“Moms, It’s Your Time”: 13 Self-Care Hacks Now That School’s Back in Session

When the dog days of summer begin to wrap up, many parents see some hope on the horizon, realizing that it is also “Back to School” for the kids. While this may seem like a welcome reprieve for many parents, it can also be stressful. There are many things to be bought and arranged before their first day.

What gets lost for many moms during this time is the need for some self-care. So here are some great ways to maintain your physical and mental wellness while the kids return to school.

Add This Protein Powder to Your Morning Ritual!

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Adding a protein powder like Ella’s Vanilla Beauty Protein Powder into your daily beauty routine is a great way to feel better. This one is a collagen booster with a combination of other essential vitamins and minerals that helps improve your skin’s suppleness and elasticity and promotes better hair and nail growth. Ella’s protein powder comes in delicious vanilla or chocolate flavors and has no nasty artificial sweeteners.

Get Some Fresh Air

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One thing moms are probably sick and tired of is running around in shops buying supplies for the school year. When the kids return, take some time each day to get outside for physical activity or just a plain old walk. Not only will you feel better, but that little bit of exercise each day will help you sleep better too.

Take More Naps

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On that whole sleep thing, now that the kids are out during the day, the house should be much quieter. Take a nap during the day to recharge your batteries so you are ready for pick-up time.

Reconnect With Friends

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Your gal pals are likely in the same situation as you and looking to reconnect. With all the spare time in the day, why not take some time for each other. The kids are seeing their friends again at school, so why can’t you too?

Catch Up on Your Favorite Shows

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If the kids tend to dominate the remote and there are not enough hours in the night to watch your favorite TV shows, then now is the time to reconnect with an old friend – the TV! You can dive back into your favorite television shows now without the kids telling you it is “boring”, and they want to watch something else. So, binge away!

Book a Spa Day

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If you have been putting off a spa day for a while, then now is the time to enjoy a spa day with the kids returning to the classroom. There’s likely no better way of pampering yourself than treating yourself to a magical spa day. So, book an appointment and pamper yourself!

Enjoy a Couple’s Day

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Your partner is also likely excited about the kids returning to school, so why not take some “we” time together? If there are things you have wanted to do in the summer but couldn’t because of the kids, now you have the opportunity to do them without the hassles. 

Go Back to the Gym

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If you have been putting off going back to the gym, then now is the time to get back into it. The school day hours are the best times to go to a gym too. You will be able to work up a sweat in peace!

Start a Hobby

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If you have found something interesting of late and want to take it up as a hobby, you have the best chance to jump right in with the kids back at school. Choose a cheap hobby to keep you entertained without spending too much money. 

Eat What You Want!

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With more time to yourself, there’s more opportunity to eat what you want to eat. And you won’t have to hear complaining about something tasting “yucky” either!

Read (Uninterrupted)

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If you fancy yourself as a bookworm or simply want to catch up on reading, there’s never a better time than when the kids return to school full-time. Reading is the best relaxing activity. 

Take a Bath

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Take some time for yourself and relax in the bathtub. Light some candles, put on some music, and let the day melt away. It’s a great way to get some self-care!

Yoga & Meditation

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Suppose the gym or intense exercise is not your thing. In that case, yoga is a great alternative to burn off some energy and improve your health. Plenty of apps are available for you to do right in the comfort of your home or local park. The same can be said about meditation. Connect with yourself and a better mind state or with a guided app.

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