10 Ways To Get Your Bathtub Sparkling Clean Without Breaking the Bank

Are you searching for frugal ways to get your bathtub to shine?

Sick of scrubbing and scouring your bathtub for hours on end, only to end up with lackluster results? Look no further! We’ve compiled the top 10 easy ways to clean your bathtub and get it sparkling clean without breaking the bank.

From DIY cleaning solutions to simple hacks that will save you time and money, these tips will revolutionize the way you clean your bathroom.

Say goodbye to expensive cleaning products and hello to a spotless tub with these budget-friendly tricks. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to an easy way to clean your bathtub.

You’ve got company. Someone recently asked, “I need cost-saving solutions for a squeaky clean bathtub.” Here are the top-voted results.

1. Clorox Foamer

One shared, “Some years ago, a coworker told me about Clorox Foamer. It is like magic. Just spray it and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with hot water, and a quick wipe with a Mr. Clean-like sponge.”


“Back then, we had one of those plastic tubs that all apartments have, but now we’re in a house with ceramic-style tubs, and I still use it. So a Clorox Foamer and Mr. Clean sponge means no more hard scrubbing and a sparkling clean bathroom.”

2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Many people agreed, “Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser is impressive!” One shared, “If you want Mr. Clean Erasers without the soap in them, you can buy them for a fraction of a penny.”


“Look up melamine sponges on Amazon. They are like $10 for 1000. I bought mine 5 yrs ago and still have most of mine. They are thicker than Mr. Clean and work better.”

3. Oven Cleaner

One person stated, “If it’s terrible, oven cleaner. Spray on, leave for 20 minutes, and wash off. Then, use gloves, turn on the vent, and open the window.” “The Easy-Off Fume Free (blue can) works great for this and doesn’t require extra ventilation,” another added.


Finally, a third said, “I am seconding oven cleaner. We have super, super, SUPER hard water where I live, and oven cleaner is genuinely the only darn thing that works on getting our tub clean.

4. Dawn Power Wash Spray

Someone replied, “Dawn Power Wash Spray. Spray it on, let it sit for an hour or two, and it should wipe right off. That stuff is magical and the best for keeping in your easy cleaning kit.” Several others agreed with this response, “Easy magic!”

5. RevoClean Drill Attachments

“RevoClean drill attachments,” said one. “They’re drill bits you connect to your drill and scrub way better than anything else you’ve seen. As a result, your tub will be beautiful.” “I second this. I got a set (a different brand) for about $15 on the Zon, which makes quick work of a grody job,” said another.

6. Vinegar and Paper Towels

“I take vinegar and paper towels (that I saved from lunch sandwiches to re-use), and I’ll put the paper towels against the vertical surfaces of the tub and spray them with a spray bottle full of vinegar and let it soak a bit.”


“Then I’ll wipe it all down with the paper towels, and stuff comes right off. It depends on what it is that is dirtying your tub — in my case, it’s sediment in the water,” another explained.

7. Dishsoap and Vinegar

“Dish soap and vinegar is the true winner. It’s a super-easy way to get your tub clean. It gets everything off easy peasy,” replied one. “I use baking soda + dish soap + vinegar! Of course, you still need to scrub, but everything comes off easily,” another added.

8. Boat Hull Cleaner for Fiberglass

“Don’t use Magic Erasers on your fiberglass! It’s too abrasive. It looks good and works fast, but you are adding more scratches for the dirt to stick to the next time,” someone shared.


“Boat Hull cleaner is the nuclear option. The ones I’ve used are primarily hydrochloric acid. So you got to wear PPE. Bar Keepers Friend is good stuff too. It’s a milder abrasive and safe for fiberglass.”


A second person agreed, “I’ve used boat cleaner before as well. It removes stains from black hair dye and everything else wonderfully.”

9. Bar Keepers Friend

Use Bar Keepers Friend. That stuff takes rust out of anything. It works for bathtubs, too, and you can find it for $5 or less,” shared one. “Yep,” another agreed.


“Bar Keepers Friend powder form is the bomb and the cheapest form. You add water to it anyways. So there is no need to pay for water in the liquid version like I did the first time I bought it.”


Another added, “The key is letting it sit on the surface for a while before scrubbing it off. Works like gangbusters. First, wet the surface. Then, sprinkle powder, spread it around evenly, let it sit, then scrub. Re-wet powder before cleaning, if necessary.”

10. Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Finally, someone shared, “I use gel cling toilet bowl cleaner (with bleach) and a scrub brush from the dollar store. It works like a freaking charm.

Make sure it is gel cling, though.”


“The others are liquidy and won’t get the job done.” Several people agreed, and the consensus was that Clorox and Scrubbing Bubbles gel cling toilet bowl cleansers worked best.


We hope you enjoyed this Reddit tips list of frugal ways to get your bathtub sparkling clean. Also, check out these easy kitchen organization ideas.



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