5 Viral TikTok Products That Live Up To The Hype

All the best things are on TikTok, right?

For some reason, all the best hacks and ideas are coming from TikTok right now, and we are so IN!

So in between trying out some TikTok dances or singing trends, here are some of the best products that have gone viral on TikTok, and they have gone viral for A REASON (because they are so much fun!)

These awesome TikTok products will make the perfect gift for anyone you know, even those who (gasp!) aren’t on TikTok.

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Check out these awesome viral TikTok products now, and don’t forget to tell everyone that “TikTok Made Me Buy It!”

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5 Viral TikTok Products That Live up to the Hype

Hijinx Ice Cream

Hijinx Ice Cream
Image Credit: Hijinx Ice Cream

Did someone say boozy ice cream? Or how about wasabi ice cream?! Hijinx allows you to create the ice cream flavor of your dreams! Mix in your desired ingredients to create decadent, boozy, or bizarre flavors with water or half and half, then add the Hijinx powder and blend. Freeze for up to 3-6 hours to get that ice cream consistency, and enjoy- it’s that easy! Check out some of the recipes here for flavor inspo.

Check out this TikTok to see just how easy it is to create your own ice cream at home!

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Riff Raff Baby

Riff Raff Baby
Image Credit: Riff Raff Baby

Parents and caretakers everywhere have taken notice of the safer alternative shown at the end of the infamous viral TikTok video that proves not all baby items are safe, regardless of popularity… Cue Riff Raff, Baby! Comfort, soothe and sleep the Riff Raff way! The innovative Australian-based brand offers a range of safe ‘transitional’ baby items (in Aus., the US, and Canada) that will tick all the boxes without spending too much.

This portable, washable sound machine lovey has white noise with a heartbeat. As well as being super cute and offering five lovable animals to choose from, the Sleep Toy has been designed to be used as a toy to promote sleep.

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OG Slimes

OG Slimes
Image Credit: OG Slimes

With more than 10M likes on TikTok, OG Slimes is making slime edgy!

You may not believe me, but my kids spent AN HOUR playing with this slime today. Anyone who knows my kids will know that this is no small feat!

OG Slimes elevated the slime game by creating one-of-a-kind, non-toxic slimes in various colors, scents, and textures. Bringing new themed slimes every week, slime lovers can enjoy old favorites like grandma’s cookies or new editions weekly.

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BusyBox Sign

Busy Box Signs
Image Credit: Steve Skillings

This is the techy smart home device everyone could use in their lives! Check out the Viral TikTok Here 

The BusyBox Sign is a wireless status box that can be used in a variety of ways, including a polite way to say “leave me alone” any way you want so you can stay productive and creative while working from home, working out, recording a podcast, gaming, Poker night, or just some space to yourself. Think keeping score for family game night or football on Sunday, announcing what’s for dinner, daily affirmations or reminders, etc. What’s more, the BusyBox Button is a simple way to control it from afar or go “hands-free” with integrations. 

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Electrical Outlet Cover

Electrical Outlet Covers Baby Proofing - Bigger Size Prevents Choking Hazard, 12

This total sleek outlet plate cover blends in with the wall and looks uninteresting. With their solid white hue, these stylish child safety plug socket covers to blend in with any decor and are paintable. You won’t notice them… and neither will your kids. While other electric outlet covers may be going viral on TikTok, the price of this one can’t be beat!

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