The Top 7 Gifts for Curious Kids

Are your kids constantly asking questions and wanting to DO THINGS?

Mine do! While it can be exhausting at times, especially since mom doesn’t have all (or any) of the answers, I am grateful that my kids are lively and curious souls who are constantly looking for questions and answers in the world.

If you need gifts that are a little different and keep your kids happy, entertained, and curious as ever, then you must check out these gifts.

7 Gifts for Very Curious Kids

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CMY Cubes

CMY Cubes
Image Credit: CMY Cube

This enchanting sensory toy only becomes more brilliant once you get it twisting and mixing out in the sunlight. You and your kids will be captivated by the myriad of colors you can create, whether you’re using it for a brain break to relax or as a learning tool.

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Mollybee Cards

Woman and Child doing yoga
Image Credit: Mollybee Cards

I love MollyBee’s action cards and scavenger hunt cards. I did these with my toddler, and my older kids also jumped in. These cards are an adorable way to keep your kids entertained, moving, and thinking without you having to do too much work!

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My Gears Machine Set

My Gears Machine Set
EDX Education

This 181-piece set features instructions for eight dynamic machine and vehicle models. Follow the activity guide or experiment with your engineering creations! Use these gear models to teach children that actions and design affect outcomes. These toys develop curiosity, attention to detail, and intentional play.

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Magformer Tiles

Top view of colorful magnetic building blocks on yellow background
troyanphoto via

Magnetic tiles are tiles in different shapes and sizes that stick to each other with magnets on all sides. There are many different brands of magnetic tiles that you can buy, but one of the classic sets is the Magformer set. These are great for kids to build whatever they want and experiment with magnets.

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Lego Creative Brick Box

Building kids blocks on blue background
NataliaD via

Legos are a classic toy and are a popular gift for a reason! While there are many elaborate sets of Legos that become collector items, start your child off with the basic box of assorted shapes and sizes. This will guarantee you hours of quiet as your kid starts building creations!

For younger kids, you can start with the larger Mega-Blocks or the Duplo set, which is the same idea as Legos but is bigger and easier to maneuver for younger hands.

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Creative QT Slideaway Storage

Creative QT Slideaway Storage
Creative QT

(Note: Legos are fantastic but notoriously hard to keep clean and organized, especially when you have little kids. I love my CreativeQT Lego Container, which has a mat where kids can play attached to a storage bin where the Legos can stay.)

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I’m the Chef Too! Subscription Box

I'm the Chef Too! Subscription Box
I’m the Chef Too!

I’m The Chef Too! is a subscription kit created by a mother/educator that infuses educational concepts into recipes to make learning fun, engaging, and tasty! New adventures that blend food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun each month will keep your curious kid engaged!

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Kid in jeans and orange shirt sitting on stairs and reading
VitalikRadko via

The best way to keep your curious kids engaged is by buying them books to read. Start them off with books that answer questions or books of facts and science. You can take them to the library for lots of books, but studies show that owning books makes kids more likely to read and often more successful in life. So grab some of these books, and your child will be thrilled!

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Make your curious child’s day with these incredible gifts that feed their hungry minds!


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