Bored in Quarantine? 11 Fun Things to Do on a Budget

Are you bored in quarantine? Here are some things to do!

Being stuck inside during quarantine and staring at your four walls can get boring very quickly! So I put together a list of quarantine activities you can do when you are bored and looking for things to do.

In keeping with my frugal life, I only put on either free or very cheap activities. I don’t want you to blow your budget on keeping yourself entertained during quarantine.

I’ve been struggling thinking of creative ideas to do when you are home ALL DAY LONG, and I find that having a list to use when I need it to makes it easier. Once you start doing SOMETHING, then the ideas begin to flow. But, unfortunately, sitting around and watching TV all day will make you even more bored and depressed.

These ideas can help you think of things to do when you are in a funk and just feel like laying on your bed and staring at your phone all day.

11 Fun Things To Do When Bored in Quarantine

Have a Dance Party

Do you think that because you are home alone during quarantine, you can’t have a party? Then you would be very wrong! Turn on some blasting music that you enjoy and twerk away! The best part of a dance party in your own home is that you can choose whatever music you want and literally dance like no one is watching.

Cook Something New

Even if you cook dinner every night, there is probably something new that you have never cooked. Attempt a new recipe, technique, or a new cuisine that you have never tried. Whether it is sourdough, Indian Food, or pumpkin pie– try something new and have delicious new food to try. Don’t worry about the mess- you have plenty of time to clean up!

Paint or Do Arts and Crafts

I don’t care if you are good at painting or terrible at it. If you don’t feel like expressing yourself with images, use abstract painting, and different mediums to help express yourself on paper or canvas. You don’t need to create something good or keep it when you are done. Painting is fun, even if you throw the project out after quarantine is done.

Read a New Book

I love reading and encourage people to read as often as possible! Take this time in quarantine to try a  new book genre that you have never tried before. Never read a romance novel before? Try a funny romance novel or a book like Pride and Prejudice. Never read a fantasy novel before? Start with Harry Potter. Do you usually stick to fiction? Check out one of these non-fiction books for women. Want to experience something new? Pick up one of these life-changing books. Even if you decide to stick with your classic loves- enjoy a day reading and broadening your mind.

Clean Your House

I know many of you won’t consider this a fun thing to do, but cleaning and organizing our homes when you are not on a strict deadline can be a really good feeling- even if you don’t have so much fun. So turn on the music and get started. You can scrub the house or start decluttering and organizing- whatever you need to do the most.

Write a Book

If you are bored, why don’t you try writing a book? If you are not good at writing, do not fret! This doesn’t need to be a  book that other people read, so it doesn’t need to be good. This is a book for you. Write what you want- if fiction doesn’t appeal to you, you can journal instead. Just get your thoughts out onto the paper. No editing is required! You never know what kind of author is hiding inside of you.

Do a New Exercise Routine

It is important to keep exercising even when you are stuck in quarantine. There are so many ways to exercise- why don’t you try something new while you are in quarantine? You can sign up for numerous free trials or check out YouTube for different exercise ideas to try.

Learn Something New

Now is the time to start learning something new. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to learn? Quarantine is the perfect time to learn it. It could be anything from doing yoga to learning a different language. There are many online platforms where you can learn how to do something new for free. The best part of quarantine? Since you are alone, you don’t need to be embarrassed as you try out your new skill.

Make Some Money

Quarantine is the perfect time to make some extra money! You can start a new side hustle, or if you want something with more immediate results, you can take some paid surveys online or try some of these other quick money ideas listed here. So come out of quarantine with more money than you came in the perfect use of your time!

Have a Spa Day

It is so important to take care of yourself, especially when dealing with something stressful like quarantining during a pandemic. So make yourself an at-home spa and treat yourself to some well-deserved R&R! Make a face mask, do your nails, take a bath or try any one of these other DIY Spa Products that you can use to make the perfect at-home spa day!

Start a DIY Project

When I am home all day, I start thinking of making my house a little nicer and a little homier. There are so many cute and easy DIY home projects that you can make while you are in quarantine and thinking of things to do. Making something for your home will make you feel better about being stuck inside all day. Just google or check out YouTube for creative things to do on a budget.

When I am looking for something to keep me occupied and looking for things to do during these endless quarantines, it helps to try to do something creative and fun. So try some of these fun things to do, and hopefully, being stuck at home alone won’t be as bad as it could be!

Hi! I am a millennial mom with a passion for personal finance. I have always been “into” personal finance but got inspired to start my blog after a period of extended unemployment. That experience really changed the way I viewed my relationship with money and the importance of accessible personal finance education.

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