Top 10 Super Frugal Things Most Frugal People Admit To Doing

Looking to take your frugality to the next level? We’ve gathered the top 10 super frugal things that most frugal people admit to doing.

Whether you’re a seasoned penny pincher or just getting started on your journey toward financial freedom, these frugal confessions will inspire you to make some changes in your life.

From cutting your own hair to dumpster diving, find out what it takes to live a truly super-frugal lifestyle that go beyond regular frugal living tips. Get ready to learn some money-saving tricks that you never knew existed!

What’s the most frugal thing you’ve ever tried to do?

For example, a Redditor explained that they attempted to grab Black Friday sales at the thrift store. After asking for examples of people doing super frugal things, these are the top-voted confessions.

1. DIY Repairman

Learning to repair is as easy as watching a YouTube video these days. With information on almost every topic in the palm of our hands, it’s no wonder many are turning to DIY to save money rather than buying new or paying a maintenance specialist.


One user shared, “I repaired my clothes dryer once for about $8. I watched videos online to diagnose the problem, ordered the part, and watched the repair. It worked for several more years after that.”

2. Homemade Condiments

“I learned you could make your own salad dressing. After that, I learned how to make flavored vinegar by steeping fruits and herbs in vinegar, then mixing in seasonings and oil.” the user explained.


Homemade condiments are easy to make and usually cost-effective. You can also experiment by making flavored condiments you wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase in-store.

3. Keep the Complimentary Toiletries

Hotels always offer complimentary toiletries. However, these amenities are built into the cost of the room and usually get thrown away once you check out. It seems wasteful for products you would otherwise be purchasing for home anyways.


One confessed, “I travel for work and always bring a little silicone baggie to bring home my used soap bar. I also bring home tea, extra soap, and toilet paper. As a result, I haven’t had to buy bar soap all year.”


4. Mechanical Skills

Learning some mechanical skills can pay off. Not saying you should know how to take a vehicle apart and back together, but some basics could help you for the rest of your life.


Someone volunteered, “We purchased a car that would be scrapped for $250. My husband fixed it with a $150 solenoid. He then put new brakes in it and did a few other repairs and maintenance, and we got it on the road for around $1k, not including registration costs.”

5. Cut Your Own Hair

According to many, cutting one’s hair can be nerve-wracking. But, after watching a few videos, watching a hairdresser cut your hair, and maybe getting advice from others, it’s not as complicated as it seems.


One user added, “I learned to cut my hair. YouTube and advice from my sister, who’s been cutting her own for a while.” While some cuts may require a professional, trimming the ends can save on monthly trips to a salon.

6. Make Your Meals Stretch

Make your meals stretch using fillers. Rice, beans, etc., can be mixed with meats to stretch your meal and keep your food budget down.


One user stated, “My mom used to put rice in everything to make it stretch. One of her famous dishes that I’ve made many times is a super cheap pot pie over hot buttered white rice.


Prepare rice and pot pie as normal individually, then turn the hot pot pie upside down over a couple of scoops of rice.”

7. Dumpster Diving

Many people suggested that while it may sound gross and unsanitary, they do dumpster diving. Businesses can’t sell expired foods, and many of these foods are still perfectly fine to eat. So people will swoop in and find them to take home.


One volunteered, “I once did a whole year where I got the bulk of our groceries by dumpster diving. It was awesome. Super inconvenient and stressful at times, but I ate way better than I would have been otherwise, allowing me to make ends meet.”

8. Reuse and Recycle

Several suggested washing and reusing food containers, such as pickle jars, take-out boxes, etc., for your food storage containers. The glass jars make you less worried about chemicals leeching into the food.


Buy reusable ziplock bags. These may have a higher upfront cost, but you can wash and reuse them, saving money in the long run.

9. Save Unused Water

We all run the shower waiting for it to warm up before we hop in. Try saving some of this water to water plants, fill the mop bucket, etc. It can save a little on the water bill and less water waste for those locations with water restrictions.


Someone shared, “I know a guy that saves all the water that runs cold before the hot water reaches the shower whenever he turns it on. He uses that water to water his plants, which he has quite a lot.”

10. Find Other Products

Sometimes there are necessities we need but cannot afford. That is when you have to make do with a less expensive option. These options aren’t always ideal, but they work.


One user confessed they put regular underwear on their kids when potty training and just put a standard heavy flow pad on instead of buying pull-ups.


What do you think? Did Reddit give you some good frugal advice, or are these tips not for you?


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