12 Super Ridiculous Ways People Save Money

Money makes the world go round, and some individuals go to extraordinary lengths to make or save a buck. Here we delve into the realm of ludicrous money-making and money-saving methods, uncovering people’s bizarre and unconventional strategies in pursuit of financial gains.

Ridiculous Ways to Save Money

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It started with a list of what one person  thought were ridiculous ways to save money;

  1. Stealing toilet paper from work to save $13/month.
  2. Charging phone only at work to save $2/year.
  3. Continually flipping around health insurance to get the X weeks free and save $100/month.
  4. Dropping all expenses on an 0% purchase credit card and stashing cash in offset/HISA to save $1.2k.
  5. Stealing bags of rolls from work.

Reddit community members chipped into this conversation, and we have sampled the best responses here.

1. Taking Advantage of Free Milk at Work

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“Convince work to provide milk for coffees, then take your own cereal into work to take advantage of the free milk!” said one user.

2. Always Take Clients Out for Lunch and Charge the Company

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Another user had an ingenious method of saving money, “Always take clients out for lunch in order to expense your food. Get the second meal as a takeaway for dinner.”

3. Turning the Microwave off at Night

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“Turn your microwave off at night to save power on the clock – 10 cents/decade,” added another user.

4. Buy Stuff off of FB Marketplace To Resell

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“Buy stuff off of FB marketplace, clean it, and take much better photos and resell. A friend does this with bicycles and makes an extra $100+ a week,” added another user

5. Find a Great Way To Save Milk

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A user has this cracked already, “Eat cereal with a fork to save milk.”

6. Convert Vege Bags Into Bin Bags

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You can save some amount if you do this, “Take the Vege bags from supermarkets and use them as bin bags. $2/year.”

7. Stealing Toilet Paper at Work

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Some people do it for the adrenaline, “I actually know of someone who was fired for stealing toilet paper at work in the UK. Their salary was around $150k per year, still makes me giggle.”

8. Sell Your Loyalty

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Some people go the unethical way to save or make more money, “Around a decade ago, before I started working for myself, I saved up a few months’ worth of annual leave and used it to take a contracting job for a direct competitor to the company I worked for and used my inside knowledge of what my company was doing to the benefit of the company I was contracting for. I made an additional $70k in 3 months on top of the 2 salaries I was being paid.”

9. Take Some Drugs Home

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“If you work in health care, take small household or first aid items such as creams, bandages, saline ampules, lube (I’m not judging), band-aids or simple over-the-counter drugs such as paracetamol, coloxyl, ibuprofen or ondansetron,” advised another user.

10. Create Netflix Trial Accounts Every Time

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One user said, “I make a new Netflix trial every time I want to binge-watch something and cancel at the end of that month…”

11. Get Hard Boiled Eggs and Instant Coffee at a Go

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“Put your eggs in the kettle before you boil the water, then boom. You got hard-boiled eggs and hot water for your instant coffee,” advised another user

12. Wash Your Car at Your Company’s Expense

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One user had the ideal way of saving some money, “Instead of washing my car when I go to the site, I make an absolute mess of my car, so it’s super dirty. I then park it like that for a few days so everyone at the office sees it. Then I take it to the car wash and charge the company. Nobody has said anything, but if they do, I’m saying no way I should wash it as it happened on site.”


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