The Top 7 Gifts for Curious Kids

Kid in jeans and orange shirt sitting on stairs and reading

Are your kids constantly asking questions and wanting to DO THINGS? Mine do! While it can be exhausting at times, especially since mom doesn’t have all (or any) of the answers, I am grateful that my kids are lively and … Read More

6 Brand-New Games for the Entire Family To Play

family playing a game

Games are a great way to bring the whole family together!! The holidays can get pretty busy with all the food, preparation, and parties- we sometimes forget to spend time with the people who really matter: our family. Playing a … Read More

Magnetic Tiles: Which Ones Should You Buy?

child playing with magnetic tiles

My kids love their magnetic tiles and play with them often. I consider them to be a basic toy for every child’s playroom. If you are looking for educational toys and open-ended toys for your children, then these are a … Read More

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Printable

I have put together a Nature Walk Entertainment Bundle that is FREE for you to download and print. Free Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt and Free Nature Walk Bingo This FREE Nature Walk Entertainment Bundle of Printables Includes: Nature Walk Bingo … Read More