100 Life Hacks To Save Money That Frugal People Always Use

Are you looking for some easy and efficient life hacks to save money? We’ve all been there! No matter how much money you make, it never quite seems like enough.


These 100 money-saving life hacks will help you easily cut expenses! Instead of stressing about money, try out some of these tips first. You’ll be surprised at how effortless these hacks make saving money look. Get started today, and watch your monthly income grow.

 1. Create a Monthly Budget.


Creating a monthly budget is a great way to get started saving money. Knowing how much you need to spend will prepare you to save when you can.

2. Cook Meals at Home.


Eating out might be enjoyable, but it’s expensive, too! By cooking meals at home, you can save money. Bonus points for learning how to cook better!

3. Meal Prep for the Week.


Short on time (and money)? Try prepping all your meals for a week to be ready when you need them. You’ll save big on unexpected food and meal costs!


4. Buy Groceries in Bulk.


Buying groceries in bulk is often cheaper – plus, they last longer. Make sure to only buy groceries in bulk that you know you’ll use.


5. Use Digital Coupons.


Who said coupons are a thing of the past? There are plenty of digital coupons available online that you can use for all your shopping needs. Now, coupons are on coupon apps that you can easily download to your phone instead of sitting and clipping them from a newspaper!


6. Shop During Sales.


Shopping during sales is one of the best life hacks to save money out there. Instead of always paying full price, take advantage of sales and discounts!


7. Buy Generic Brands.


Generic brands are cheaper, and oftentimes they’re just as good as name-brand alternatives. .


8. Cancel Unused Subscriptions.


From magazines to memberships, many people have subscriptions they don’t use. Cancel any unused subscriptions and save that money instead.


9. Reduce Dining Out.


Dining out can get pricey, fast. Try to reduce the amount of times you eat out per month and see how much you can save.


10. Use Public Transportation.


Public transportation can save you money on gas and car repairs. Plus, it’s better for the environment!


11. Carpool or Rideshare.


Do you and a coworker work similar shifts every week? Try asking them for a ride to save on gas money.


12. Walk or Bike When Possible.


Get your exercise in and consider walking or biking instead of driving.


13. DIY Home Repairs.


Stressing over some small leaks or cracks around the house? There are plenty of resources online to learn how to do your own home repairs. It’s time to get handy.


14. Buy Secondhand Furniture.


Furniture is necessary to make a house feel like a home. However, it can get expensive, fast. Consider buying your furniture secondhand to save big.


15. Sell Unused Items.


Do you have any items lying around your house unused? Sell them online or in-person to make some easy money.


16. Host Potluck Dinners.


It’s important to make time for friends and family – and you can do it without breaking the bank! Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings food to share.


17. Make Coffee at Home.


Making your coffee at home is one of the most rewarding life hacks to save money. Many people don’t realize how expensive their daily coffee is. Try saving by brewing it at home instead!


18. Pack Lunch for Work.


Buying work lunches can be expensive, and even time consuming! Pack a simple lunch at home to take with you to work instead.


19. Buy In-Season Produce.


Produce is cheapest when it’s in-season, so keep that in mind when grocery shopping!


20. Utilize Your Local Library.


Libraries offer many free services, including books, movies, and even tickets to local events, if you love reading, then get to know your library!


21. Purchase Used Books.


Are you a book lover? If so, you know how expensive new books can get. Consider buying your books used to save money.


22. DIY Cleaning Products.


Cleaning products are easy to make at home, so why not save some money and do it yourself? Most only require a few ingredients, such as baking soda or vinegar.


23. Cut Cable or Satellite TV.


With so many streaming services available, many people don’t use cable anymore. Begin exclusively using your favorite streaming services to save on a monthly bill!


24. Use Energy-efficient Appliances.


Did you know that some appliances take up more energy than others? Avoid high utility costs by investing in energy-efficient appliances.


25. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions.


Cancel old magazine subscriptions that you don’t use anymore to save money and space.


26. Install a Programmable Thermostat.


Programmable thermostats save money by controlling your home temperature while you’re away. This reduces energy costs and improves the temperature of your house. It’s a win-win!


27. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use.


Unplug your electronics when you’re not using them to reduce your electricity bill. This money-saving life hack is great for the planet, too.


28. Shop at Thrift Stores.


If you never got into thrifting, this is your sign to start. From furniture to clothes to home decor, thrift stores have a little bit of everything. And all for a bargain price!


29. Collect Rainwater for Gardening.


Do you love gardening, but you’re tired of running up your water bill? Try collecting rainwater to garden with if you live in a wet climate!


30. Use a Clothesline.


Do it the old-fashioned way and dry your clothes on a clothesline. Sometimes the older ways of doing things really are the best!


31. Shop at Discount Stores.


Are you looking for some reliable life hacks to save money? Well, look no further than your local discount stores. Shopping at discount stores is a foolproof way to save every time you shop.


32. Use Cloth Napkins.


Cloth napkins can be washed and reused in a variety of ways. Replace paper napkins and paper towels with this cost-friendly alternative.


33. Repair Clothing Instead of Replacing.


If you’re accident prone, you likely know what it’s like to tear or stain your clothes. Instead of buying new clothing every time, learn how to fix the problem at home! Bleach or a needle and thread is all you’ll need for most accidents.


34. Cut Your Own Hair.


Salons and barber shops are expensive, especially when you visit regularly! Try trimming or cutting your own hair at home to save.


35. Use Prepaid Phone Plans.


A prepaid phone plan is a cheap, minimalist option for anyone who doesn’t need unlimited perks.


36. Cancel Unused Gym Memberships.


What’s the last time you hit the gym, honestly? Staying fit is important, but if you aren;t using your gym membership, cancel it!


37. Shop at Farmers’ Markets.


Farmers markets are fun, local spots to enjoy food and knick-knacks of all kinds. Support your community and save money at your local farmers market.


38. Create a Compost Bin.


Reduce your trash bill and start composting food waste. It’s good for you, and good for the earth.


39. Refurbish Old Furniture.


Thinking of retiring that old couch and getting a new one? Instead of moving on, try refurbishing your old furniture. You might just be able to breathe some new life into it!


40. Grow Your Own Herbs.


Herbs like basil and cilantro are easy to grow, and go great in many recipes! Grow your own at home instead of constantly shopping for new produce.


41. Buy Frozen Vegetables.


Frozen vegetables last longer, and are often cheaper than fresh produce. Substitute fresh with frozen when you can to save some money.


42. Use a Slow Cooker.


A slow cooker is a great kitchen tool for cooking cheap meals that don’t take up time! Put food on in the morning, and it’ll be ready when you need it.


43. Batch Cook Meals.


Batch cook several meals at once to avoid ordering take-out or delivery because you’re hungry!


44. Buy Refurbished Electronics.


Refurbished electronics, also known as pre-owned electronics, are a great way to save money. If you don’t want to spend hundreds on a new phone or laptop, check out pre-owned options instead.


45. Cut Out Sugary Drinks.


Sugary drinks aren’t just unhealthy – they’re also addictive, and can be expensive! Cut sugary drinks out of your diet and try drinking more water instead.


46. Use Hand-Me-Downs for Kids.


Hand-me-downs are an item, often clothing, that’s passed down from one person to another. Kids growing out of their clothes too fast? Give it to the next in line!


47. Shop at Discount Grocers.


Discount grocery stores are a great place to get groceries cheaper than average. Go get those deals!


48. DIY Home Decor.


DIY home decor is cheaper than store-bought alternatives. Plus, it adds a unique, homemade touch to any space!


49. Use Public Parks for Recreation.


Public parks are free for the public to use, and they often have many helpful features! From basketball to tennis courts, there’s no end to the recreational activities you can enjoy.


50. Avoid ATM Fees.


Avoid steep ATM fees by withdrawing cash from your bank, or getting cashback when shopping.


51. Repair Electronics Instead of Replacing.


Cracked phone screen? We’ve all been there, but no need to panic. Many places will repair your electronics for a low rate.


52. Shop at Warehouse Clubs.


Warehouse clubs are large retail stores with bulk discounts and deals any member can enjoy! Popular examples are Costco, Sam’s Club, and even Amazon Prime.


53. Use a Fan Instead of AC.


AC units can be expensive, loud, and take up a lot of space. Consider using an inexpensive box fan instead, if you live somewhere cooler.


54. Set up Automatic Bill Payments.


As you may know, a missed or late payment often leads to a late fee. Avoid this inconvenience by setting up automatic payments for your bills.


55. Use a Bike Share Program.


A bike share program is a great way to stay fit, while still getting around town with ease. These programs are free in some communities, and cheap to join in others!


56. DIY Pest Control.


Pests can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. However, it’s possible to DIY pest control for a fraction of the expected cost. Solutions like bait containers and even just cleaning more often can do the trick.


57. Learn Basic Car Maintenance.


Maintaining your car is the number one way to ensure it lasts as long as possible. But those car appointments sure do add up! Learn how to work on your car by yourself to save on long term costs.


58. Use a Reusable Shopping Bag.


Many counties charge for shopping bags, so consider taking your own instead. Reusable shopping bags can be aesthetic, and they’re good for the environment!


59. Keep a Coin Jar.


These days, it seems like coins are hardly valuable at all. But that doesn’t mean they’re actually worthless. Save up your coins in a jar or piggy bank and count them up once every few months. You’ll be amazed how far the money actually goes!


60. Shop During Off-peak Hours.


Shopping in a packed store can be stressful, and you might end up rushing or making mistakes. Instead, visit the store during off-peak hours. You’ll get what you need, when you need it.


61. Use Financial Apps.


There are several financial apps out there that can help you save money, invest, and more. Choose an area of finance that interests you and research some popular apps to get started.


62. Negotiate Bills and Fees.


From insurance to utilities, some bills and fees are negotiable. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a cheaper rate – and who knows, you might get lucky!


63. Make Your Own Laundry Detergent.


Laundry detergent is a common expense that you can eliminate by making your own! You can find an easy formula online, for the perfect natural laundry detergent.


64. Cancel Unused Streaming Services.


With so many streaming services out there, it’s likely that you don’t use all of them. Make sure to cancel your subscriptions for any that are unused.


65. Use Cashback Rewards.


Many retailers offer cashback rewards with your regular purchases. Often, all you need to do is sign up to start earning. Why not start getting rewarded today?


66. Repair Shoes Instead of Replacing.


Sometimes even great quality shoes can get worn out, fast. Try repairing them at home instead of replacing them entirely. A great way to do this is by changing out the laces, or cleaning scuff marks.


67. Buy Clearance Clothing.


The clearance section in clothing stores often offers clothes at its cheapest price yet! Clearance clothing is often the same as full-price clothing, so make sure to check there first.


68. Use a Bike Trailer for Groceries.


Don’t want to drive every time you go grocery shopping? Consider investing in a bike trailer, so you can bike and shop with ease!


69. Host Movie Nights at Home.


Going out to the movies can be fun, but movie theaters are expensive these days! Instead of going out, host a movie night at home. It will be just as fun for a fraction of the cost.


70. Buy Used Sports Equipment.


If you’re athletic, you likely know how expensive sports equipment can be. Consider buying your equipment used in order to save money.


71. Use Prepaid Debit Cards.


Prepaid debit cards are cards that you load with a certain amount of money. Since you can’t spend more than the set number you deposited, they’re great for budgeting.


72. Cancel Unused Club Memberships.


Many clubs, from sports to nonprofits, require a paid membership to join. If you aren’t attending the club, that’s a good sign you should cancel your membership.


73. Borrow Tools From Neighbors.


Working on a project but don’t have one specific tool that you need? Consider asking neighbors or friends if you can borrow theirs!


74. Shop at Outlet Stores.


Outlet stores often sell their merchandise at discounted prices compared to elsewhere. This makes them a great place to shop when trying to save!


75. DIY Car Wash.


It’s possible to make your car shine, all from the comfort of your driveway. With a few good cleaning supplies, you can avoid car wash fees and do it yourself!


76. Buy Store-Brand Pet Food.


Store-brand pet food is inexpensive and is often made with the same ingredients as more high-end brands.


77. Cancel Unused App Subscriptions.


Looking for some simple life hacks to save money? Look no further than your phone. It’s all too easy to forget about app subscriptions that we never use. Scroll through your subscriptions and cancel any unused ones today!


78. Learn How to Garden.


Gardening is a fun and reliable way to grow your own food without having to spend money! Plus, if you have a large garden, you can share fruits and veggies with your community. 


79. Make Your Own Beauty Products.


You deserve to look and feel confident – without breaking the bank. Learn how to make your own beauty products at home to save money!


80. Use Public WI-FI.


Cellular data costs money, but what if you need the internet while you’re away from home? Many stores offer public Wi-Fi for free, so take advantage of this helpful perk.


81. Shop at Discount Online Retailers.


It’s easy to be impulsive when shopping online and spend too much money. A good way to prevent this is by shopping at discount online retailers. No matter how much you buy, it’ll still be cheaper than full price!


82. Repair Small Appliances.


From toasters to kettles, it’s tempting to buy a new one when an old one breaks. Try repairing your small appliances instead. They’re often a quick fix, and it’s much cheaper than buying brand new.


83. Swap Childcare With Friends.


Babysitting and nannying fees are expensive, and it can be scary leaving your kids with someone you don’t know. Talk to your friends or neighbors about swapping childcare responsibilities with each other.


84. Utilize the Library for Media.


Instead of paying for music subscriptions or streaming services, consider browsing the library. Most local libraries have a wide variety of books, music, movies, and more.


85. Cancel Unused Online Memberships.


From newsletters to social media, there are several paid online memberships. It’s easy to forget what you’ve subscribed to. Consider going through and canceling subscriptions or memberships you no longer need.


86. DIY Holiday Decorations.


If you’re big into decorating, the holidays are bound to be an exciting time! However, constantly spending money on new decorations can get pricey. Consider making DIY holiday decorations that will last for years and contain precious memories.


87. Plan No-Spend Weekends.


Who doesn’t love the weekend? It’s easy to spend all your paycheck in one weekend, but sometimes it’s wise to cut back. Schedule a no-spend weekend or two per month where you have a limited budget you have to follow. We promise: you can still have fun without breaking the bank.


88. Cancel Unnecessary Insurance.


You can get insurance on practically everything in life, and some of it is absolutely necessary. However, sometimes you may forget to cancel an unneeded insurance policy. Or maybe your insurance coverage is more than you really want.


Cancel any insurance policies that you no longer need and clear up space in your budget.


89. Cut Down on Impulse Purchases.


Impulse shopping can be fun, but the feeling of dread once you’re finished is not. Cut down on your impulse purchases to save more money (and feel less guilty).


90. Use a Cash Envelope System.


The cash envelope system is a budgeting technique that’s growing in popularity. You budget money for each spending category, place it into an envelope, and only spend what’s inside. If you’re looking to get into budgeting, this is a great place to start.


91. Refinance High-Interest Loans.


From auto loans to home loans, sometimes it can take years to pay your loans down. If you took out a high-interest loan, you might end up losing money in the long run.


Consider refinancing high-interest loans to get a better, more practical deal.


92. Make a Shopping List Whenever You Go Out.


Some people think that shopping lists are unimportant, or could even be a waste of time. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a shopping list helps you stick to your budget – and prevents impulse purchases.


93. Negotiate Rent or Mortgage Rates.


It is completely possible to negotiate your rent or mortgage rates on a semi-regular basis. For example, if you’re considering renewing your lease, talk to your landlord. If you ask for a negotiated rental rate, they may agree in exchange for your renewal.


94. Choose a High-Yield Savings Account.


A high-yield savings account is a type of account with an uncommonly high APY. In other words, you accumulate more money than you would with a standard savings account.


95. Avoid Credit Card Interest.


Although using credit cards is a great way to build your credit, it can also work against you. Some credit cards have extremely high interest rates and you could end up losing money.


The best way to avoid credit card interest is to always make payments on time. Additionally, try to keep your credit card utilization low.


96. Open up the Curtains.


Don’t leave the light on! Instead, open your curtains and let some natural light in. It will improve your mood – and lower your electric bill.


97. Use a Reusable Water Bottle.


Invest in a reusable water bottle that you can refill instead of buying water all the time. Not only is this good for your finances, but it’s good for the planet, too!


98. Switch To Led Light Bulbs.


LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs, and they last longer. If you make the switch, you’ll reduce your electric bill and reduce repair time.


99. Opt For No-fee Banking.


Choosing a no-fee banking account is a good way to effortlessly save. No-fee banking will save you money in the short-term and the long-term.


100. Learn Basic Sewing for Clothing Repairs.


New clothes are expensive, and can sometimes be a hassle to shop for. If you learn basic sewing skills, you can mend many of your own clothes (practically for free). Bonus points if you help out your family and friends, too.



In conclusion, there are a number of ways that you can improve your financial status with little to no effort. These 100 life hacks to save money are practical, and almost anyone can do them. Learning to save money day by day is a skill that’s worth learning, and the above hacks are a great place to start. Happy saving! 



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