s gone,” said another user


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One user thinks that they will win the lottery one day, “Lotto tickets when the jackpot is over $1B. It’s a waste of money, but $4 seems like an okay vice. Sometimes I feel like I have to be a little wasteful.”

“Poker. Gotta reign it in and keep the bankroll separate. It’s hobby money that goes in, and sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down, but if it ever hits zero, then I wait till the next check to get my next sliver of hobby money,” adds another

All in for Ice

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“A fridge with an ice dispenser—the height of luxury to me. All the ice I want, on demand,” explains another member.


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Other people love to indulge in good wine, “We are members of the NPR Wine Club. We have 12 bottles delivered 4 times a year. We love trying new wines and have tried some amazing bottles. It’s also our way of supporting NPR since my spouse listens to our local station all the time.”

Gym Subscriptions

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One user says he cannot quit the gym even after they increase costs, “My gym continues to raise prices. It’s now $400/year, which isn’t as much as many more high-end/boutique gyms and studios. But it’s not Planet Fitness, either. But I have no plans to switch to a lower-cost gym. I really like my gym for so many reasons. The cost would need to increase substantially for me to even think about investigating other gyms.”

Physical Media

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Another loves the old-school way of entertainment, “I like to collect physical media. VHS tapes and DVDs. Never paid more than $13 for one (Planet Earth full series on DVD), but it can add up; it’s a lot cheaper than the vices I had when I was younger, though.”


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Smelling good is pricey, “Nice perfume. Even a single spray of a good perfume does so much to boost my day.”

Good Medication

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“I’m prescribed a medication that doesn’t have a generic yet and isn’t covered by my insurance. I pay a couple hundred per month for it even though I can get a similar but different medication for $10/mo. It changed the quality of my day-to-day life,” illustrates another


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Haircuts can be expensive but also fulfilling, “I don’t get them too often, but when I do, I prefer a professional one. It’s just nice to be pampered, and it makes me feel confident.”

Pre-cut Fruit and Veggies

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One user detests washing knives so much she stuck to pre-cut fruits, “I will die and be buried on this hill, idc!! I can pick a good mango or pineapple, but when it comes to stuff like melons and squash, pre-cut is usually better than the whole ones that I pick out of the display myself. Plus, every knife or cutting board that I don’t have to wash is one more strike in support of my sanity.”

Scuba Diving

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This is an expensive water sport, “Scuba diving and underwater photography. Makes me feel more alive than I could imagine.”

Card Collection

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“Nothing fancy or pricey, but for $5-$10, you can get a small piece of art, and that feels nice. Plus, the community is very active and engaging,” explains another user.

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