16 Legal Ways To Make Money That Are So Unethical They Should Be Illegal

Everyone is trying to make money the best way they know how. However, there are some professions that, albeit legal, many people frown upon.

While these are not necessarily illegal ways to make money, they are unethical ways to make money and so while the law might not stop you, people may hold you in contempt for making money in this way.

How do we decide what is an unethical way to make money? We polled the internet and these were the ways to make money that people thought were unethical and should be illegal even if they are not currently illegal. 

Payday Loans

Payday Loan
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One user says people who give payday loans take advantage of others’ desperation, “Kicking people with massive interest rates when they are already low on money and are desperate enough to get such a loan.”

One person comes to their rescue, noting that these lenders play a critical role in the economy, “To be fair, people with terrible credit have a high probability of default. So charging insanely high-interest rates is the only way to break even without losing money. Despite their controversy, a lot of these lenders do provide value by providing lending to people that are shunned by the banking system.”

Time Share Opportunity

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One user has prepared his family adequately to avoid the snare of timeshare opportunists, “I have a game I’ve played with my son since he was little where I ask if he’d like to buy a timeshare, and he’s supposed to answer no regardless of what incentives are offered. If I accomplish anything in life, it will at least include dissuading him from getting suckered into a timeshare.”

Hoarding and Scalping

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Hoarders do not always win; according to one user, “I love that all the hoarders of the latest GPUs have all lost significant money because the bitcoin fallout and drop off of mining in general.”

Scalping is legal yet seems wrong, “With scalping, you buy a product that has a limited number and sell for a higher price due to the limited inventory,” says one user.


Close up on businessman holding a wooden block with
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Multi-level marketers are similar to telephone scammers. According to another user, “People in Mlm’s don’t make money; they lose it. I don’t see how these people are any better than telephone scammers but somehow they get away with it on a grand scale, just look at the amount of satellite companies surrounding enagic kangen, and charging you a fee to join, if that’s not a pyramid scheme I’m not sure what is.”

Private Prisons

Crime - Prison Cell Bars
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Owners of private prisons seem to be incentivizing arrests to keep their business running, “Incentivizing unnecessary arrests – wHaT cOuLd PoSsIbLy Go WrOnG?!!??!” wondered one user.

Starting a Megachurch

Young woman is worshipping at a service in a church
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One user notes that this is a common practice today, “Starting a megachurch and bleeding your parishioners dry in the name of Jesus,” he says

Jacking up the Price of a Medication

Variety of Non-Proprietary Medicine Bottles and Large Pills on Reflective Surface With Grey Background.
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Adding the price of medication is not legal, but it seems wrong. One user noted, “The first thing I thought of is when they jumped the price of EpiPens for those of us who have severe allergies to something. For me, it’s bee or wasp stings. Thank God we have great insurance, but for those people who don’t, it’s stealing a person’s money.”


American flag waving with the US Capitol Hill in the background
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One person puts it bluntly “Politicians are nothing but grifters.” Another adds, “Politicians with vested interests. Often, even if those interests are declared and legal they can be extremely morally ambiguous and involve very unhealthy relationships and give sway to a politician’s priorities.”

Managing Your Daughter’s Adult Content

a mature pretty woman in glasses looking direkt questioning and criticizing.

Image Credit: Irina Takajeva/Shutterstock.One user bluntly says, “Kris Jenner was ahead of the curve on that one, lol.”


Pastor with a Bible in his hand during a sermon. The preacher delivers a speech
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They sell miracles to a vulnerable audience; according to one user, “I legit once saw a man on TV on one of those shows where they just advertise their products, and they have a number in the corner that you call to buy the product. Idk what those shows are called. Anyways, this man was basically telling people to send in 49.99 to earn God’s favor and basically assure your place in heaven.”

Working for Big Tobacco

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This is a legal job with deathly consequences. One person notes, “You’re selling death, and everyone, including you, knows it.” Another adds, “Production and sale of tobacco products. Even people who smoke (I know them personally) curse those who sell cigarettes because having a temptation to buy them makes it harder for them to quit smoking.”


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One user shares her experience with this job, “Someone on Reddit told me last week that I have no morals & compared my job to someone that’s a child predator, committed domestic abuse & does drugs while their toddler is in the car.”

Septic Inspector

Opening septic tank lid. Cleaning and unblocking septic system and draining pipes.
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They perform a critical job, yet people frown on them, “Hard to hold onto a wife when she has to hold her nose to tell her friends you are a septic inspector, “ said one person

Bill Collectors

Man angry at bills he needs to pay.
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They are troublesome and disturb everyone as they look to get paid. One user says, “Just spam calling the individual, family members, etc. Making threatening calls and texts. It wild this is legal. I truly believe they are the scum of the earth. You can get another job.”

Drop Shipping

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Selling other companies’ own while marked up seems illegal, says another user, “Drop shipping, basically buying a bunch of a super cheap product from China and selling it online as your own original product for a much more expensive price.”

Used Car Sales

man very frustrated in car.
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A user points out that these are very dishonest people, “The only people reliably more dishonest than a used car salesman are the retail customers trading in their cars to the used car salespeople.”

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