20 Useful Gifts for Your Frugal Friend

useful gifts for frugal friend

Are you looking for ideas of useful gifts for that Frugal Person in your life? Most frugal people don’t want you to buy them THINGS just for the sake of things. Many are super practical and want everything to have … Read More

15 Safe-for-Work Gifts for Coworkers


Though we tend to take them for granted, our co-workers bring us more than we realize each day. Having close pals at work can help heighten productivity and morale while getting us more engaged with workplace culture. Oh yeah, and … Read More

56 Ways to Celebrate Chanukah on A Budget

Chanukah on a Budget

Chanukah is coming! Hannukah is coming! I always try to make Chanukah fun in my house but it’s not so easy constantly thinking of new ideas and activities to do. Add a budget to that and…. I’m always wracking my … Read More

The Best Black Friday Tips for 2020

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Here are the best Black Friday tips for 2020 and how to curb extra Black Friday spending.  Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in the United States. … Read More