12 Side Hustles You Can Do Even if You Don’t Own a Car

Looking to put extra money in your pocket and don’t know which side hustle to do? The economy is bad, prices of essential products have skyrocketed, and our income didn’t get the memo to match the skyrocketing prices. Getting a side hustle can be a great way of cushioning us against this inflation.

When you mention a side hustle to someone, they immediately think of Uber and other companies where they need to use their cars to work. What if you do not own a car? What are the side hustles you could do? Here are some good examples of side hustles one can do without a car.

Data Annotation

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Data annotation is where you categorize and label data for AI to interpret easily. We are talking about text, semantics, video, audio, and image annotation so that AI applications can deliver accurate results based on the data presented to them. You can register for such gigs on platforms as data annotation tech, pick the projects you want to work on, deliver, and get paid.

Tutor People Online

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This is a good gig for multilingual individuals, especially if one of the languages you are fluent in is English. You can create an account at Cambly.com and teach other people English in a casual online setting. It is not a get-rich-quick gig, but can help you out if you are in need of some money. Most gigs pay about $10-$15 an hour. You could also go to courtrooms and apply to be a translator for a fee.

Turn To Craiglist for Labor Gigs

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There are a bunch of gigs you can do from Craiglist. Narrow your search to locations near you. You negotiate your payment and delivery with the person who put up the gig. Be careful when doing so as some people are not very straightforward. Other places you could check out for gigs include TaskRabbit, Wyzant, and AirTasker.

Donate Plasma

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I would only advise you to go this route if you are in dire need of cash. The hospital has to do tests first to determine if you are healthy enough to donate plasma. Once you donate, you should take time off (atleast two weeks) before you go back.

Transcription Recordings

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Transcription services have always been in high demand. Companies require people to turn videos into text for various reasons. Here are some of the best online transcription platforms you can register on to get started: TranscribeMe, SyncScript, Focus Forward, Daily Transcription, Ubiqus, Allegis, Deposition Services, Inc., Audio Transcription Center, TranscriptionServices.com, GMR Transcripts. You could also apply to be a transcriptionist in courtrooms, where you transcribe whatever is said inside there and get paid a decent wage.

Lawn Mowing

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All you need to get started is a lawn mower and weed eater. Go around your neighborhood and advertise your services. You can easily make decent money taking care of other people’s lawns. Add more services, such as cleaning roofs and rain spouts, and increase your earning capacity.

Become a Digital Realtor

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Digital realtors are going to become a thing if you want to be early. You basically hustle selling digital real estate just like you would with regular real estate. You liaise with an existing real estate company, market their projects online, and get paid commission for every sale that comes through your referral.

Pet Walking/Watching

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Pet sitting, pet walking, and pet watching are good gigs that can earn you a decent income. Advertise around your neighborhood using posters or going door to door. You must be good with animals to succeed in this gig. You could scale it up by offering pet grooming services for busy owners.

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing involves selling products on behalf of a company and earning commissions from every sale you make. Register with marketplaces such as Amazon.com, find products you would love to promote, do so on your social media platforms or websites, and get paid a commission for every product you sell.

Do Deliveries

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If you live in a busy downtown area or close to one, you can deliver food on a bike or scooter. Join Uber Eats. This is a gig that will get you paid and keep you fit at the same time.

Data Entry

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Data entry jobs are many, and some of them are fairly easy to do without any form of training. You simply copy and paste information from one place to the other as directed. Others may be more complex and require some form of training, but they also pay better. Some of the best platforms where you can register and seek data entry jobs include MegaTypers, Internshala, Upwork, Fiverr, Scribie, Mturk, Naukri.com, and Rev.com.

Run Errands

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This is a business you can create without a car and without money. Go door-to-door advertising your service. It would help if you had some business cards. Run errands for people at a fee. You can grow in this business through referrals if you do a good job.


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