10 Suggestions for People Wanting To Be More Frugal

Are you searching for ways to combat inflation by cutting expenses and saving money? Then, we got you covered.

After someone asked Reddit, “What are some suggestions for people wanting to be more frugal in 2023?” people responded with some great tips!

These are the top-voted tips.

1. Go Out Less

It’s easy to say, not easy to do. But the more you use it, the more you’ll spend. Think about all those trips to a store. You use your time, gas, and whatever you’re purchasing. One explained, “Use less. Drive less. Go to stores less. Limit and remove marketing in your life. Yes, the less I go out, the less I spend.”


Plan a day, and this is the day you will go out to shop for groceries, clothes, necessities, etc. If you frequently go to the store, you are more likely to impulse buy.

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2. Make a List

Many in the thread agreed that you should make a list when grocery shopping or shopping online for pick-up. Sticking to the list is essential. One said, “I do online grocery shopping so I can stick to my list and avoid the temptation of throwing extra things into my cart that are budget busters.”


Another tip for the list, make a list all week long. If you write things on the list as you realize you need them, you are less likely to forget items you need and be able to make just one shopping trip.

3. Wait to Purchase

Several suggested waiting before making any unplanned purchases. This forces you to consider whether you need or want the purchase. You are often about to impulse buy, and you can talk yourself out of spending the money.


One user advised, “Initially, it’s difficult to do, but forcing a waiting period of twenty-four hours before making a purchase is the way I started.”


4. Use It Up

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without.” says one user. It can apply to so many items we replace without thinking. If you want more blueberry yogurt, eat the peach you have left first. Shirts are getting boring; wear them out before you get another.


Another stated, “I have too much sitting around unused. So I purchased more than one kitchen gadget for cutting vegetables. Still, when I cut up my vegetables, I use my favorite knife I’ve always used.”

5. Delete Your Credit Card Information

In this day and age, it’s effortless to shop online. With sites you frequent, you can save your credit card information, making it easier to impulse buy since you don’t have to reach for your wallet every time. One added, “If you must go into your wallet to grab a credit card manually, it adds an extra step and makes you rethink the purchase.”

6. Facebook Groups

Join any Buy Nothing or local Buy Groups on Facebook. People are turning to these groups to donate unused items rather than to a secondhand store. Someone shared, “The amount of things I’ve been gifted and received from mine has been incredible, and the cost savings have been significant.”

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7. Meal Plan

One user suggested, “Meal planning helped us avoid a lot of waste.” You can plan out several meals that use the same ingredients, which would reduce waste. “I hate when I make a meal with fresh vegetables and don’t use all the vegetables. They end up going bad in my refrigerator.”

8. Invite Friends Over

We enjoy the company of our friends and family, but going out to eat can kill a budget. So, invite your family and friends for dinner or a game night. You’ll spend less hosting a dinner party than eating at a restaurant.


“If you make it a potluck or rotate amongst friends, it’ll be even more affordable,” suggested one. You can easily make this a weekly tradition and save on your spending.

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9. Drop Some Streaming Services

So many streaming services are available now, and it’s hard to resist their low prices. But the $15 and the $7 can add up, and we only use some. One user confessed, “When I looked at my monthly bills, I could not believe I was spending over $80 on different streaming sites.”


Drop all but one streaming service. With the number of movies and shows on the one you keep, it will keep you busy for a while. Then, drop it and switch to another when you get bored with that one. Additionally, there are free streaming services, including Pluto TV and Tubi.

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10. The Three R’s

Many reminded the community that – Frugal is recycling, reusing, and reducing the three R’s. Practicing the three R’s can start rough, but start writing down what you can do for each one and put this into practice.


Recycle; Recycle things like clothes. Old clothes can be used to tear up for rags and cut up to make other usable items like potholders.


Reuse; Reuse items like containers. When you buy pickles and eat them all, wash out the container. It can be used to store leftovers, keep cotton balls, etc.


Reduce; Reduce the number of things you purchase. For example, switch to cloth napkins to reduce buying paper towels. Reduce the time you travel to a store to save on gas, etc.

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We hope you enjoyed this Reddit tips list for people looking to embrace frugality in 2023.

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