10 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day (Even if You Hate It)

Many people read for entertainment or academic purposes. However, it is no secret that reading books comes with many benefits besides passing exams or getting entertained. There are so many life-changing, short and long-term benefits of reading. The good thing is everybody, from babies to seniors, can benefit from reading. 

To enjoy its full benefits, you must make it a habit and do it for at least 30 minutes daily. This way, you get to enjoy the long-term cognitive benefits that come with it. 

Looking to get into specific benefits of reading? This article is about ten reasons why reading is essential; read on. 

1. Knowledge Acquisition

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Books, whether fictional or non-fictional, allow you to peek into different cultures, psychology, history, geography, health, law, governance, and different aspects of life. 

Reading books imparts you with knowledge from different aspects of life and different parts of the globe. 

Being knowledgeable not only allows you to fit in different crowds and interact intellectually with people from different backgrounds. It also sets you up to make well-informed decisions in life. 

2. Mental Stimulation

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Reading calls for a certain degree of concentration, analyzing, processing, and absorbing information. You can equate it to taking your brain to the gym since the whole activity involves jogging your brain and making it stronger. 

Whether done for entertainment or not, the process exercises all the essential muscles to keep your brain active. 

3. Vocabulary Expansion

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There is almost always a new vocabulary you can learn from every book you pick, whether fictional or non-fictional. 

For starters, learning a new vocabulary and finding ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day life naturally is an excellent way to exercise your brain. 

 With expansive vocabulary, you build your ability to express yourself more effectively, not just in speech but also in writing. If you find trouble expressing your thoughts, feelings, and even complex ideas, a good starting point would be to read daily. 

4. Improves Focus and Concentration

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The attention span of people has drastically reduced. So many distractions keep people from focusing and concentrating on one task. This is a problem you can gradually solve by reading daily. 

Research shows that reading books activates a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, an area that affects attention and concentration. The study revealed that reading for 30 minutes daily stimulates this part of the brain, enhancing focus and concentration. 

To improve your focus and concentration, it is recommended that you go for books that allow you to immerse in them fully. If you find something interesting, you can forget everything else and fully concentrate on the book’s plot. If you do this frequently, you boost your focus and concentration in other activities. 

5. Entertainment

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Reading can feel like traveling. For instance, if you read a book set in a different country or state you have not visited, if the description is vivid, it can feel like you are escaping from reality to another location. 

It is one of the best forms of entertainment. This is why you would always see people reading while at the beach, in public transport, in airports, or wherever. With a well-written book, it can feel like an escape and adventure that lets you unwind after work or other tedious activities. 

And there is always a genre that you will find entertaining. Whether you are into true crime, romance, psychological thriller, or science fiction, you will find highly entertaining books that have you hooked for hours. 

6. Stress Reduction

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Reading is a great way to escape the harsh reality of life by stepping into a different world. This does not only apply while reading fictional books. Reading biographies and autobiographies can be fantastic stress relievers, too. 

Wandering how exactly reading helps reduce stress? When your brain is focused on one activity, reading the book, you enjoy the same benefits you get when you meditate. 

Additionally, regarding mental wellness, the research found that people who regularly read novels, newspapers, and magazines seemed to suffer less from depression and experienced slower cognitive decline. 

7. Empathy and Understanding

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This is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you pick up a book to read, but the entire process helps you be more empathetic and understanding. 

For starters, reading books exposes you to a plethora of new cultures and ways of living, which may spark your interest in understanding people’s perspectives. 

Whether fictional or non-fictional, books can help reshape your thinking and enhance your ability to understand “where people are coming from” with their views and perspectives. 

 Additionally, the “theory of mind,” cultivated while reading, helps you better understand other people’s beliefs and desires. 

8. Language Skills

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Reading is good for developing good communication skills. While it is widely known to help build children’s language skills, it works the same magic in advancing adults’ communication abilities. Go for a writing or public speech masterclass today, or go searching on the internet, and I can guarantee you that reading would be one of the suggested ways to hone your language and communication skills. 

Reading exposes you to new words, sentence structures, and ways of communication you did not use in your day-to-day life. 

9. Memory Improvement

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Reading consistently builds your ability to recall things. This is because the habit enhances the production of new neurons, stimulating mental activities and boosting your capacity to remember things. 

The new neurological pathways created help enhance brain development in children and wade off dementia in seniors. 

A study done in Neurology revealed that reading was one of the highly cognitive activities that helped delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by five years among those aged 80 years and above. 

So, the process not only enhances your cognitive capabilities in your earlier years, but it helps reduce the risks of diseases that affect cognitive functions. 

10. Lifelong Learning

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Reading is the key to learning anything you want to. As long as you can read, you can always find literature and educate yourself in your subjects of interest. 

Reading is not just about acquiring knowledge. While it essentially involves this, it offers a vast opportunity for lifelong learning and personal and intellectual growth. 

Lifelong readers do not stop reading when they finally get that college degree. You can always learn something new, even in your field of expertise. 

Final Thoughts 

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Reading books can help transform your life in many different ways. Doing it daily will improve your memory and cognitive functions, reduce stress and anxiety levels, build your intellectual capacity, hone your communication skills, and provide an escape from everyday life. It’s clear the benefits of reading go way beyond the realms of academic pursuits and entertainment. Adopt it as a habit to discover how it can enrich your life and open doors to unending possibilities. 

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