12 Frugal Tips That Will Save You Money, Even If You Hate Saving Money

A Reddit user shared a post pointing out that people ignored frugal advice that could save them more. He gave an example of not using credit cards for the rewards, which could put more money into people’s budgets.

He posed the same question to other users on the platform, and people had a lot of advice to offer. Here are some of the best responses from others on the thread.

Spend Only on What Matters

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According to one user, people spend on things that do not matter, “It’s okay to spend money you have on things that matter to you. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of how many pennies I can pinch. It’s a miserable place to be. Save where it makes sense, spend where it makes sense.”

Buy Quality Cars

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“Cars. It’s always cars. I don’t necessarily believe in “get a beater”. I’ve had those, and with the $$ spent on repairs, I could have driven something better. But a decent used car that will stay on the road, pay it off, and drive it til it dies,” advised another user.

A Deal Is Only a Deal if You Were Buying It

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Deals do not always save money, observes one user, “I see a lot of frugal people talking about all the things they got on sale or clearance and saved money. But unless you already were planning on buying or needed those things, you didn’t get a deal, you spent money you didn’t need to,” he said, “And I’m not talking food items or household stuff that will eventually get used, but clothing and shoes and such that they don’t need and weren’t planning on buying anyways.”

You Can Save Money Buying Good Used Clothes

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“I try not to let my kids know their clothes are used, but at least 80% of what they own is used. Even my clothes are used. It’s too damn expensive for clothes. People act as if used clothes are a sign you’re poor and struggling. Ok, fine, I don’t care, but I’m saving lots of money,” said another user

Do Not Buy Things You Do Not Need

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One user said that buying things you do not need does not save money, “I try to remind myself that I have everything I need. I do not need more. It’s like a mantra. But it’s so hard!”

Do Not Bow to Pressure From Others

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Peer pressure is the enemy of frugal living; according to another user, “Don’t buy things because you think it’ll make you more accepted by others. It’s not worth the price of admission. And it’s rarely a club worth joining.”

Do Not Hold Onto Stuff You Do Not Need

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Hoarding is not a good thing, “If you don’t have an immediate use for that empty pickle jar, then toss it in the recycle bin,” he added, ”Don’t hold onto stuff “just in case” you’ll find a use for it, or you’ll end up with a house full of junk you don’t use.”

Yard Sales Can Make Extra Money

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One user tells people to sell what they do not need, “People refusing to have a yard sale because it’s “too much work”. It’s a good thing that it’s a lot of work because going through all of that can solidify for some people not to purchase things in the future that they don’t really need and that you would get little back on when you go to sell it. Go ahead and have that yard sale, and learn those lessons. They will be deeply ingrained after you go through all that work.”

Maintain Your Appliances To Save Money

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Faulty appliances can be a money pit, observes one user, “Maintenance of self and belongings: dusting/washing, mending issues before they become big problems, oil changes/tune-ups/filter changes, brushing teeth/flossing, eating healthy foods, burning off stress/ getting enough exercise/ losing excess weight— all these things help out cars, home items, and body last a lot longer and better!”


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“Minimalism paired with organization. A cluttered home where you can’t find anything you need is just SO stressful!” says another

Small Things Add Up

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One person advises people to take note of the small purchases because they add up, “For example, even if you buy a $1 McDonald’s coffee every day, that’s $365 a year on just coffee you could have spent on paying off loans or something. I knew many “poor college kids” that would get a large $1 soda every day instead of just buying a big liter and watching the portions. Then they’d buy a new piece of clothes every week they didn’t need because “it was only $10.””

Delayed Gratification

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If you delay your gratification, you might find you never needed to make the purchase in the first place; according to another user, “A very simple old proverb; “If you need something … buy it tomorrow.” It’s surprising how such a simple outlook can seem of less importance until a few days later, you decide, nah … I don’t really need that.”

Secondhand Isn’t Always Better

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A user offers a contradicting observation about buying second-hand items, “I’ve got a friend who has purchased seven phones off Kijiji or Facebook in the last few years. They are always junk, and he’s out of money. It’s far better to bite the bullet and buy the new phone (it can be a budget model) and have it for years. Buy once, cry once. Plus, carriers always have deals. You don’t have to pay full price.”

Do Not Buy Something You Can Get for Free

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If you can get something for free, go for it, says another user, “Buying something, you can get for FREE!! I travel for work, so I take shampoo, soap, conditioner, and toilet paper! Why NOT!?!? My sister made fun of me until I gave her 10 rolls, and then she asked for more. I don’t hate her for asking, but she’s like you can afford toilet paper, but why would I buy it when I can get it for FREE?!?!?!”

Do Not Waste Food

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“If your pantry is packed, odds are you got out-of-date stuff in there. Periodically check the dates in your pantry and freezer. I volunteer to help the homeless, and we benefit from food drives, and it is amazing the amount of out-of-date food we get that just got old in people’s cupboards,” someone else observes

Exchange Things With Others in Order To Save Money

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Someone advises that bartering stuff with others is a frugal activity often ignored, “Clothes, sealed shelf-stable food that you’re not using, unused gadgets, whatever. I do think people are still very self-conscious about appearing “poor” or like a “moocher” for even bringing up the topic of exchanging things.”

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