12 Money-Saving Tips That You Should Never Ever Try

A Reddit user pointed out that taking home ketchup packets from fast food restaurants is a penny wise pound foolish, frugal hack. They asked other members to contribute to this topic, and we have sampled some of the best answers here.

Keeping Cherry Weight Down

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One points out that her friend has a way of avoiding paying much at the grocery store, “I have a friend that will remove all of the cherry stems at the grocery store so she doesn’t have to pay for them (by weight). That is much time wasted to save a penny or two.”

Unnecessary Drive To Save on Gas

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A user notes that some people drive far to save a little on gas, “A very common one: driving to a gas station further away to pay less for gas. I’ve seen people drive further than 20km to save 2-3 cts/liter: it costs them more to drive there than the actual savings they get at the pump, not even counting time lost.”

Skipping on Insurance Payment

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Not paying insurance may save money, but it is risky, “My buddy drove without insurance. Then he got pulled over. Got a no-insurance ticket. Couldn’t pay for it. Had a warrant out for his arrest. Had to move provinces.”

A Genius Way of Saving Wipers

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One user notes how someone tried to save on wipers while driving, “When driving in pouring rain, my ex-wife would only use the wipers every 3-4 seconds. She thought that it would prolong their life. I said that I would rather prolong my life as opposed to the wipers.”

Driving Over 46 Miles To Save $10

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Another user went to great lengths to save on groceries, “I knew someone who drove 75km, across multiple toll bridges, to grocery shop in the US, because they would ‘save’ $10 on groceries.”

Having a Family Haircut Day To Save

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“A guy at work took his all family for a haircut because a tax was being raised. If you’re that worried about money, buy a beard trimmer and shave away,” said another user.

Why Waste Water When You Can Recycle?

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Another person uses the same water for everything around the house, “Using the hot tub’s water to shower, wash dishes and wash clothes. And he’s mighty proud of it. Saw this on a tv show on biggest cheapskate or something.”

Homemade Laundry Detergent

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According to another user homemade laundry detergent may not save much in the long run, “Any homemade recipe for laundry detergent. I promise that you are a) not properly cleaning your clothes; and b) gunking up your washing machine.”

Collecting Quarters at the Pool Lockers in Next City

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“Driving to the next city over to use their pool because the lockers give you the quarter back when you’re done, and your city’s pool lockers don’t,” observed another user.

Refusing a Raise To Avoid Paying More Taxes

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One user declined a raise because they would be taxed more, “They didn’t take the extra job/shift/raise because “it’d put me in a higher tax bracket!” Has got to be, by far, the stupidest money saver I’ve ever heard.”

Playing Around With the Post Office

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A user had an ingenious but almost illegal tip to send mail, “Need to send something in the mail to a friend or family member? Call them, and let them know what you are about to do…. Put where you want to mail to go into the return address corner and your own address in the main address area. Don’t put any postage on it. They will “return it” with insufficient postage to who you want to receive it.”

Why Take Ketchup Packets When You Can Get Them in a Bottle?

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Another user saw someone take this frugal hack to a new level: “Taking ketchup packets? That’s rookie moves. I saw someone bring their bottle to a Mcdonalds’ and pump it full.”

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