10 Items That Are Much Cheaper When Marketed as Something Else

Many items have a massive markup because it is specific to a cause.

But users have found alternatives to these to keep their frugal lifestyle without breaking the bank.

1. Cheap Enough for a Man

Men’s t-shirts are less than women’s. So if you’re looking for basic colors, black, white, and grey, opt for men’s t-shirts to save a few dollars. One user confirms it’s the same with several grooming products. However, some companies are catching on now and charging more for men’s products.

2. Makeup Removers

Disposable makeup remover wipes and reusable makeup remover wipes are small and can be costly. Now people have discovered regular microfiber cloths can be bought in bulk and used just the same.

A woman confesses she started using microfiber cloths last year. It’s cheaper than buying the ones marketed for makeup removal, and they work far better.

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3. Mineral Oil

Many use basic mineral oil, purchased in pharmaceutical stores, rather than butcher block oil. But did you know that mineral oil seals in the butcher block in the same way as buying the double-the-price butcher block sealer? “I’ve always used mineral oil for conditioning cutting boards.”

4. Tool Box Alternative

Organizing your tools makes it easy to find what you need, but a toolbox can be expensive. For example, choosing a Caboodle or tackle box is more than half the cost of a toolbox with the same organizing options.

A woman confesses their dad had three daughters, so he had a tool room full of “discarded pastel makeup Caboodles.”

5. Sealing the Bag

Something as simple as a binder clip can be a bag sealer. Why buy more expensive fancy bag clips when you can buy a pack of binder clips that do the same thing? Big deal if they aren’t pretty colors or have a catchy saying on them.

6. Pool Maintenance

Pools are nice to have, especially in hotter climates. However, pool maintenance can be very costly. One treatment needed is a Ph increaser which raises the alkalinity in the water, as the chemical compound is sodium carbonate; people have found that regular baking soda does the same thing.

7. White Cocktail Dress

Wedding dresses can be costly. As a result, some users have opted for the less expensive option of a prom or cocktail dress. “White cocktail dresses or formal dresses are way less expensive than similar dresses marketed as wedding dresses.” writes one user.

Another user confirms that they got married in a discounted white prom dress that cost less than a hundred bucks. Furthermore, it was nearly identical to a $1,200 wedding gown in the same mall.

8. Event-Specific Supplies

In addition to wedding dresses, any item marketed towards weddings or birthdays has a markup. However, many agree you can find everything you need without the 200% upcharge when something is associated with a wedding—invitations, decorations, and even the venue.

9. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes have more uses than diaper changing. Many have used baby wipes for makeup removal, “flushable” wipes, yet don’t flush them, and basic cleaning wipes. In addition, they are a fraction of the cost. You can find generic baby wipes much cheaper than any wipes marketed towards adults.

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10. Pine Bedding Litter

Pine bedding works differently than your clay-clumping litter. But the pine absorbs the urine and the smell that comes with it. One user explains, “when the pine pellets get wet, they essentially turn to sawdust. So there is no real scooping, but rather you stir the leftover pellets to the top then discard the whole tray once a week, or as needed.”

Sifting cat boxes are available but designed for clay litter, but there are some do-it-yourself boxes you can also make designed for the pellets.

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