Why Talking to Your Grandparents Could Save You Money

This past month, I saw a TikTok of a girl who wore her mother’s prom dress to her prom. Her mother wore it in the early 2000s, and there she was, repurposing the adorable dress in 2023.

Old Dresses

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I know she saved so much money because people spend so much on prom dresses. But on top of that, I know how much value such pieces hold. It is such a great thing to do.

I have also encountered a TikTok of a bride who wore her mother’s wedding gown to her wedding.

It is great to pass down such valuable items. But even more importantly, it can save you lots of money.

Reusing Older Relatives’ Items

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Giving a new life to your older relatives’ items is not just about dresses. It can apply to almost anything, as one Reddit user posted on the “Frugal” subreddit sharing this as a money-saving tip. They said, “Between my late dad’s stuff that I still need to clear out and my stuff, I have tools, furniture, china, silverware, you name it. Mostly good stuff; I would gladly give it to any relative. It is at least worth an ask and a look.”

Therefore, the next time you want to buy anything, ask your older relatives and friends if they have one they don’t use; you never know what you could land and how much money you can save.

Frugal Tip

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One user agreed with this frugality tip. They said, “100% – Ask even friends of your parents or parents of your friends.”

Another contributor, who is a giver, said, “Now retired, I’ve been giving away all the stuff I never use and am never likely to use. Friends, family, etc. I love lightening my load while knowing the stuff isn’t going to waste. Keeping a box of usable free stuff near the door has been helpful, as visitors sometimes ask about it. Stuff that doesn’t find homes this way goes out onto the sidewalk and is marked “Free.” It generally disappears in a few days, and if anything is left, that goes in the trash.”

Baby Stuff

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Other items that work well for this are baby gear and maternity clothing. Many people use them for a short time, and getting them still in crisp condition is very easy. This is a great way to get baby stuff for free. 

One commenter said, “Put feelers out among parent friends before you purchase any baby or toddler gear. Unless I’m the only mom with a graveyard of baby and toddler gear in my basement that I haven’t had the time or inclination to organize and get rid of.”


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Another added, “This is the way! Our NextDoor area has completely furnished at least two apartments at no cost out of garages and closets.”

And lastly, “I’m still using the plates my aunt gave me when I went to college 35 years ago. And she had used them for years before that. I never found any new ones I liked (and could afford).”

The good thing about this move is you will likely get unique, durable, and sometimes vintage pieces.

Always ask before you go shopping; you never know what unused items people have in their basements and closets.

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