45+ Great Things To Do With Kids at Home

Looking for things to do at home with kids but don’t just want to turn on the television? Don’t worry – there are several unique activities that will help keep kids occupied for hours.

From creative projects to classic games like hide-and-seek, there’s something that every kid will enjoy. Plus, the adults can get in on the fun if they want, too!

1. Build a Blanket Fort

Building a blanket fort is one of the best things to do at home with kids. It takes a little creativity and makes for a lot of fun!

2. Have a Family Movie Marathon

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a family movie marathon at home. Don’t forget to prepare lots of snacks!

3. Bake and Decorate Cookies

Take baking to the next level and bake cookies that you can decorate, too. Sprinkles, icing, and sweet toppings are great for decorating cookies to your liking.

4. Create Homemade Playdough

Child hands playing with colorful clay. Homemade plastiline. Plasticine. play dough. Girl molding modeling clay. Homemade clay.
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Kids love playdough, so why not get creative and make your own? Only a few ingredients are required, and it provides for days of fun. Homemade playdough is a cost-effective addition to any list of things to do at home with kids.

5. Host an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is an exciting way to spend a day, and you can use items you already own! Let the scavenging begin.

6. Try Indoor Camping with a Tent

Camping trips can be a lot of work – so why not bring the wilderness indoors? Pitch a tent in the living room and let your imaginations run wild.

7. Have a Family Game Night

Break out all your family’s favorite board and card games for a fun family game night! It’s time to put your game face on.

8. Paint or Draw Pictures

Are there any artists in the house? Spend the day painting or drawing pictures together. Maybe you’ll end up with a masterpiece on your hands!

9. Make Homemade Greeting Cards

Make greeting cards at home to give to family, friends, teachers, and more!

10. Put on a Puppet Show

Put on a puppet show at home to entertain the family! You can take turns being audience members for each other’s shows.

11. Try a Science Experiment

Many science experiments are actually quite simple and educational too. You could try making invisible ink, mixing oil and water, and more.

12. Play Hide-And-Seek

Hide-and-seek is one of the most classic things to do at home with kids. It never fails to entertain kids of all ages!

13. Have an Indoor Picnic

Have an indoor picnic for lunch or dinner, and enjoy a memory-filled meal! Remember, sandwiches and snacks are essentials.

14. Make a DIY Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder at home and set it up outside once it’s done. It will be tons of fun seeing the different birds that stop by!

15. Create a Family Art Gallery

Set up a display of all the art that the family has made. Enjoy looking at and creating new works of art for the gallery!

16. Write and Perform a Family Play

Writing and performing a family play is a great way to spend a day or two. With different roles for every member of the family, anyone can have fun!

17. Make a Family Time Capsule

Who doesn’t love a good time capsule?  Let every member of the family pick an item or two and open it in later years!

18. Build a Lego Masterpiece

Building kids blocks on blue background
NataliaD via Depositphotos.com

Work together to build a Lego masterpiece. You can build a predesigned set or come up with your own idea.

19. Try Indoor Bowling with Household Items

Set up household items, and use a ball to knock them all down! You’ll get to avoid overpriced bowling alley fees and still have fun.

20. Play Dress-up

Raid the closets at home and have fun playing dress-up! Bonus points for whoever comes up with the wackiest costume.

21. Have a Dance Party

Turn your favorite songs up loud and have an energy-filled dance party at home!

22. Make Paper Airplanes and Have a Contest

Looking for creative things to do at home with kids? Try making paper airplanes, and have a contest for the one that flies the farthest.

23. Do Puzzles Together

Work on a big puzzle together as a family, and see how fast you can complete it!

24. Make a Family Tree

Make a family tree with your kids. Let them design it, and you can help with the names and dates.

25. Try Making Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Buy some plain white T-shirts at the store and make them more exciting by tie-dying them! Whose will have the best pattern?

26. Host a Family Karaoke Night

Sing your hearts out and host a family karaoke night, complete with snacks and drinks for the audience!

27. Make a Family Scrapbook

Put together a family scrapbook with photos, drawings, and memorabilia.

28. Cook a Meal Together

Cook a meal all together as a family and then enjoy eating it afterward! You can all take turns picking a meal to make once a week or so.

29. Do a Home Workout or Yoga Session

Try working out at home or get your stretches in during a yoga session.

30. Build a Marble Run with Household Items

How far can one small marble go? Put together a marble run with household items and see how creative you can get!

31. Have a Storytelling Hour

A storytelling hour is a fun way to promote creativity while passing the time. Take turns telling and listening to everyone’s stories.

32. Create a Family Mural

Have the whole family work on a large artwork together, each adding their own parts. Make sure to create the art on a paint-friendly surface!

33. Try Indoor Gardening with Potted Plants

Indoor gardening is a wholesome hands-on activity that kids can enjoy at home. Pick a small, resilient plant to get started!

34. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Happy little child girl eating ice cream. Blue background. Light effect.
Image Credit: Tetyana Kaganska/Shutterstock.

Homemade ice cream takes only a few ingredients and can be healthier than store-bought options. This sweet treat is perfect for hot summer days!

35. Have a Themed Costume Party

Have a themed costume party and see what everyone dresses up as. You can even throw in a costume contest for some extra fun!

36. Host a Family Talent Show

Let everyone show off their unique talents by hosting a family talent show! Who will be the winner?

37. Create a Family Book Club

Pick a book to read together as a family, and enjoy discussing it at the end of each chapter! If you have younger kids in your family, you could read the book aloud to them.

38. Make Friendship Bracelets

Make friendship bracelets to hand out at school or to relatives! Get as creative as you want with the colors and designs.

39. Try a DIY Craft Project

DIY craft projects are some of the best things to do at home with kids. From art projects to science experiments, there’s no end to what you can come up with.

40. Build a Cardboard Castle

Build a castle out of cardboard, and color or paint it for decoration! You can even make cardboard people to go inside the castle if you’re feeling extra creative.

41. Have a Pillow Fight

Gather up all the pillows in the house and have a lighthearted pillow fight! Just make sure you remove anything breakable from the room before you start.

42. Decorate T-shirts or Tote Bags

Decorate plain T-shirts or tote bags with any design you see fit! Flowers, the sky, or trees are a simple and artsy design anyone can learn.

43. Try a Baking Challenge

Have a family baking challenge and see who can bake the yummiest treat!

44. Have a Family Photo Shoot

Happy family having fun on the beach. Mother and father holding son against blue sea and sky background.
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Set up a family photo shoot inside and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

45. Create a Family Board Game

Create a family board game and then have fun playing it together! You can use cardboard for the board, and don’t forget to come up with a rulebook!

46. Make Homemade Slime

Kids love playing with slime, so why not make it at home to save money? It only takes a few cheap ingredients, and you can make it in tons of different colors!


Staying in doesn’t have to be boring with these ideas for things to do at home with kids.

Whether you’re looking to relax or stay busy, there’s bound to be something for everyone. These engaging activities are perfect for a rainy day, a summer afternoon, or even a weekend at home.

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