11 Surprising Items Frugal Folks Splurge on Wisely

Frugal people think of how to save money and make it grow. There is nothing wrong with getting a deal, but sometimes, we need to feel we are still in touch with reality by spending some money on things we love. We still need to consider our frugal nature when splurging to prevent ourselves from going overboard.

Here are some of the things people splurge on frugally and thoughts about how to splurge frugally.

Resale Value Is Not Important

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If you’re buying something for yourself, the resale value may not be very important. Do not add things to your collection just for the sake of adding. Get stuff that means something to you to eliminate the urge to resell or ‘upgrade’ later on. Reselling costs time, and getting back the exact amount you spent on these items can be a tall order.

Create an Experience

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An experience lasts a lifetime. Take a weekend trip somewhere cool. You’ll have stories and memories that last forever.

Buy Nice Outfits

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Spend money on quality clothing you will love wearing. Good clothing boosts your confidence and helps you have a better social life. You do not necessarily have to buy branded clothing, but if that is what makes you happy, you can splurge a little.

Enrol in a Tactical Training Course

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Maybe instead of buying a thing, you use the money to buy a few hundred rounds of ammunition and spend a day at the range or take a marksmanship/tactical training course.

Redecorate Your Home

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If you spend a lot of time at home, try redecorating the house. It will be an engaging and fun activity that will transform your home into something new. House decorating does not have to be expensive. Be creative. Even rearranging furniture can make a space seem new.

Buy Gadgets That Save Time and Money

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The trick is to buy electronic gadgets that will save money and time. Treat them as rewards for hitting a certain goal. A robot vacuum, super-automatic espresso maker, air fryer, a nice office chair, new tools, etc, are good gadgets that save time and money. These tools will come in handy when doing random repairs around the house and may save you money and time.

Buying a Guitar

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There is nothing more exciting than a music enthusiast buying the musical equipment they have always wanted. Save some money and spend on a new guitar or piano or whatever instrument you fancy. It will create a new dimension towards having fun and enjoying your life. It may also open up new avenues (gigs, concerts, as a tutor, etc) if you become good at playing the instrument.

Splurge on a Hobby

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You can splurge a little on what makes you happy. If you love outdoor excursions, you can schedule a camping or hiking trip to help you relax. You can also spend on hobbies such as woodworking, glassblowing, fly fishing, or scuba diving. These hobbies could lead to new experiences, help you develop new skills, or just have fun.

Buy a 3D Printer

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A 3D printer will create amazing stuff for you. You can print things you need or want (Such as Halloween masks). You can also print puzzles and a whole bunch of stuff with a 3D printer. In some cases, you can print small products on low volumes for sale.


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A bicycle has several benefits; it helps save on transport costs and keeps you fit. There is a thriving community of bikers online who share experiences with others. Taking care of the bicycle will make you learn basic repair skills. A bicycle can go to places a vehicle cannot. 

Order a Meal

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If you do not like cooking, you can order a meal and get it delivered to your home occasionally. Do not overindulge, as this is one of the things that can dig deep into your pocket. Order a delivery after accomplishing a goal as a way of congratulating yourself.

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