15 Safe-for-Work Gifts That Won’t Get You Fired

Need a safe-for-work gift for your coworker? 

Though we tend to take them for granted, our co-workers bring us more than we realize each day.

Having close pals at work can help heighten productivity and morale while getting us more engaged with workplace culture.

Oh yeah, and they could even save us from heart disease (studies have linked co-worker support with better cardiovascular health, according to the American Psychological Association)!

Want to show your morale-boosting, heart-strengthening work bestie how much you appreciate her? Then you need some of these amazing safe-for-work co-worker gifts. These presents are perfect for birthdays, promotions, big wins or just because.

15 Fun Work Gifts for Coworkers (and they are safe-for-work)

A Pair of Funny Socks

Seriously, who can resist funny socks? Socks, in general, are an all-around flawless gift because they can be tailored to just about any personality and don’t require any complicated sizing. Whether they love animals, certain foods, or pop culture, there’s a pair of fun socks for your co-worker. Just make sure you keep it office-friendly. You can’t go wrong with a pair of animal socks!

A Mug and Coffee

Yes, we do need more caffeine. Thank you for asking. Mugs are the runner-up to socks in terms of best and most convenient co-worker gift for pretty much all the same reasons. Throw in a bag of gourmet beans, and you’ve got yourself an amazing gift for literally anyone.

A Mouse Pad With Your Face on It

If you want to keep it safe for work but still bring some humor to the table desk, then definitely get your best co-worker a mousepad featuring a photo of you. It’s funny AND functional. What could be better? Pro tip: a closeup of your face is a good way to go.

Some Novelty Soda

In most workplaces, drinking is off-limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still raise a glass to your office pal. To keep it fun without the alcohol, surprise them with some soda that tastes like ranch dressing, bacon, sweet corn, or peanut butter and jelly. Cheers!

A Fancy Stapler

If you work in an office, you probably use a stapler pretty regularly, so your co-worker will really appreciate an upgrade. You can get staplers that go far beyond the standard Swingline. Swarovski stapler, anyone?

A Dozen Fresh-Baked Cookies

We apologize in advance to any co-workers who may be dieting (and graciously accept “thank yous” from those who are not). As you know, food and gifts are always big winners at work. Just make sure that your recipient doesn’t have any food allergies or sensitivities.

A Streaming Music Subscription

Why not get them something that helps the day go by faster? If you’re able to listen to music or podcasts while on the job, give them a subscription to a streaming music service and a pair of headphones.

A Miniature Desk Plant

Bring life and joy to any desk with a miniature plant. Just make sure to pick one that doesn’t need a whole bunch of light or care. Succulents, including aloe and jade plants, are great for this purpose.

A Desktop Candy Dispenser

Everybody wants one of those jelly bean dispensers on their desk at work. Surprise your co-worker with one of these fun little machines and enjoy unlimited candy at your leisure.

A Basket Full of Snacks

Keeping healthy or filling snacks on hand at work is almost impossible when your coworkers are always eating cake and donuts. If your recipient is a snack lover who steers clear of this kind of stuff, give the gift of a pre-filled snack basket of granola bars, nuts, and other healthy foods.

An Essential Oil Diffuser

Your office may have a no-flame policy (we won’t ask who did what to inspire that rule), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little aromatherapy from time to time. These plug-in oil burners are a great, safe alternative to standard candles. Just make sure no co-workers in your immediate vicinity have allergies or are sensitive to smells.

A Personalized Bobblehead

The ultimate desk accouterment, bobbleheads add spirit, personality, and life to drab cubicles. Though a bit more expensive (usually anywhere from $50 to $150), a custom bobblehead designed to look like your recipient will definitely be cherished for a lifetime. For a cheaper option, grab a bobblehead that looks like his or her favorite character or icon.

A Hilarious Desk Calendar

This is another one of those amazing presents that serves two purposes. In this case, to let you know the date but also to make you laugh. Luckily, there are desk calendars to suit any personality, whether your recipient is a mega-fan of a certain show or is crazy about dogs doing yoga.

A Really Nice Notebook

When you’re used to using the free or college-ruled notebooks from the supply closet, it can feel super luxurious to write in a nice notebook. Grab one from Moleskine and have it personalized with your co-worker’s name, a funny quote, or an inside joke between the two of you.

Why Is My Coworker So Crazy?

Before you go Priming this helpful little manual, make sure your recipient is the right person for the gift. It should only be given to a person you’re close with (who would recognize that it’s a joke) or who you know wouldn’t be offended by it. Make sure they know it’s a gag! If they do, it’ll go over perfectly.


With all of these amazing presents, you can go ahead and self-appoint yourself as the Chief Gifting Officer (CGO) of your organization. Thank us later!

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