Where NOT To Raise Your Family: The Top 10 Worst Cities

Thinking of starting a family? Then you’ll want to live in a city that makes it easy to raise a family happily.

New data shows that families living in Cedar Rapids-IA, Chesapeake-VA, and Sioux Falls, SD, are experiencing more financial stability as these cities show an impressive economic growth rate despite the imminent possibility of a national recession.

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Best Cities To Raise a Family Report

According to Scholaroo’s newest Best Cities to Raise a Family report – the first in-depth study to analyze 152 cities across 32 key metrics ranging from homeownership rate, median household income, and cost of living- Cedar Rapids-IA, is leading the way when it comes to growth in the country.

This achievement can be attributed to the strategic investments of more than $643 million in infrastructure projects and affordable housing construction. By 2023, more than 1,000 new workers are expected to join the city’s workforce – keeping its unemployment rate at 3.5%.

Worst Cities To Raise a Family

In contrast, San Francisco ranks as the worst city, with one of the most expensive rents, the second highest cost of living, and the highest median home value in the country. Coming in second is Los Angeles, CA and in third is Boston, MA. These three cities have expensive rents, high costs of living and might median home values, making it difficult for people to raise families comfortably.

Best and Worst Cities To Raise a Family:

Household Financial Comfort Outlook

(Top and bottom ten cities ranked in descendent order)

Top 10 Worst Cities To Raise a Family

#143 Miami, FL
#144 Hartford, CT
#145 Oakland, CA
#146 Burlington, VT
#147 New Haven, CT
#148 Newark, NJ
#149 New York, NY
#150 Boston, MA
#151 Los Angeles, CA
#152 San Francisco, CA

Top 10 Cities To Raise a Family

#1 Cedar Rapids, IA
#2 Chesapeake, VA
#3 Sioux Falls, SD
#4 Warren, MI
#5 Bismarck, ND
#6 Warwick, RI
#7 Rapid City, SD
#8 Aurora, IL
#9 Des Moines, IA
#10 Nampa, ID



Babies are expensive! The costs of having a baby are going up and up, and frugal families are searching for ways to save money on baby expenses.

One of these ways is to pick a city that will help them live comfortably and happily. There are other ways to save money on baby stuff, including but not limited to doing everything you can to get free baby stuff and cutting down expenses, but if you want to have your money stretch even more, then try choosing a city to live in that will keep your living expenses low.

The city you live in will influence your cost of living and your credit score! A new study showed that where you live can have an impact on your credit score and your ability to pay off your debt.


Will you pick which city to live in based on these factors?

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