These 11 Household Products Are So Good, You’ll Never Need to Replace Them (Even If You Want To)

Some things are just worth spending money on!

Are you searching for good-quality household items that won’t break the bank? Then, we’ve got you covered. One of our favorite frugal communities made this list of top-voted recommendations.

1. Pyrex Bowls

A pyrex simple store bowl on an isolated background.
Image Credit: Keith Homan/Shutterstock.

“I have several pyrex baking dishes and bowls, got them all at thrift shops, and never paid over five dollars,” shared one.

Another responded, “I have an ancient set given to me by an elderly relative. They still look nice. The box price was $4.49.”

2. KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid stand mixers on display.
Image Credit: Tinxi/Shutterstock.

“A Kitchen Aid Mixer. Get a bigger size than you think you’d need and kill all the mixing and whipping done for the rest of your life. These things last awhile,” confessed one.


“We received one as a wedding gift nearly 30 years ago. Still going strong. The one, my mom, got when I was in grade school in the 70s is also still going strong,” admitted another.

3. Metal Mixing Bowls

half view of an empty metal round mixing bowl on a marble surface with natural light.
Image Credit: Veronique Duplain/Shutterstock.

Someone replied, “Large metal mixing bowls from the dollar store. I didn’t think they would last long, but they’ve held up well despite being lightweight and cheap. I also don’t worry if they get damaged, but so far, no matter what I throw at them, they survive.”

4. Cast Iron Pans

Vintage cast iron skillet with checkered kitchen towel on rustic wood background.
Image Credit: Marie C Fields/Shutterstock.

“They are not as fussy as people make out,” suggested one. “If stuff gets stuck to them and won’t come off, I can use wire wool to clean them, then I need to dry them, wipe a thin layer of oil on, and heat on the job, and they re-season.”


“I’ve had one for over three years, and it’s not bent or warped like the non-stick pans we were using before. So even if my pan broke tomorrow, I would buy another cast iron one and not even glance at the non-stick ones.”

5. Enamel Coated Camping Dinnerware

Camp cooking accessories on the wooden table with boiling rise.
Image Credit: EvaL Miko/Shutterstock.

“Longest lived item I’ve ever found is a set of “camp” dinnerware for $10. They’re metal, coated with white enamel, and indestructible,” one answered.


“We’ve had them for almost thirty years, and they’ve survived two toddlers, countless camping trips, barbeques, you name it. I wish I knew the brand because I would love another set,” a second confirmed.

6. Pampered Chef Products

A closeup shot of red kitchen utensils.
Image Credit: Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock.

“I have a pair of silicon tongs that are from Pampered Chef. I love them, and they have a lifetime guarantee. I use it almost every time I cook and can pick up tiny things. Great for frying bacon,” one stated.


Another added, “I love Pampered Chef. I still have a set of their mixing bowls and a pitcher with a built-in stirrer that I got for my wedding 22 years ago.”

7. Doctor Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap

San Diego, CA / USA - December 4 2018: A small crate of Dr. Bronner's natural soap at a market.
Image Credit: S and S Imaging/Shutterstock.

Someone clarified, “I use Doctor Bronner’s liquid Castile soap for everything. You can wash clothes with it, dishes, floors, your body, everything. People think it’s expensive, but that’s because they don’t understand how concentrated it is.”


“For washing your body, you put a dash of soap into a quart or so of water and wash with that. A full load of laundry takes about half an ounce. For washing the floors, put a couple of tablespoons into a bucket of water.”

8. Air Fryer

black oil-free fryer on a white background.
Image Credit: Nattawut Susri/Shutterstock.

“An air fryer,” one said. “Great for re-crisping fried frozen foods (like nuggets, fries, battered fish), toasting, crisping up leftover fries and pizza, and you don’t have to preheat an entire oven.”


“I got mine for free from someone upgrading their air fryer to a larger size. I otherwise probably would have thought it was a gimmick, but we’ve been using ours daily for probably five years.”

9. Old Blue Speckled Roasting Pans

roasting pan.
Image Credit: Dar1930/Shutterstock.

“My roasting pans,” explained another. “The old school blue speckled ones with the lids. I have two, a normal and an extra large size. The extra large has cooked so many turkeys. Pot roast and roasted chicken in the normal. Still in perfect shape.”

10. Bullet Blender

Image Credit: kerozkeroz/Shutterstock.

A final user commented, “My bullet blender. It is super powerful and useful. I use it to grind spices, make all kinds of flour, smoothies, soups, tortilla, and pancakes batter, plant-based milk, spreads (tapenade), froth and whip, make ice cream, and more.”


“Because it is tiny, it stays on the counter and can go with you in your suitcase, plus super easy to clean. Also, you can change almost every part of it if one wears out.

11. Crock-Pot

Crock-Pot, Red.
Image Credit: Keith Homan/Shutterstock.

One person wrote, “I got a free crock pot with Green Stamps when I was single back in the 1970s. My wife and I still use it.”

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