The 12 Frugal Tips That Will Make You Want to Pull Your Hair Out

Have you tried a frugal tip and found it more hassle than worthwhile? Have you ever decided to spend the money because it was not worth the “savings” you were getting? These frugal tips are NOT worth it at all!

Frugal Tips That Are Not Worth It

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Recently someone asked a popular online frugal community what standard frugal tip is NOT worth it.  People shred what common frugal advice and tip just isn’t worth the time and effort.

Here are their top responses.

Saving Water for Other Uses

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One person wrote, “Capturing water as the shower/bath sink is warming up for other uses.”

He continued, ” I appreciate the people that do this for environmental and financial purposes but remembering buckets, storing buckets/water between uses, making sure kids/pets don’t knock them over… It’s just way too much for our current stage of life.”

Make Your Own Beauty Supplies

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One person responded, “All these DIY recipes for soap/chapstick/bath bombs/deodorant.”  They explained, “Nah y’all. Supplies have a high start up cost & then go bad faster than most people can practically use them. Just buy 1-2 bars from a farm market from a maker who cycles it enough & keeps it up enough.”

No Hobbies

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Most hobbies are cheap to start and maintain, and “life is too short” not to take up a hobby. One person stated it opens doors to relationships, friendships, and business networks. Don’t forget about the “learned skills” and relaxation hobbies afford you.

Don’t Pay For Cleaning Services

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Various Redditors agree it is good to “know what your time is worth.” However, there is nothing wrong with paying for cleaning services if it enhances your life, especially when downtime is precious.


For example, one couple who works full time deemed it feasible to pay for a house cleaning service once a month. When a team of four can do an entire weekend’s cleaning in two hours, “it’s worth every penny to me.”

Making Your Own Laundry Detergent

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“It’s only worth it to make your laundry detergent” if you make it in large quantities. But after you complete the detergent, the next obstacle is “finding somewhere to store” the large batch, another pointed out, but the homemade stuff is harsh on your clothes also.

Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

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Many believe “unplugging things like the TV, microwave, and lamps when not in use” is unnecessary and not much for saving money. Others did the math and determined it “saves a couple of pennies a year, takes a ton of time, and wears out the outlets.”

Visiting Multiple Groceries Stores To Find the Value

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Several users with small children stated, “going to three or more grocery stores in a week... is torture.” When shopping with little ones, it is challenging to do when you consider loading, unloading, and wrangling them up when they get loose in the store.

Buying In Bulk

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If you do not have a large family to provide for, buying bulk isn’t always the cheaper option. One individual declared, “the general rule of thumb I use now is that if you end up throwing any of it out, it wasn’t saving.” Cheaper by the unit is only accurate if you get the bulk item’s total value.

Clipping Coupons To Save

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Some think the time spent clipping coupons versus the money saved doesn’t add up; it doesn’t break even in most cases. “It just takes so much time, and most of the stores I shop at advertise some deals without a coupon,” others say. Yes, I understand for a stay-at-home spouse or a person with children but not for a two-person household.

Re-Using Tea Bags

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Another commented, “I’ll add more hot water to an existing cup but won’t dry it out and reuse it.” They continued with a story about their great-great-grandfather in the depression era and how he would only use one tea bag per week; he would open a new tea bag on Sunday mornings.

Cut Your Dish Sponge in Half

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“You’ve got to try things and see how they fit you,” one explained, but they will never cut their sponge in half. It covers less surface area, meaning it takes longer to clean. This idea is “not worth it, in my opinion.”

Baking Your Own Bread

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A final user reported how they disagree that making their bread is efficient due to the quantity of sandwich bread their family consumes regularly and the time it takes to make. The “bread is one dollar per loaf” at the local store.

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