14 Poor Frugal Hacks People Use To Save Money Monthly

Being frugal is all about getting value for your money. We all have several frugal hacks we do that others may look down upon. As long as it works for us, we keep on enjoying the little savings these hacks bring to us. Here are some of the best frugal hacks people utilize a few times per month.

1. Slow-Cooking Cereals

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Some people try to save time by slow-cooking cereals when they are free. This assures them that they have food to eat throughout the week. Prepping pre-cooked meals is easy and saves a lot of time and energy.

2. Picking Random Days for Grocery Shopping

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Some people say that shopping for groceries randomly helps them get great deals on some products such as meat. Some sellers gladly offload the meat to such buyers because it would go bad if left to stay another day. The buyers go online to get recipes for cooking and conserving the meat.

3. Order Cheap, Get Everything Else Free

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Other people have found a way not to buy sauces and other accompaniments as long as there is a fast food joint in their neighborhood. They order the cheapest item on the menu and then go in to get as much free stuff as possible. Sauce packets, salt, napkins, pepper, and silverware are given freely with any order.

4. Dryer Sheets Trick

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If you have any dryer sheets, you can extend their usage over several months by cutting them in half and using half a sheet. You do not need the whole sheet to do your laundry.

5. The Library

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The library is a warehouse of poverty hacks that can help you save some money. You can get everything you want for free here – audiobooks, books, the internet, and even threads and sewing machines to patch worn-out clothing!

6. Grow Herbs

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If you love spices, why don’t you get them fresh and in abundance right from your kitchen counter? Some herbs can be quite expensive, but they are easy to grow. You can create a small hydroponic garden on your kitchen window sill and get a constant supply of fresh basil, oregano, cilantro, and other herbs. Save seeds of whatever you grow for the next season.

7. Freeze Your Veggie Scraps

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Do not always throw away your veggie scraps. They can make a delicious broth if well taken care of. Do not let fruits and veggies go bad when you have a freezer at home.

8. Get a Power Strip for Your Entertainment Center

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A power strip will help conserve energy when the TV is not in use. It gets turned off automatically after a certain time. This helps conserve electricity when the TV is not in use or when you are at work. Unplug all appliances when not in use.

9. Go Shopping Early

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Walmart has cheap stuff and pastries in the morning. They usually have leftover rotisserie chicken you can get at a marked-down price. Order two meals if you are tight on money and want to take your friend to the movies. They do not charge the final amount on your card until days later. You will get dinner for the night and pay for it several days later.

10. Visit a Farmer’s Co-op

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Farmer’s co-ops help farmers sell their produce that grocery stores do not. We are talking about honey, meat, and other rare produce they grow on their farms. You can get a lot of good food at a discounted price from a farmer’s co-op.

11. Order Online Using PayPal

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If you order online from restaurants that accept PayPal and pay via your bank account, the transaction will go through but you will be charged a day or two later. This hack is great for people who want to spend on something and do not have their checks ready until a day or two later.

12. Couponing

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Couponing may not work for everyone, but some people say they get over $100 a month of free stuff using coupons – especially when purchasing household and personal care items.  You can also use coupons when buying electronic products online and save substantially.

13. Use a Trick When Paying Bills via the Bank

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Pay a bill with the bank and route on a Saturday. The bill will get paid, but the money will be deducted from your account on Monday or Tuesday, giving you several days to put money inside the account. Do not use a debit card. A debit card automatically removes money from your account.

14. Get Great Stuff From Salvage Stores

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Visit a salvage store near you to find all kinds of stuff and products for free or cheap. You can get all kinds of food – meat, cheese, crackers, sauces, rice, and veggies at a fraction of the price you would pay if you went to a grocery store.

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