4 Ways to Turn Your Kiddo Into a Book Lover

I am the biggest book lover, and I want my children to have the opportunity to fall in love with books as I did. 

Reading is an incredible adventure full of wonder and new friends. It is a place to escape, take a journey, and have an adventure. Reading takes us places we would never go on our own. It opens up worlds that are just waiting to be explored. 

On top of exploring new worlds and diving deep into different narratives, there are tons of other benefits that come with your kiddo being a book lover.

Interacting with storytelling will enhance your child’s development. For example, it will sharpen their listening skills, increase their attention span, expand their vocabulary, and inspire their creativity. And those are only a few of the benefits. 

But if your kiddo isn’t a book lover, sometimes it can feel like an epic battle to get them to read. Some kids will enjoy stories from the get-go, but others might need some encouragement to reach that same level. So never fear, dear reader. We’ve rounded up three steps to turn your kiddo into a book lover in no time. 

How Can I Help My Kids Love Reading?

I want my kids to love books as much as I do. Reading is so important. Reading has so many incredible benefits. These tips will help your child fall in love with books and help kids love reading.

How Do I Develop a Love For Reading In My Children?

The first thing you have to do is model reading for your children. When your kids see you read, when your kids see you get books from the library, then they will also have an appreciation for reading. If you want your kids to fall in love with books then here are five ways to turn them into a book lover.

How To Help Kids Fall In Love With Books

While there are many ways to foster a love of books, these three steps are actionable ways to get your littles excited about storytelling and turn them into a book lover. 


1. Figure Out What Your Kids Love

The first step to making reading fun and enjoyable is to make sure your kiddo is introduced to books on topics and subject matter that they’re interested in.

The beautiful thing is that no matter what they’re currently into, there is absolutely a book for that. And we aren’t just talking fiction. Maybe your little loves dinosaurs, fantasy books, all the space-themed things, inspiring books,  or learning about specific topics. As we said, there is something for everyone.


2. Read Together

Reading together is something special that will have your little one looking forward to doing with you. If your kiddo is younger and not yet quite reading (or learning to read), read out loud together before bedtime—making this a part of bedtime can lead to sweet dreams.

If they’re old enough to read independently, consider picking up a second copy of their book and reading along with them. It only takes two to start a book club. Engaging with them and talking about what they’re reading will get them even more excited to continue the journey. It also helps them work on their reading comprehension. 


3. Try Out An Audio Book

No matter how hard you try, sometimes reading a physical book just won’t be your kiddo’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still encourage your child to be a book lover.

Listening to audiobooks on a long car ride instead of playing games or watching a movie can quickly turn your kiddo into a book lover. When we talk about engaging with a story or enjoying a book, it doesn’t always have to be in the traditional form of a physical book. Audiobooks and Ebooks can serve the same purpose. 

4. Start Them Young

The best way to encourage reading and get your kids to love books is to start them young. Surrounding your child with books from a young age is a great way to make books a regular part of their life.

Buy some sensory books for your baby and encourage them to be play with them. Storing books that your baby can hold, read, and chew on (!) alongside the toys they play with is a great way to get them interested and fall in love with books. Take your baby to the library. Let her have free hands on a bunch of books, and read them at home with you.

5. Keep Books in The House

The most important way to help your child become a book lover is to have books in the house. If you have the budget for it, go ahead and buy all the books you can! If you can’t, sign up for some free book programs and frequent the library often to get books around the house. You can also get books on Kindle and have them freely available when the kids want.


The most beautiful thing about books and the stories they tell is that there is something for everyone. There are many different ways to turn your kiddo into a book lover; you just have to figure out the best way for your little one. 

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