42 Easy & Fun Summer Boredom Busters + Free Printable

I love summer! Long, hot, unstructured days… of course, my kids don’t always agree with my plans to sit and do nothing. They get bored faster than I can think of things to do at home or fun ways to keep them entertained.

So if you are desperate to keep your child busy…

but you don’t want to spend a lot of time googling and setting up an activity that they will finish in less time than you took to set it up…

then you need some boredom busters that you can quickly print and give to your kids.

These are some great and really quick ideas that you can quickly do with your kids and stave off that inevitable, “Mom, I’m Bored!” whines that drive me up the wall!


Print these out and put them on your wall or fridge, and have them ready to go! I have a handy printable for you- just scroll down!

42 Easy & Fun Summer Boredom Busters

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course

Do a Science Experiment

Have a Dancy Party

Go For a Bike Ride

Feed Ducks at The Pond

Do Some Chored and Earn Money

Make a Scavenger Hunt (or download a FREE one here!)

Make a Summer Scrap Book

Go To The Library

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Have a Fancy Tea Party

Water the Garden and Pull Weeds

Build a Giant Fort

Finger Paint

Make a Homemade Pinata

Camp Out In The Backyard

Make Paper Airplanes

Have a Backyard Drive-In

Go To a New Playground

Have a Paper Bag Puppet Show

Go To a Splash Pad or Public Pool

Paint a Birdhouse

Make a Garden

Wash The Car

Make Road for Match-Box Card With Chalk

Go on a Nature Hike (and print this FREE scavenger hunt to take with you!)

Paint Rocks for The Garden

Make Homemade Play-Dough

Make a Cardboard Box House

Go To The Zoo

Make Mud Pies and Mud Castles

Play Pretend (school, hospital, restaurants)

Make Bracelets and Necklaces With Beads

Fly a Kite

Start a Puzzle

Play a Game and Make New Rules

Read a New Book

Go Out For Lunch

Play Freeze Tag or Hide & Seek

Make “Thinking of You” Cards for Family

Write a Story

Play Dress-Up




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