12 Unexpected Benefits of a Childhood Spent in Poverty

Growing up in poverty is challenging, but it can also teach you valuable life lessons. Children who grow up poor often have to develop resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness at a young age. They may also learn to appreciate the simple things in life and to be more empathetic towards others.

While a childhood spent in poverty can be difficult, it can also have some unexpected benefits. 12 people who grew up in poverty shared their unexpected benefits. 

You Develop Work Ethics

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A user noted that growing up poor made them better workers, “You develop a pretty good work ethic, and when you do eventually get money, you become great at saving.”

You Become Resourceful

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“I think my resourcefulness and creativity are the direct product of growing up poor. I appreciate those skills,” added another user.

You Learn To Pay Things Forward

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According to one user, when one gets rich, they remember where they came from, “Was dirt poor for years and finally have reached the place where I can pay back those welfare Christmas.  Adopted our first family this year out of my classroom. They lost their grandpa to Covid, and the unexpected cost of the funeral wiped them out. They were too late for charities, so my family is anonymously adopting them. Best feeling ever being able to pay it forward.”

You Are Oblivious to What’s Happening Around You

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“Most of the time, you have no idea what’s happening in the world around you, so there are no comparisons or worries about wanting, becoming, or proving something,” another user chipped in.

You Appreciate Simple Things

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One user notes that poor people tend to appreciate simple things more, “You learn the values of simple things that you normally wouldn’t even think of. For example, education in Europe and America is completely unregarded, but my dad was self-taught until college in Turkey.”

You Learn To Get Good Deals

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Being poor makes one an excellent scout for good deals. According to another user, “You really learn the meaning of a dollar and how to spot a good deal.”

You Stop Being Materialistic

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“Not being a materialistic person,” adds another user, “I appreciate sentimentalism over materialism. Finding meaning & beauty in places that others may not see because you learn to appreciate the little things.”

You Learn To Have Fun by Yourself

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“Learning to make your own entertainment,” added another user.

You Love People More

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Another user said poor people care about people more, “Caring more about people than things.”

You Learn How To Survive

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Another user learned a trick of extending the battery life of their devices, “Putting your tongue on battery terminals. Nothing else comes to mind.”


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