20 Ways You’re Broke As Heck Because You’re Wasting Money on Dumb Things

Do you ever feel like you’re not making any progress with your finances, despite putting in a lot of effort? It might be because you’re unknowingly wasting it.

The Biggest Waste of Money

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A Reddit thread asked users about their biggest waste of money, and the responses were quite interesting. There were various opinions on what constitutes a waste of money, from buying expensive brands to eating out frequently.

In this article, we will explore the top 20 responses and share some insightful comments from Reddit users.

1. Buying Branded Products

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A Reddit user commented, “Name brand designer clothes and handbags.”

Another user mentioned, “Clothing, I find it amazing a brand name [even if it has a good [or bad] history] can make pants that would cost 20 bucks minimum at a Walmart, like 450$ cause of a brand name. Same with shirts, shoes, etc, Besides a suit, or dress shirt, or even a nice tie, I’d never spend 300+ dollars on anything.”

Someone else added, “Name-brand clothing like Gucci or anything of that tier for babies and toddlers.”

Brand names highly influence our perception of the value of a product. Do you think they’re worth the extra price?

2. Celebrity Meet and Greets

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One person explained, “I have a friend who is not very well off financially and is complaining about money to me once a week. Yet she always seems to have money to pay for a celebrity meet and greet at least twice a year. Some of them are only a couple hundred dollars, but some can get really expensive, really fast. For what? A picture next to a famous person? They neither know you, nor do they care about you.”

Another shared their experience: “I was recently at an expo that Chuck Noris was at. It costs $40 to walk in the door of the expo, and it would cost $100 more for him to sign something for you. The lines were insane the whole day too. I don’t really get it, honestly.”

Do you also love attending a celebrity meet and greet and posting a picture on your feed? Is it worth putting the extra burden on your wallet?

3. Buying a Brand New Car

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A Redditor shared, “Buying a new car. Buy the 6-month-old for 30% less…”

Someone else added, “Buying a brand new car. Depreciation takes about 40% of the value in 3-4 years. (And yea, I’m aware that second-hand cars are holding their value right now, but I’m skeptical that will last for much longer).”

A third user dropped a similar comment, “New cars. The first year’s depreciation alone would make my eyes water.”

Are you team new car or a used car? The cost of a car might be a defining factor in your financial future.

4. Smoking Cigarettes

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One person wrote, “$13+ for a pack of cancer.”

Another one regretted saying, “S***, I got 200k in medical bills due to smoking-related illnesses.”

A third user commented, “This one, yes, it’s actually the d*****t thing ever. I smoke myself, and honestly, my biggest financial mistake ever, lol.”

This one is something every smoker should work on giving up.

5. Expensive Weddings

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A Redditor said, “Crazy expensive day. Guaranteed at least one relative will kick up a stink. Massive pressure to be The Happiest Day of Your Life. Everything doubles in cost if you say it’s for a wedding (dress, suit, cake, venue)

Just do the quick registry office paperwork, have a surprise party, and run away for a long honeymoon with the money you saved.”

Another person agreed, saying, “I totally agree! I always say this. I refuse to go to a wedding. Such a waste of money and completely pointless. Most people can buy their first home and car with the amount they blow on a wedding.”

What do you say? A big fat wedding or an intimate one followed by a long, romantic honeymoon?

6. Paying For Gym Memberships

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A user shared his point, “Paying gym fees for a year at once and going only twice 😂”

The gym setup pumps up motivation and has a workout environment. You get along with people having a healthy lifestyle. But, some prefer home workouts. What do you like?

7. Buying Expensive Coffee

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One person commented, “Buying coffee daily from Starbucks.”

Another one gave an economical suggestion, “A coffee machine and buying powder is way, WAY cheaper in the long run. Also, you don’t waste your time waiting in line at Starbucks, and according to my parents, it tastes better.”

Coffee lovers! What do you say?

8. Cosmetic Treatments

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A Reddit user wrote, “Botox and filler. Come on. Let’s just get back to aging naturally.”

A second person commented on a preventive measure, “Preventative” Botox… Wear sunscreen, drink water, sleep well, and minimize stress.”

That’s some solid preventative. Apply sunscreen, hydrate, sleep well, and minimize stress to keep your skin healthy.

9. Buying a Big House

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One user shared, “Buying a big house with a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms.”

Another one added, “The biggest waste of money is purchasing a house that is more than you need.”

Two to three members living in a mansion is really the biggest waste of money. What’s your take on this?

10. Impulse Buying

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A Redditor commented, “Something you don’t need or want and still buy it.”

Another one shared a similar opinion, “Buying stuff that you don’t need or never use.”

Are you an impulse buyer? Picking things you like but don’t actually need. What was your last impulse buy?

11. Dining Out Too Often

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One person wrote, “Dining out. Looking at the average middle-class household’s expenses, dining out is almost always the largest chunk of where the money goes after expenses are paid.

Uber Eats, and Grubhub makes this even worse. “Yes, I’d like a bag of cold, soggy Taco Bell tacos, please. And could you charge me 30% more for it? Awesome.”

Another person who regrets dining out said, “For me, it’s eating out. It adds up over time. I could save a ton by taking my lunch and cooking more.”

Dining out once in a while is fine. You get to experience a change. But if it’s every other day, then you need to reconsider. Frequently eating out can have health effects in the long run.

12. Using Food Delivery Apps

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A Reddit user shared, “Delivery prices for food (uber eats, skip the dishes, etc.).”

Another user explained how costly it becomes, “Uber Eats/DoorDash and the like. Your menu price $9.99/$10.99 burrito from Chipotle costs extra when ordering via them, then the delivery fee, then a tip on top. That s*** then costs like $20 or more.”

Are food delivery apps worth the cost? Share your thoughts in the comments.

13. Paying for Cable TV

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A Redditor commented, “Cable TV when a lot is available online or streaming apps.”

Do you still pay for cable TV?

14. App Subscriptions

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One user wrote, “Paying for any monthly subscriptions or social media-related costs.”

Another one shared the same, “Most app subscriptions.”

15. Crypto and NFTs

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A person said, “Anything to do with crypto.”

The world of crypto and NFTs can be confusing and overwhelming for many people! Do you find yourself to be in the same boat?

16. Expensive Beauty Products

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One Reddit user commented about the makeup products, “Beauty products of any kind.

It is all completely temporary, and the cost is terrible. But it is marketed to women like it is the water they need to survive.

Notice I said beauty. This doesn’t include lotions for dry skin or anything like that. I am talking lipstick for the sake of wearing it kind of thing.”

Another user added hair products, too, “Hair and beauty products for women. If you have fun, cool. If you feel like a slave to it, drop it and be free.”

And a third user extended, “Nails, hair, eyelashes, etc.”

17. Buying Expensive Watches

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A person mentioned, “Buying expensive watches. Everybody has a phone with a clock in it.”

Another one shared, “Smartwatch, expensive mobile phones. Just 25 yrs. old, but I feel they are really a waste of money.”

18. Fireworks

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One user wrote, “Fireworks. Let other people literally watch their money go up in smoke.”

Another one explained showing concern regarding the wildlife, “fireworks. Literally burning money for seconds of fun everyone has seen before and not as good as fireworks you will see at events. Not only that but scares wildlife and pets.”

Fireworks can be harmful to wildlife and pets. The cost of seconds of fun may not be worth it.

19. Lawn Care

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A Redditor commented about the lawn maintenance, “Lawns, so much wasted space. Tons of money on equipment & fertilizers and some people still don’t want you to even walk on the nice perfect grass…”

Another Redditor stressed, “I’m always confused when people hire someone to mow their lawn. Mowing is a great excuse to do some exercise outside. Get a push mower (i.e., not self-propelled), and it’s even better exercise, especially if you have a hill! So why would you pay someone else to do it if you are physically capable?”

20. Buying Boats

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One person commented, “Buying a boat. They are all just a horrendous money pit in the long term.”

Another person explained, “You spend more time and money maintaining and repairing it than you do driving it. Most people use their boat a few times per summer when the weather is nice. Then put it up for the season.”

Boats can be expensive. They require frequent maintenance. Owners may use them only a few times a year. What do you think?

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