How To Save Money on Gas: 11 Easy Ways

The international market determines gas prices based on demand. On a global scale, the U.S. has been estimated to use 20.54 million barrels of crude oil daily. While the U.S. is the leading consumer of crude oil, other nations that also consume significant amounts of it can influence the price of gas. 

Gas can get very expensive. Households in America are estimated to spend about 3% of their total budget on gasoline. Want to pay less at the pump? We’ve rounded up 11 easy ways to save money on gas.

Pay With Cash Instead of a Card

The next time you go to a gas station, pay with cash instead of a card. This practice involves some budgeting. Determine how much gas you consume weekly and how much you must put away for gas money. Try not to make frequent refill trips and go only when you’re close to empty.

It prevents you from unnecessarily filling up your tank, and estimating how much gas you consume at a certain period will be more challenging. This may require practice and discipline, but it can help you save money when paying for gas. 

Use Rewards

Fuel rewards and gas discounts are available in many forms. You can use a gas rewards app like Upside whenever you visit the gas station. Some banks also offer a rewards credit card, which you can use to earn points when paying for gas.

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Some local grocery stores and wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club provide gas rewards programs. Once you earn enough points from these rewards programs, you can redeem them and use them to pay for your next refill.

In addition, if you have Walmart Plus, then you can get 10 cents of a gallon at specific gas stations just by opening your Walmart app at the gas station. 

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Fill Up on the Cheapest Days of the Week

A great way how to save money on gas is to fill up on the cheapest days of the week. According to studies, the best day to save money on gas is Monday, followed by Friday. This is because those days offer the cheapest gas average around the U.S. In contrast, Saturday is the worst day of the week to fill up with gas. 

Find the Best Price With a Gas App

Did you know that having many gas stations to choose from affects the local gas prices? While there is a recommended price per gallon that depends on the global market, some gas stations can offer lower prices than others. Convenient gas stations found along busy roads often offer higher gas prices.

Use a gas app to find cheaper gas stations. They may be out of the way, but you can save more money per gallon when you do this.

Drive Patiently

Another simple way how to save money on gas is to have good driving habits. Speeding and driving in a hurry are the top reasons for engines to guzzle up gas. Going the speed limit can help decrease fuel consumption. Accelerate or press the brakes smoothly when you can.

Repeated braking and acceleration increase engine rpm, which in turn consumes gas. Pay attention to your miles per gallon as you drive. Knowing when to use cruise control can also help save money from gas purchases. In general, driving patiently can get you better gas mileage.

Plan Out Your Routes

The shorter your trip is, the less you pay for gas. Planning out your route is an easy way to avoid returning to the pumping station. Using navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps can help. They can tell you shorter routes and avoid traffic. You can also set these apps to avoid tolls, so you don’t have to pay extra fees to reach your destination.

Spend Less Time Idling

An idle car can still empty a gas tank. When you need to stop your vehicle for more than a minute, it’s better to turn off the engine altogether. Some newer car models have an automatic engine shut-off that helps conserve fuel. Find a spot closest to the exit if you’re parking in a parking lot or garage.

A far walk from the entrance is better than sitting stuck in a parking lot waiting for other people to leave.

Reduce AC Use

The AC compressor in your car needs the engine to operate. This means that using your car’s AC consumes gas. When driving around the warmer months, try to reduce the use of your air conditioning and instead open your windows.

Remove Excess Vehicle Weight

If you want to save money on gas, your car shouldn’t act like an extra storage unit for your things. A heavy vehicle requires more acceleration to move. Remove excess weight that can cause your vehicle to need an extra engine throttle that can unnecessarily consume gas. Take off the roof rack when you don’t need it, or remove any heavy items from the trunk.

Maintain Your Car

 Proper car maintenance is an excellent method for saving money on gas. Keeping your engine in good shape prevents excessive emissions and increases fuel economy. Check your vehicle’s tires routinely and ensure their air pressure is normal.

Not only does this save money on fuel expenses, but it also allows you to be aware of the wear and tear on tires. Overall, ensure that your car is on schedule for oil changes, tune-ups, and other inspections. Any issues that happen to your vehicle can affect its fuel economy.

Walk or Use Public Transport or Share a Ride

The final advice in this how to save money on the gas list is to use public transportation whenever possible. If your town has an excellent public transportation system, utilize that. It will help you avoid consuming gas and even avoid frustrating traffic. Carpooling or sharing a ride with someone is also a good way to avoid paying for gas. If your destination is nearby, consider walking instead of driving. 

Save on Gas

There are a variety of ways how to save money on gas. Having good driving habits, maintaining your car, or using rewards are just a few. Don’t forget that buying the right fuel and avoiding spending more on premium gas can also help you save some extra cash.

Gas prices will always fluctuate and can be unpredictable. Arm yourself with information and the right practices to keep your money in the bank, not the tank. Finally, remember to keep your gas cap on after you fill up.

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