Why Can’t They Make ‘Em Like That Anymore? 20 Things They Don’t Make Today Like They Used To

In today’s overpriced world, there are so many brands and items that can’t ever top the quality of things in the past. Have you ever noticed how some things today don’t seem as good as they used to be back in the day? It’s like, why does stuff now sometimes feel kind of meh compared to the awesome stuff we had before?

One Redditor asked, “What’s the perfect example of “they don’t make them like they used to?” Now, this thread received thousands of comments, and we have listed the most interesting ones for you!

1. Levi’s 

Leesburg. Virginia. USA. December 21, 2022 Levi's 511 jeans. Row of multi-colored branded pants. Selective focus.
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Levi’s is like the OG of jeans, the granddaddy of denim, the real deal. Or is that all in the past now?

A Redditor said, “Levis. I had a pair for years as a teenager. Bought a pair in 2020, and within 6 months, they had fraying and then holes in the seams.”

Another added, “Old 100% cotton made in the USA Levis are night and day compared to the new pairs you buy in department stores, online, etc.

That said, you can still find modern Levis that are decently made and don’t wear out after 6 months. I’m not talking about the 0 made-in-USA selvedge raw denim 501s either; you just have to look for the ones that are 100% cotton – or the cotton-hemp blend ones.

They’re still nowhere near the vintage ones in terms of quality, but they’re much higher quality and last longer than the garbage low-end “jeans” Levis puts out nowadays with tons of acrylic, spandex, etc.”

2. Wrangler

PathumThani , Thailand - JULY 22 , 2018 : Close up Wrangler Jeans.
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You know those jeans that just scream “cowboy cool” and have that rugged, wild west vibe? Yup, that’s Wrangler. They’ve been outfitting cowboys, ranchers, and just about anyone looking for that tough and timeless look. Wrangler once used to be worthy of its name!

Someone wrote, “Wranglers are the same way my husband bought 2 pair last year, and the seam gave out within 3 months, but his older ones are still just now getting worn in.”

Another replied, “The wranglers from Wal-Mart are junk; you have to get the more expensive ones from a Western store to get a quality product.”

3. Clothes

Shocked woman with curly Afro hair stares bugged eyes drowned in huge pile of colorful clothing.
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Back in the day, you know what we had? Clothes that were made to last. We’re talking about jeans that could survive a tumble down a hill and still look good enough to wear to a party. Now, it’s like you barely sit down, and your pants are already falling apart. What happened to quality people? 

A user wrote, “Clothes, in general, seem like they’re getting sh***er no matter how much you pay for them.”

Another responded, “Speaking of clothing, I heard a story that an executive noticed their wool suits were not as durable as they used to be. He ruled out manufacturing or processing or lazy tailoring; he actually traveled to the countries where they sourced their wool to inspect the sheep. 

His suspicion was correct; the wool produced by the sheep was of inferior quality due to changes in their diet and environment (both as a result of climate change).”

4. Honeycomb Cereal

Los Angeles, California, United States - 02-01-2023: A view of a hand holding a package of Post Honeycomb cereal, on display at a local grocery store.
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A person commented, “Honeycomb cereal. The pieces were big, puffy, and delicious, with the occasional flat, overly crunchy, sad piece. Now every piece is the sad piece.”

Another added, “I recently saw an ad for Honeycombs for the first time in ages and thought “hey, I loved them as a kid Imma gonna get some!” boy was I disappointed.”

You pour yourself a bowl, all excited for that nostalgia trip, and what do you get? A disappointing spoonful of disappointment. The flavor just isn’t the same, and the crunch? It’s more like a sad little whimper than a satisfying snap.

5. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

San Leandro, CA - October 15, 2017: Grocery store shelf with boxes of General Mills brand Cheerios cereal in a variety of new flavors.
Image Credit: Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock.

A Redditor said, “Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. They used to have these delicious cinnamon sugar crystals on every piece that you could taste. Now they just look and taste like brown cardboard.”

Someone shared, “Can confirm…my school bought a box for my toddler class, and it was the biggest disappointment when I went to taste the Cheerios.”

And let’s talk about sweetness- or lack thereof. Back in the good old days, Cheerios had this subtle sweetness that was just right. But now? It’s like they’ve sucked the sweetness out and left you with a bland, almost cardboard-like experience. Yikes.

6. Pine-Sol

woman wearing gloves for cleaning dancing happily
Image Credit: Surgay via DepositPhotos.com.

Ever walked into a room and got hit with that fresh, clean scent that makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a spa? That’s Pine-Sol for those of you who didn’t know about it back in the day!

Someone wrote, “Pinesol changed its formula in 2014, knocking out the key ingredient, pine oil. Sigh.”

Someone else wrote, “I KNEW IT!! I remember pine sol being so much stronger and smelling longer. Now it’s very different from when I was a kid. I didn’t know they changed the formula; it all makes sense now.”

7. McDonald’s

ronald-mcdonald at McDonald's restauran
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This global food sensation has been satisfying hunger pangs and dishing out those iconic fries for ages. But here’s the real debate: Has McDonald’s quality decreased over time? 

A user wrote, “McDonald’s. Period.”

Another replied, “Such a shame. My favorite late-night snack after a fat joint used to be a McFlurry stuffed with an apple pie.”

A Redditor shared, “Not only was it cheap..but it was filling. Like I was comparing what I got for my happy meal toys when I was a kid to what my kids got today. I really feel sorry for them.”

8. Magnum Ice-Cream

Cute funny adorable girl with dirty nose eating licking ice cream. Kid looking at food with crossed eyes.
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A person commented, “I can swear when I was young Magnum ice cream was twice the size of today”

Another added, “Yeah, they have definitely gotten smaller. It’s not just you. I’m gonna confidently say it has fallen victim to shrinkflation.”

But now? It’s like they’ve messed with the recipe or something. You grab a Magnum, all excited for that nostalgic ice cream affair, and what do you get? A disappointing mouthful of mediocrity.

9. Planters Cheeze Balls

Fargo North Dakota/ USA- March 07, 2020 - A Boxes of planters cheese balls on Shelve At Grocery Store, planters cheese balls Is The Kraft Heinz Company Brand.
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Planters Cheeze Balls were like the VIPs of the snack universe. You’d pop one of those bad boys into your mouth, and it was a cheese explosion that sent your taste buds into a frenzy of happiness. 

A user wrote, “Planters Cheeze Ball. I was so excited when I saw them at the store a few years ago, but they are not even close to the same. I was told that the difference is trans-fat-elimination.”

Another informed: “Yup – you were told right about the banned oil usage. We had a local made potato chip company – absolutely wonderful, almost tasted like cake batter. But hydrogenated oils were banned, so they had to change oils, and they taste OK but still gross thanks, Obama”

10. Refrigerator

Woman Looking For Food In Refrigerator
Image Credit: AndreyPopov via DepositPhotos.com.

A Redditor said, “My parents bought a refrigerator before I was born – and behind the iron curtain, too. It still works. It’s older than me, over 40 yo. By now, my Mom is just keeping it to see how long it lasts. When moving, she found some household items from the 80s: some heaters, a hair dryer, those kind of things. Left unused for two decades and yet still functioning.”

Another responded, “My grandfather has a refrigerator from 1959 from his wedding in his basement, still works. Only has to defrost it from time to time. The more modern one upstairs has been replaced like three times since I’ve been alive (I’m 38), and the current one is struggling.”

Here’s the kicker- they’re still charging a small fortune for these “modern” fridges that can’t even do the basics right.

11. Washing Machines

Young couple doing laundry View from the inside of washing machine
Image Credit: emprise via DepositPhotos.com.

Back then, you’d have options for quick washes, regular cycles, and heavy-duty modes that tackled even the gnarliest stains. Now? It’s like you’re stuck in a time loop where every cycle takes longer than a binge-watching session of your favorite show. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Someone wrote, “A lot of Samsung washers have this part in the bottom that’s purposely made out of a metal that rusts. Could be made out of something that doesn’t, but no. So they all eventually break waaay quicker than they should.”

Another added, “1000x this. I hired a repair guy to fix my washing machine. I told him I planned to limp the old one along for another few months, then get a new set. The repair guy shook his head and advised that we should use the existing stuff until it couldn’t be repaired because new ones are so bad.”

12. Band T-shirts

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
Image Credit: vova130555@gmail.com via DepositPhotos.com.

A person commented, “Band t-shirts, and I mean they don’t make them like they did 4 years ago.”

A Redditor shared, “Last year I bought an official F1 T-shirt from a certain team for around 90 dollars. The team logo got destroyed after just 1 wash at 40 degrees. Shirt ruined.”

But now? It’s like the band T-shirt game has lost its groove.

13. Mobile Games

woman smiling at phone in her hand
Image Credit: marinademeshko via DepositPhotos.com.

Mobile games have fallen into this repetitive loop of sameness. You download a game, and what do you get? A clone of a clone of a clone, all dressed up in different skins but essentially serving you the same reheated gameplay. 

A user wrote, “Mobile games. “99.99% WILL FAIL!! CAN YOU SOLVE THIS QUIZ??!!??”

Another replied, “I used to LOVE playing Boggle on my iPad back in 2011. I decided to download it again on my iPhone, and it’s awful now. Constant pop-ups and it really wants you to play against others online instead of just enjoying a relaxing solo game. I played it a couple of times, then deleted it.”

14. Alarm Clocks

Man with alarm clock
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone wrote, “I have one of those old ge alarm clocks, I’m 37, and I’ve had it for 30 years, but my mom has been using it since it was new. bought in ’89 or ’90. 🙂 Still works well.”

Another responded, “I have a Sony alarm clock that’s at least 35 years old, and my son still uses it in his bedroom because he prefers it to the newer ones.”

So, keep setting those alarms, keep searching for that perfect wake-up buddy, and never settle for an alarm clock that’s anything less than a gentle morning hug.

15. Microwave

Woman cooking with a microwave.
Image Credit: Tetyanka via DepositPhotos.com.

Microwaves have lost their kitchen mojo. You nuke your food, expecting a symphony of sizzles, and what do you get? A lukewarm mess that makes you wonder if you accidentally hit the “defrost” button instead. 

A Redditor said, “My nana had the same microwave from the late 1970s up until January this year.”

Another added, “fr I have to change my microwave every few years to stay on the top of the market otherwise, its total bs.”

16. Four Loko

Portrait of stylish young woman listening to music in headphones with fresh cup of juice on blue background.
Image Credit: Rohappy/Shutterstock.

Four Loko used to be a hybrid of energy drink and booze. Now, it’s not only expensive but also unhealthy to drink!

A user wrote, “4LOKO. All for under $8.”

Someone else shared more information: “This one’s even verifiable since the FDA made them remake their recipe. The precursor to 4Loko named Four was even better tbh. Back then, it had Wormwood oil in it, which everyone knows from Absinthe.”

17. Cars

angry man driving a vehicle without seat belt.
Image Credit: Hayk_Shalunts/shutterstock.

Back then, you’d feel the road- every turn and every bit of excitement. Now? These expensive cars are of no use! 

A Redditor said, “Cars. In the past, you could fix almost everything by yourself. Today it feels like you need an engineering degree, a computer science degree and tools, that are more expensive than the car itself just to change a broken headlight.”

Another replied, “Cars are like a paradox on this, the old cars were easier to repair, but I remember when a car having 100,000 miles on it meant that it was pretty much junk. Now if you get a Toyota or Honda, you could get 250,000 miles out of them pretty easily; one of my old professors had a Subaru with 400,000 miles on it. 

A guy locally that has a construction company that bought my old truck with 170,000 miles on it said, “I don’t even look at buying work trucks until they’re over 150,000 miles; you can still get 200,000 miles out of them and get them cheaper once they hit the 150 range.”

18. Toys

Set of different cute toys on wooden table in children's room
Image Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

Back in the glory days, children’s toys were gateways to other worlds. You’d unwrap a toy, and suddenly you were a fearless space explorer, a daring knight, or a master chef whipping up imaginary feasts. 

Someone wrote, “Children’s toys. When my daughter was little, I was floored by the flimsy cheap plastic parts, compared to my solid and sturdy toys (many still in great condition) from the late 80’s/early 90’s.”

Another responded, “I’ve saved my daughter’s American Girl Doll items- because that stuff was expensive, but even that quality went down significantly.”

19. Kitchenaid

KitchenAid stand mixers on display.
Image Credit: Tinxi/Shutterstock.

A person commented, “Kitchenaid mixers. My grandma was gifted on her wedding day, and she’s used it religiously without any issue. My sister was gifted one on her wedding day, and it lasted a year.”

Another added, “My dad had an old *ss kitchen aid mixer in the both, never opened. When I was engaged, I told him I wanted that one specifically. He begged me to let him buy me a new one, but I had heard they were going to s**t in 2015 and refused. That baby is still going strong and is about 20 years old at this point.”

But now? It’s like KitchenAid has lost its culinary vibe. You fire up that stand mixer, expecting it to tackle your dough for you, and what do you get? A machine that’s wheezing and groaning!

20. Houses

San Francisco travel tourists couple looking at houses landscape banner.
Image Credit: Maridav/Shutterstock.

A Redditor said, “Houses. My friends that live in relatively recent construction seem to have problems showing up in a few years. Most things built in the ’60s-’80s around here look pretty run down. My house is from the 1920s, and while it certainly requires maintenance, it’s clear to me that they don’t make these like they used to.

Another replied, “The 60s-80s houses probably are built pretty well too. They likely just need cosmetics and standard maintenance of things like a new HVAC, better windows, etc etc. My house, built in 1960, was certainly like that. On the other hand, my friends’ new build from 2016 had a foundation crack that ran across the whole house and basement slab. Among other issues.”

And here’s the thing- they’re still charging top dollar for these “modern” houses that seem more interested in raking in cash than providing a solid foundation for your dreams.

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