19 Things That Are So Bad, You Won’t Believe They Exist

You know those little things in life that bug the life out of everyone? Yeah, we’re talking about things that somehow manage to tick off every person on the planet, regardless of gender, age, or race!

One Redditor asked, “What is something that everyone can agree is bad?” Many users commented on this thread, and we have selected the top 20 things for you!

1. Bed Bugs

Girl in the bed looking mad
Image Credit: zaretskaya via DepositPhotos.com.

First off, let’s set the scene. You’re all cozy in your bed, just about to drift off into dreamland, and then BAM! You feel a mysterious, itchy bite. You try to ignore it, thinking it’s just a random mosquito or something, but nope – the next night, it happens again. That’s when you know you’re dealing with the bed bug brigade! 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “I had an infestation that took two exterminators to kill. Came back from a two-week work trip, and it was just like something out of a horror movie. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.”

Another replied, “Right? We had a pretty bad infestation that began with one single bug. We tried everything to get rid of them, including three separate professional treatments, four separate bug bombings, and nightly hunts to get as many of them as we could in our kids’ room. The thing that finally ended up working was a random oil that my MiL suggested for us called Neem Oil. It stank to high heaven, but it freakin’ worked.

I genuinely do not believe anyone who says they like bedbugs. Because once you experience them, all you have is (objective) negatives. So much money wasted and so much furniture thrown out, and so much suffering from our kids as they were the main targets for some reason. 

Don’t know why, but they didn’t like me. I got bitten once in the beginning of the infestation and then never again and we always wondered if that’s because I am chronically ill and have blood diseases and autoimmune diseases and they simply didn’t like that. In the words of the mama of Bobby Boucher – bedbugs are the devil!”

2. Cracked Nails

Woman applying nail polish
Image Credit:
DenisDenisenko via DepositPhotos.com.

A Reddit user wrote, “Cracking a nail so badly that the crack extends well into the nail bed. Bonus points if you then catch one of the flaps on something and it jostles your nail meat underneath and sends that burning sensation throughout your finger.”

Someone else added, “I am a victim of having closed my car door on my fingernail once or twice. It’s pretty miserable. Not only does it hurt like all f*** during the moment and several days after, but you end up bleeding a little under the nail and that blood can’t get out, so you have to wait for the entire damaged fingernail from that lowest part on to grow out before you have a fingernail bed that isn’t black and blue again. It’s nasty. It took mine like 6-8 weeks or more.”

Not only do cracked nails look like a hot mess, but they also feel like one. Every time you accidentally snag that cracked edge on something, it’s like a tiny stab of pain and a big “OUCH!” to your fashion sense.

3. Ticks

Dangerous deer tick and small child legs in summer shoes on grass. Ixodes ricinus. Parasite hidden on green leaf and little girl foots in sandals on lawn in nature park. Tick-borne disease prevention.
Image Credit: KPixMining/Shutterstock.

Ticks are like those annoying hitchhikers you can’t get rid of. You’re out enjoying nature, minding your own business, and these little buggers decide it’s party time on your skin!

Someone commented, “ticks SUCK. my daughter got one attached to her EARDRUM. Took two emergency room visits and two days to find a team that could remove it properly without hurting her hearing. Still get angry thinking about it because we went to her ent prior to the hospital, and he claimed there was just a lot of blood built up in her ears from a cleaning he did a month prior. just…infuriating.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Absolutely. My Dad just got done with his round of antibiotics for contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Luckily he has no comorbidities because it could have been much worse than just really, really bad flu-like symptoms (and a rare case of not actually having the rash/spots).

Always wear bug spray (that states it also protects against ticks) even when doing yardwork in a suburban neighborhood, folks!”

4. Overnight Charging

Businesswoman charging smartphone
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina via DepositPhotos.com.

One user shared, “Waking to realize that your phone wasn’t charging overnight.”

Another user explained, “Actually, overnight charging is not good for your phone. Even though phones have power regulators, they are constantly charging and discharging, causing a sort of chemical fatigue over time and decreasing battery life.

Better to charge your phone a bit before bed and a bit when you wake up. In general, short bursts of charging are better. Opt for charging while at work, in the car, when you get home from work, etc. If you’re always on the move, you’ll have to get creative.”

Leaving your phone charging overnight is like telling it to keep eating when it’s already had a full buffet. You’re overstuffing its battery; just like us, it doesn’t feel great after a big meal. Overcharging can mess with your phone’s battery life and performance in the long run, and nobody wants that.

5. No Alarms

Man with alarm clock
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina via DepositPhotos.com.

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning, and it’s just too quiet? It’s like the world has pressed the mute button, and you’re left wondering what’s going on. And then it hits you – your alarm didn’t go off because your phone was dead. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “realizing your alarm didn’t go off because your phone was dead.”

Another replied, “Years ago, a pro golfer was expelled from a tournament for sleeping through his tee time for the Wednesday pro-am fundraiser, which is mandatory. His phone had died, so his alarm didn’t go off. He was out thousands of dollars, not counting any prize money he might have won.”

6. Dementia

attractive miserable unlucky devastated man wearing checked shirt isolated over bright yellow color background.
Image Credit: deagreez1 via DepositPhotos.com.

So, what’s dementia? In simple words, it’s the ultimate memory muncher. Slowly but surely, it gobbles up your brain cells, leaving you with a mind as blank as an empty canvas. 

One user shared, “I would like to say dementia, Alzheimer’s is only one type of dementia its just the most well known, but all forms of dementia are horrendous, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.”

Someone else added, “Seriously. It took my grandmother when I was a child. I felt like I never “truly” got to know her because her whole personality was changing already by the time I was getting old enough to remember things. She became quite irritable and hard to be around. My mom said she had never been like that before.”

7. Cancer

Portrait of angry furious offended senior person with bob hairdo wear pink shirt scream in conflict isolated on blue color background.
Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

A Reddit user wrote, “Cancer. I have survived it 5 f***** times! For me, it is the worst.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “100% A horrible death for young and old, rich and poor, male and female. You would think that it would be our number one priority to find cures. The resources dedicated to research are actually shockingly paltry when you look into it.

If you do decide to donate to a cancer charity, investigate their own numbers. Many of them (I am looking at you Susan G Komen) dedicate most of their donation money to marketing and events rather than research. Yet another reason the actual research funds are so low.”

But amidst all this gloom and doom, there’s one thing that cancer can’t take away – hope!

8. Wet Socks

Several wooden clothespins holding a white white athletic socks on an outdoor laundry line.
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Someone commented, “Stepping on a wet spot while wearing a sock. Edit: Thanks for the awards. Btw wet socks and wet spot socks are different; wet spot socks have very high contrast between the dry parts and the sticky wet part, causes annoyance.”

Another replied, “This shouldn’t be as bad as it is. It always makes me irrationally angry, but how dare that spot make my socks wet! And how did I not see that it was wet there?! Also, why is the floor wet in my house?!”

Ugh, it’s like walking on a sponge that’s been soaking in a pool of misery. Your poor sock tries its best to save you from the swampy abyss, but it’s no match for the water attack.

9. Unskippable Ads

woman working home on her couch on a laptop
Image Credit: PeopleImages.com via DepositPhotos.com.

One user shared, “30-second ad to watch a 15-second clip LOL.”

Someone else added, “I’ve always had Google Play Music (now Youtube Music), and had no idea that it came with Youtube Premium. I was always confused about people complaining about ads on Youtube when I never saw them myself. Then one day, I was watching Youtube at a friends, and the ads made me irrationally angry.”

You know the drill. You’re ready to binge-watch cute kitten videos, or some epic fails. But oh no, before you get to the good stuff, you’re forced to endure an eternity of ads that you can’t escape1

10. Little Caesars 

Lovely cute positive young woman hiding behind pizza
Image Credit: Vadymvdrobot via DepositPhotos.com.


Now, we all like to chow down on some cheesy goodness, but when it comes to Little Caesars, it’s like a universal head-shaking moment!

Someone said, “Little Caesars Hot N Ready being more than 5$.”

Another responded, “I knew that stuff was coming after they introduced the “extra most bestest” for $8 or whatever it was. I saw that and was like, yep, they’re getting us used to paying more than $5 for their pizza. Sure enough”

11. Subway

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
Image Credit: vova130555@gmail.com via DepositPhotos.com.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’d love a good sandwich like the next person. But when it comes to Subway, it feels like they’re playing a sneaky trick on us. You see those fancy ads with fresh veggies and juicy meats, but when you get your sub, it’s like a sad, soggy mess. 

One said, “I ordered a footlong meatball sub and a bag of chips last night for dinner. It cost me $14. What kind of f***** heinous stuff is this.”

Another one sarcastically wrote, “I personally gotta thank Subway because if my eyes and ears had not been *ssaulted by that $16 sandwich combo price, I would not be eating more at home like I am now.”

12. McDonald’s

McDonald's menu: French fries and burger on red background. Minimal concept
Image Credit: Pavlovska Yevheniia/Shutterstock.

A Reddit user wrote, “It doesn’t seem that long ago that I could get a Mcdonalds’ meal for around 5 or 6 bucks, but now it’s like 11 or 12. I can get a better burger and fries at a local joint now for cheaper.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “Yep. I feel like I say this all the time now – for the price of going to fast food place, you can just go to a sit down place for the same price and better food. It sucks when you just need something quick but spending almost $9 for a Big Mac is just insulting.”

So, yeah, we’re all nodding our heads in agreement here. McDonald’s isn’t the fast-food hero we need.

13. Seat Warmth

man showing he is confused at basic thing . hand on head in fake confusion showing Weaponized incompetence.
Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

Someone commented, “Dude, I don’t even like sitting in a chair that’s warm from another person.. That’s “dirty warmth.””

Another person agreed to it and said, “This is me. I have to switch office chairs in a conference room if it’s warm.”

It’s not just the icky factor; it’s also about the loss of personal space!

14. Rape

Face enraged infuriated woman screaming emotion
Image Credit: golubovy via DepositPhotos.com.

Rape is like a living nightmare; a horror movie come to life. It’s a sick game played by the worst monsters, leaving scars that may never heal. 

One user shared, “Rape and any crime against children are pretty much the only crimes that cannot be justified under any circumstances. Pretty much anything else, I’ll hear someone out.”

Another responded, “It’s always that one person who tries to play with the definition of rape too. They’ll claim rape is bad and then proceed to justify specific scenarios as not rape.  horrifying”

Someone else added, “Raping Animals & trying to say it was consensual.”

15. Explosive Diarrhea

Please help me! Bearded man need a help. Isolated on gray background, studio shot.
Image Credit: Khosro/Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Explosive diarrhea, specifically when it’s happening to you. If it happens to someone else, it’s probably just funny.”

Another responded, “The only thing worse is when this happens repeatedly. Last year I got food poisoning and was up peeing out of my *ss like every 20 minutes until 3 in the morning. I ended up taking like 6 showers that night because wiping alone was not sufficient to get clean.”

But here’s the deal – there’s no debate about this one. Explosive diarrhea is just bad, like really bad, and we’re all in agreement. It’s not a matter of opinion or a subjective experience.

16. Mosquitoes

Dangerous Malaria Infected Mosquito Skin Bite. Leishmaniasis, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Malaria Disease, Mayaro or Zika Virus Infectious Culex Mosquito Parasite Insect Macro.
Image Credit: nechaevkon/Shutterstock.

Someone shared, “Mosquitoes kill more people than people do. People kill 475,000 people a year. Mosquitoes kill 1,000,000 people a year. In the top ten most dangerous animals, mosquitoes kill more people than the other nine combined. It’s not even close.”

Another replied, “Most dangerous animal on Earth. There’s no statistics for “millions annoyed,” but I’m sure it’d be pretty up there.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “I hate the high tone pitch more than a mosquito bite, although I’m allergic to the bite.”

Mosquitoes don’t just ruin our outdoor fun; they also carry nasty diseases!

17. Food Poisoning

Miserable displeased man has sick look, red swollen eyes, smirks face.
Image Credit: Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock.

A Reddit user wrote, “Food poisoning. It suuuuuuucks! You’re probably not going to die. But you feel like you are going to die. But depending on what gave you the food poisoning, you might actually die. And you reach that point where you’ve vomited everything out. But there you are wretching over a toilet bowl, and nothing is coming out. Food poisoning is very bad.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I remember getting food poisoning at a sleepover at my friend’s place. We were 12-13 years old and it was my then-best friend’s birthday. We went to the mall to eat at the food court and then see a movie before going back to his place to eat cake, watch a movie, and sleepover.

I was the only one who got sick, and I remember not quite making it all the way to the toilet before puking. I was probably hovering over that toilet, puking up my guts for a solid hour. I made a mess of that bathroom, and I felt so bad about that and apologized endlessly the whole time my friend’s dad drove me home.”

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just the physical pain; food poisoning is like a total buzzkill. You’re left feeling drained, weak, and probably wishing you could hibernate until it’s all over.

18. Kidney Stones

attractive miserable unlucky devastated man wearing checked shirt isolated over bright yellow color background.
Image Credit: deagreez1 via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone commented, “I’ve had multiple nurses tell me they would rather give birth to triplets than have another kidney stone.”

Someone else added, “My uncle once got them, and he looked like he was gonna die from the pain they caused, and the thing that’s most shocking to me is that after he got surgery to remove them, I swear to god those stones were as small as pebbles so it was so weird to me that such small things cause so much damage.”

The pain is just the beginning – we’re talking about nausea, vomiting, and the constant urge to pee like Niagara Falls!

19. Nestle

Photo of young girl disgusted dislike bad smell negative
Image Credit: deagreez1 via DepositPhotos.com.

Nestle’s been accused of some pretty messed-up stuff, like unethical sourcing of cocoa beans and child labor in their supply chain. They are also the king of brainwashing, targeting kids with sugary treats and turning them into lifelong consumers.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “That is ONE evil corporation!!”

Another replied, “They have done some seriously messed up stuff to our environment as well as this quote from their CEO, which I might add is directly in line with the board of Directors ideals/goals.”

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