12 Laughable Things People Believed as Kids That Are Proof That Kids Are the Funniest People on the Planet

Discovering the world as a child can be a fascinating and sometimes bewildering experience. We all have memories of the silly things we believed when we were young, ideas that now make us chuckle or shake our heads in disbelief.

From fears of watermelon seeds growing in our bellies to the notion that the moon was made of cheese, children have a knack for conjuring up the most imaginative and often hilarious beliefs.

1. Swallowing a Watermelon Seed Would Make a Watermelon Grow in Your Stomach

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Many children were terrified of accidentally swallowing a watermelon seed, believing that it would sprout inside their stomachs. This myth probably originated from parents trying to deter their kids from eating watermelon seeds. Luckily, our bodies aren’t capable of growing fruits inside us, so you can enjoy your watermelon without worry!

2. The Moon Was Made of Cheese

Full moon in sky
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The idea that the moon was made of cheese has captured the imaginations of countless children over the years. This belief likely stems from the moon’s appearance resembling the holes and craters found in certain types of cheese. However, scientific knowledge tells us that the moon is actually a rocky celestial body covered in dust and craters.

3. Holding Your Breath While Passing a Cemetery

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Many kids believed that holding their breath while passing a cemetery would prevent the spirits from entering their bodies. This superstition likely arose from a fear of the supernatural and a desire to protect oneself from perceived harm. However, it’s important to remember that spirits and ghosts aren’t real, and holding your breath won’t change anything.

4. Stepping on a Crack Would Break Your Mother’s Back

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The old saying “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” had many children gingerly avoiding sidewalk cracks for fear of causing harm to their loved ones. This belief likely originated as a simple childhood rhyme, but some children took it seriously. Thankfully, walking on cracks has no effect on anyone’s health.

5. The Tooth Fairy Traded Teeth for Money

Child missing front tooth
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Many children believed in the tooth fairy, a magical creature who would take their lost baby teeth and leave money in return. This popular myth likely originated as a way to make the experience of losing teeth more exciting and less scary. While the tooth fairy may not be real, the tradition continues to bring joy to children as they eagerly await their rewards.

6. Eating Crusts Would Make Your Hair Curly

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Some kids were convinced that eating the crusts of their sandwiches or bread would magically give them curly hair. This belief likely originated from the idea that curly hair was desirable or unique. Unfortunately, hair texture is determined by genetics, so no amount of crust consumption will change it.

7. Picking up a Telephone While It Was Charging Would Result in an Electric Shock

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Many children believed that picking up a landline telephone while it was charging would deliver a dangerous electric shock. This misconception likely arose from parents warning their kids about the potential dangers of electricity. However, modern telephone systems are designed to prevent such accidents, so you can safely answer the phone while it’s charging.

8. Making a Funny Face for Too Long Would Cause It To Stay That Way

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Kids were often warned against making funny or silly faces, with the threat that their facial expressions would become permanently frozen. This belief likely arose as a way to discourage children from making unpleasant or disrespectful expressions. Rest assured, making silly faces won’t permanently alter your appearance.

9. Plants Could Feel Pain

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Some children believed that plants had feelings and could experience pain. This belief likely stemmed from empathy towards living things and the desire to be kind to nature. While plants are living organisms, they don’t possess a nervous system or the ability to feel pain like animals do.

10. Swallowed Gum Would Stay In Your Stomach for Years

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Many kids were warned against swallowing chewing gum, with the common misconception that it would stay in their stomachs for an extended period. In reality, gum passes through the digestive system just like any other food. While it’s not recommended to swallow gum regularly, the occasional accidental ingestion won’t cause any long-term issues.

11. The Five-Second Rule

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Kids often subscribed to the idea that food dropped on the floor was still safe to eat if it was picked up within five seconds. This belief likely stemmed from a desire to avoid wasting food and a bit of wishful thinking. In reality, the safety of food depends on various factors like the cleanliness of the surface and the type of food involved, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

12. The Boogeyman or Monsters Hiding Under the Bed

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Many children were convinced that there were monsters or a boogeyman lurking under their beds, ready to grab their feet if they ventured too close. This fear likely stemmed from a combination of imagination, fear of the dark, and a desire for parental protection. However, rest assured that there are no actual monsters waiting to grab your feet as you sleep.

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