Books That Have Sold Over 50 Million Copies

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What defines a true literary classic? Over the centuries, countless books have been enshrined in popular culture—whether through cinema or as required school reading. Some of the most famous classics, like “Moby Dick,” were panned upon first release, but now … Read More

Books set in Arizona

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Every state has its hallmark writers. Mississippi has William Faulkner and his incomparable (fictional) Yoknapatawpha County and Missouri can lay claim to Mark Twain. The state of Maine is gifted with Pulitzer winner Richard Russo and horror icon Stephen King. … Read More

Julia Quinn’s ‘Bridgerton’ Books Ranked 

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With the third season of Netflix’s Bridgerton around the corner, impatient audiences might find themselves turning to the book series that started it all. As an avid Bridgerton fan myself, I’ve read the full series more than once and find … Read More