23 Life Hacks That Will Make You Say “OMG!”

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is looking for ways to save time, increase productivity, and simplify their lives. We are always looking for the best life hacks to make life easier and better. People shared what life hacks they love.

Life Hacks That Are Super Useful

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That’s where life hacks come in. These simple and often ingenious tips and tricks can make all the difference in your daily routine or while navigating big life events.

I asked some bloggers and experts to share their best life hacks. These are their responses.

Spend Mindfully

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Greg Wilson, CFA from chachingqueen.com, says, “Spend enough money to make you happy, but do not spend a penny more. Each additional penny is worth less than a penny.”

There is so much power in that statement and mindset. We spend a lot a month. But I’m careful not to spend more than something is worth to us. I really want a Tesla. I can afford a bunch of them. But a Tesla won’t make me 100k happier. It will make me 10k happier. So I don’t buy one.”

3 Rules

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DadIsFIRE says, “My best life hack is following these three rules I teach my children, and I try to live by.

1) If you fall down, get back up.

2) Just figure it out, and

3) Be a good person. I came up with these rules because I wanted something simple enough for a toddler to understand and complex enough to apply to an adult. Being a resilient, problem-solving, good person is the ultimate hack.”

Attend Therapy

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Mia from Tiny Hands, Tidy Home, says, “Attending therapy is, without a doubt, the best life hack I have ever encountered. It is easy to think of other lifehacks like investing, budgeting, or living frugally as more impactful. Those things are great, but mental health always comes first.

There’s no better way to keep life on track than by attending therapy; talking through your struggles in an open environment can help you better understand yourself and connect with your feelings and experiences. It doesn’t take long before you begin learning skills to manage loneliness, anxiety, and depression that give real psychological boosts – my experience proves this! No matter how overwhelming life may seem, therapy is a great resource for making it manageable.”

Finding Fun Solutions

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Sophia, the author of The Organized Family Blog, says her best life hack is finding printable and fun solutions with her Daughter for most of the challenging parenting situations they face.

“Raising a sensitive but strong-willed child is a fantastic adventure. However, you need to be really creative to find gentle ways and still reach your parenting goals. I realized that forcing my will is not leading anywhere, so I started to have meaningful conversations and consider the opinion of my Little One from an early age. Well, this does not mean that we did not have daily tantrums before leaving for preschool… or because we must come home from there at the end of the day.

But by considering her needs (in this case, a bit more bonding time before leaving) and setting up our tailored motivation system (sticker reward chart with her favorite character + a big reward in the end), we could change this behavior in less than a month and start to enjoy a lot more peaceful mornings. We also used our homemade board game (with a sea theme that she loved, some adventure books of a little sailor mouse) to practice Maths in a fun way. Thanks to this, she “solved” twenty times more tasks than when only using books and templates!”

Become a Digital Nomad

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Mitch Glass from Project Untethered says, “Become a digital nomad. As a digital nomad, you take advantage of remote and online work arrangements to travel around as you see fit. This unlocks one of life’s biggest cheat codes — maintaining your salary while living in low-cost-of-living areas. It’s an instant life upgrade.

With extra cushion in your budget, you can either work less, save more, or boost your living standards. Even if you aren’t interested in travel, simply relocating can make a huge difference. This could be as easy as moving to a nearby city, but if you’re feeling adventurous, setting up shop in a low-cost country is the biggest life hack of all. Imagine being able to save 80% of your income without lowering your standard of living. Would you work one day per week instead of five? Would you retire ten years early? It opens up some amazing possibilities.”

Learn Frequently Used Words First

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“Here is a hack to learn languages faster and impress your mates,” says Caitriona from TPR Teaching, “to learn a language, look at the most frequently used words first. Consider reading simple dialogues you find in a beginner’s textbook in your first week of language learning to expose yourself to 100-200 words that make up the core of the language. You can also find lists of the most common words online.

You’ll be surprised by how much you begin to understand when you know these words. By the time you learn 250-500 words, you will be able to introduce yourself, answer questions and hold a basic conversation.

“Maximize your time and effort by first focusing on the most frequently used words. Learn their meaning and pronunciation and put them in context to help you absorb the information!”

Don’t Put It Down; Put It Away

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Sarah from Arthurwears says,  “Don’t put it down, put it away” – as a busy family of 5 with three young children, I find that the house gets messy and disorganized SO quickly! I’m forever running around after everyone tidying up or looking for things that have gone missing or been misplaced. No matter how many times I moaned about it or asked everyone to stop making such a mess, it never worked.

This year I decided on a simple catchphrase that was short enough for the children to remember and easy enough for them to understand: “don’t put it down; put it away.” Now, when they get home from school or come in from outside and have shoes, bags, coats, random pieces of paper, or hair bobbles, we use the phrase to remind them quickly, which seems to be working! They use the phrase on us if they see us randomly placing items down where they don’t belong too!! It means we also try to find a ‘place’ for everything so that we know where to go to put it away.”


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Steve Morrow from Paddle About says, “My best life hack is meditation, something I have recently started practicing. I meditate for ten minutes first thing in the morning to clear my head and prepare for the day. Since I started meditating, I have been more productive and calmer. I can see the big picture instead of focusing on the little things that used to irritate me so much.

Meditation is like hitting the reset button and has a tremendous positive impact on me physically and mentally. I feel more self-aware and have greater focus throughout the day. By focusing on my breathing, I can stay in the present moment, clear anxiety, and create a much more positive state of mind.”

Use Credit Card Points To Travel

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Lauren Kat from Freedom Not Fate says, “My best life hack is using credit card points to travel! By utilizing credit card sign-up bonuses and paying off my cards each month, I’ve been able to get free airfare and stay in hotels I would’ve never been able to afford to stay in on my own dime.

Many travel cards also have great perks like TSA pre-check, global entry, and lounge access. Lounges have also saved me money too since they offer free food, coffee, and drinks! Be sure to keep an eye on sign-up bonuses as they change. My favorite card is the American Express platinum!”

Stay Organized

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Margarita Ibbott from DownshiftingPRO says, “Keeping organized will help you save money. When you constantly misplace items, you must replace them – only to find them later.

Now you have 2 or 3 of the same things – that is just throwing money away. Get into the habit of putting items in the same location. ‘Everything in its place and a place for everything.’ Lastly, make a list when you run out of something. Going shopping with a list will stop you from impulse shopping – another money-saving habit!”

Have a Box of Thank You Cards

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Heidi Bender from Tons of Thanks says you should always have a box of thank you note cards on hand. Then, you can quickly write a handwritten thank you note when needed.

For example, after receiving a gift, the days turn into months. Then it begins to feel too late to send a thank-you card. You keep meaning to order some thank-you cards, but the good intention to say “thank you” slips into the back of your mind.

Therefore, being prepared by having thank-you cards ready to use increases the likelihood that you will promptly write and mail the thank-you note.

Have Matching Socks

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Elizabeth from Shoestring Baby says, “One of the easiest life hacks that I follow, especially for parents, is to have all your socks be exactly the same color & brand. After having kids, the amount of laundry we must do has gone through the roof. Getting our kids only the same color-matching socks has made sorting laundry a little easier and faster.

I love this hack because it is easy to implement and helps improve a chore you must do regularly. Plus, if one sock goes missing for a while (and they always do; how are toddlers forever losing socks?), you can simply pair it with any other sock in the pile. Eventually, you’ll lose another one, and all will be right and even in the world, and your sock drawer, once again.”

Use a Towel to Wash Hair

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Marina from A Mum to Mum says, “One of my best life hacks was finally finding a way to wash my toddler’s hair without tears. I dreaded my daughters’ tantrums for years. With my younger daughter, I found an amazing life hack that was a life-changer! I decided to try a salon-style hair wash.

She sat on a small chair in front of a bathtub and leaned her head back at the tub’s edge with a towel rolled under her neck. I was amazed by her happiness during this washing style. Not a single drop made it to her eyes! This truly is one of my best life hacks, and it made my life so much easier.”

Keep Your Resume up to Date

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Amanda Kay from My Life, I Guess says, “Keep your resume up-to-date. Even if you are happy with your job, you never know when a new opportunity will present itself. And, unfortunately, you never know when you might find yourself unemployed and urgently need a good resume.

It’s much easier to keep your resume up-to-date when you better understand your current skills and responsibilities, allowing you to highlight these in your resume. You are more likely to remember relevant accomplishments or experience you have gained while you are still in the role.”

Reverse Psychology

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Kristy M. from Mommy to Many says, “Reverse psychology. Especially with kids! Kids are naturally inclined to do what they are told they can’t do. So, if you want them to do something, tell them they can’t. A great example is, I bet you can’t eat all the food on your plate tonight. Watch how fast they do!”

Bring a Contact Lens Case and Fill It With a Product

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Marjolein Dilven from Spark Nomad says, “A life hack I’ve learned while traveling and can recommend to everyone is to bring a contact lens case and fill it with a product you use. Whether it’s makeup, skincare, or hair products, a contact lens case is convenient for all the products you need but don’t use much.

Taking full-sized products on your travels will take up a lot of space and add to your baggage weight. Avoid lugging all that extra weight around by simply putting it in a contact lens case, and your luggage will instantly be lighter. Let’s make room for extra souvenirs!”

Improve a Little Bit Every Day

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Don Dulin from UnfinishedSuccess says, “I try to improve myself a little bit every day. This could mean I go to bed a little earlier than the night before. Or when exercising, I might do an extra set or ride my bike a few minutes longer.

Sometimes I will put off house chores to play a board game with my kids and enjoy a little more family time. Doing small improvements never feels overwhelming to do. I am not restructuring my entire life for a new diet or exercise program. And while the improvements are small, they are all intertwined and build upon themselves, so over time, they end up resulting in big positive changes. It’s like compound interest. When you earn 1% on $100, you only earn $1. But when you have $1 million, you earn $10,000.”

Double-layer the Sheets in the Bed

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Sophia, from The Organized Family Blog says about her best potty training life hack, “when we started potty training and even tried for diaper-free nights, I heard from fellow Moms to double the layer of the sheets on the bed. So we put first a waterproof sheet, then a normal one, a waterproof one again, and a normal one on top. The two normal ones are unnecessary, but I felt that having them on top of the waterproof ones is more comfortable.

Why Is It a Rocking Life Hack and a Lifesaver for All Potty Trainer Moms

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“When you wake up at 2 a.m. and realize that this will not be a dry night to celebrate, you have to take the kid out of the bed, change pajamas, and then change bed linens before putting your little one back to sleep. Well, it is definitely something I hate doing while half asleep.

So if you have double layers of sheets, you just take off the normal and waterproof ones on top, and you have a fresh bed (still with safe waterproof sheets) and just need to kiss goodnight to your child and take care of the used ones later. No more changing bed linens half asleep in the middle of the night.”

Plan for Christmas Early

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Claire Roach from Christmas Countdown UK says, “Don’t let Christmas creep up on you. It’s the same date every year, and planning early is crucial. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the most expensive. With presents, decorations, food, and festive activities to budget for, starting in January is wise.

A Christmas savings pot will ensure you have enough money to cover your Christmas expenses and allow you to have cash at your disposal all year round for bagging bargains that you can put away – saving you even more money.

You can save weekly or monthly and set a budget for what you will need to cover everything and what you can reasonably afford.

Following bargain hunting pages on your social media accounts is also recommended, as you will be privy to bargains all year round.”

Use Natural Cleaning Ingredients

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Emma Reed says, “Switching to natural cleaning ingredients for your home. Most cleaning products on the market are made with chemicals that can be risky for kids and pets; they often pollute the air and waterways. On top of this, they actually cost you quite a bit.

By choosing simple, green products such as white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and citric acid, you will have the perfect ingredients for either using on your own or creating your own homemade cleaners toxic-free and perfectly safe. These products all work far better than the majority of branded cleaners, PLUS they are cheaper to buy. They go such a long way, so they will last you much longer. Honestly, once you have seen how clean a sink can come up with just bicarb alone, you’ll never return to another cleaning product again.”

Save the Boxes

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Cindy from Ordinary Asian Girl says, “Whenever I buy things online, I tend to save the boxes they send me with my products because I reuse them for Christmas or birthday presents for my friends or family. I would save all the boxes in one place to remember where they are when a special occasion comes around. I rather reuse boxes instead of buying one because I get the box for free when I buy things online. This is the life hack that I’ve been doing for years to save time and money.”

Bring a Water Bottle and Food When Traveling

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Michelle Onaka from Intentional Money Life says, “To save money while flying, bring a water bottle and food. If you like cold water, fill your bottle with ice and drink or dump out any water (leave the ice!) before you go through security. Then either add water after security in the airport or get a cup of water on your flight and add it to your bottle. For food, you can bring snacks and also full meals on the airplane!

Just ensure they aren’t too liquidy, or you’ll run into the 3.4-ounce issue. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can pack food in your checked bag (I’ve taken cooked pasta with frozen sauce and meatballs in a cold bag); just make sure you aren’t over the weight limit for your bag. And plan to go to the grocery store for a few more things to keep costs down. Just make sure you check to see if there’s a fridge in your room and a microwave somewhere in the hotel!”

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