30 Side Hustles for Teachers To Make Extra Money

If you’re a teacher, you might be looking for side gigs that can earn you some extra money. Because of your skill set, some of the best side hustles for teachers are related in some way to education. However, it’s perfectly understandable that when you’re earning some extra income, you might want a change of pace from what you regularly do.


Following are 30 good side hustles for teachers to bring in some extra cash. Most are related to education or draw upon teaching skills, but there are several that aren’t. If you’re more interested in those, they’re the final 10 on this list. They might be ideal part-time jobs because they’re well-suited to evenings and weekends, and they often let you set your own schedule.


Of all side hustles for teachers, a tutor might be the most common. Tutoring pays well, and there’s always a demand for it. There are kids who need extra time and practice, kids looking to accelerate, kids with special needs, etc. If you don’t want to deal with the travel, try online tutoring.

Online Teaching

A newer alternative to tutoring is online teaching. You can join a platform to teach an online course, or you can offer private lessons.

Test Preparation

Students preparing for the SAT or other standardized tests often benefit from pro coaching. You can do this through a test-prep agency or offer services on your own. The former provides steadier work, but the latter pays better per client.

Online Course Creation

After a long day in the classroom, you might want a break from interacting with students while still wanting a great side hustle related to academics. One option is creating online courses that other teachers can use for lessons.

Curriculum Development

A similar option is curriculum development. Again, you’ll be helping provide other teachers the tools they need for success in their classrooms.

Creating Worksheets and Lesson Plans

Teachers are always needing extra worksheets for math and other subjects and ready-made lesson plans for novels, science units, and more. One platform for this that’s a win-win for teachers is teacherspayteachers.com.

Language Translation for Educational Content

If you’re fluent in another language, that can be lucrative for you. There’s high demand for people who can translate educational content from English into other languages, especially to help ESL students.

Teaching Workshops/Seminars

Professional development is a necessary part of the teaching profession. Many of the instructors at educational workshops and seminars are current or former teachers.

Book Publishing (Educational Materials)

This might seem like a daunting task; after all, how are you going to find a publisher for a book you write? Fortunately, there are platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon that facilitate self-publishing e-books.

Children’s Book Authoring

If you’re creative and can write in a way that reaches children, this could be a rewarding path that, if you’re good enough, could replace your full-time teaching job. Again, you can take the self-publishing path instead of the traditional one.

Educational Blogging

Blog posts are a way to share knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. Successful bloggers can earn a good income through ads, clicks, and sometimes paid subscriptions.

Educational App or Game Development

You’ve probably seen firsthand how prevalent educational apps and games are now. If you have a great idea and some computer and software know-how, this could be a lucrative side pursuit for you.

Teacher-Themed Merchandise Creation

Your team at school probably has some themed tee shirts you all wear on certain days. Why not create and sell designs like that on your own? You can grow your client pool by advertising on Etsy, Facebook groups, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Instagram, and other online platforms and social media sites.

School-Supply Kits

Parents hate running out to get back-to-school supplies each year, and many of them welcome pre-stocked kits to purchase. You can try marketing these through your PTA or via online marketplaces.

Homeschool Consulting

In many states, homeschooled children are required to meet certain curriculum requirements. As a consultant, you can help their providers make sure they’re in compliance with those standards, and you can help develop as educators.

Educational Podcasting

If you want to reach an audience that prefers alternatives to reading, this and the next example are good routes. As a podcaster, you can offer advice or discuss trending educational issues.

Educational YouTube Channel

With an educational YouTube channel, you can create instructional videos and other materials teachers and other students will find valuable. As with podcasting, you can also dive into major educational topics.

Science Experiment Kits

You know how demanding and time-consuming planning and preparation are in addition to in-class instructional time. Put a smile on science teachers’ faces by creating science experiment kits that are all set to go.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Are you an art teacher or someone else who has talent in arts and crafts? Put that talent to work for you by offering online or in-person workshops for kids or adults.

Fitness or Yoga Classes for Kids

With all the concern these days about kids getting enough exercise in a world dominated by screens, parents would love opportunities like this, especially during summer vacation. Again, these can be in-person or online.

Freelance Copywriting

As a freelance writer, you’ll have a flexible schedule. Among the many platforms out there, one of the best for freelancers is Upwork.com, where you can advertise your own services and set your own rates.


Maybe you don’t have the time to create written content. There’s always a need for freelance proofreaders and editors. If you’re an English teacher, this may be perfect for you!

History/Culture Tours

If you live in an area with a rich history and culture, there’s a way to enjoy it while putting your teaching skills to use. Being a local tour guide might be a fulfilling way to earn extra money on weekends and holidays.


Because the prime hours are exactly those when most teachers are free, bartending has always been one of the best side jobs for teachers. And cash tips are always sweet to take home.

Grocery Store Restocking

Want some low-stress quiet time while earning extra income? Many teachers have discovered the benefits of working later at night restocking shelves or cases in local grocery stores as side hustles for teachers.

Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

People who are away for extended periods or who work odd hours often need help with their pets. As a dog walker or pet sitter, you can get some side income while taking care of animals that will be very happy to see you.

House Sitting

Here’s another easy, low-stress way of boosting your personal finances. This is probably best as a summer job since that’s when a lot of families go away on vacation.

Delivery Driver

Cash tips and flexible hours can make delivering food or grocery orders a good side gig. If you’re delivering grocery workers to elderly or disabled people with mobility challenges, there’s also the satisfaction from knowing you’re helping make someone’s life better, which you’ve already seen the value of as a teacher.

Handyman (or Woman)

People are always in need of someone who can fix or build something, and unless it’s a major job, they’d prefer to save some money by avoiding a contractor. If you’ve got some skill as an electrician, plumber, mechanic, or other trade, you might be in high demand in your neighborhood.

Outdoor Guide or Instructor

Do you love the outdoors and/or have solid skills in activities such as whitewater rafting or rock climbing? On weekends, holidays, and vacations, lead hikes or instruct novices while getting paid for doing what you love!

Side Hustles for Teachers

Whether it’s freelance writing, using your skills as a math teacher to help a struggling Algebra 1 student, or any other of the many great side hustles for teachers, there are many ways to earn extra income. Making it easier to stay on top of bills and expenses, saving for a vacation, putting money away for retirement, paying off the car ahead of schedule to save on interest– whatever the motive, there’s something there to help you fulfill it. Thank you for all you do for our children, and we hope this helps!


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