13 Creative and Frugal Hobbies

Simple living is about enjoying your life without spending too much money. It means living simply and happily.

People are sharing their creative, frugal hobbies, and they are just perfect!

Recently someone asked on the R/simpleliving subreddit for ideas for creative, frugal hobbies, and the answers were perfect!

Read through some of the top responses, and maybe you can find your own new cheap hobby!

13 Creative and Frugal Hobbies

1. Writing

“Writing. I adore writing. I have an idea for a book the first time in 10 years, and it’s been exciting to finally have something I’m passionate about. I’ve been spending 6 hours writing some nights. It’s very fun and creative. Even if it never goes anywhere other than my google docs,” someone said.

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2. Puzzles

“I haven’t done this yet, but I’d love to set up a local puzzle swap so everyone can exchange their puzzles for new ones!” wrote one person. Another added a great tidbit of information, “I just found out my local library does this, and I am thrilled!”

3. Embroidery

“Embroidery and cross stitch. The supplies are cheap, and each project takes quite a while, so a little goes a long way,” someone wrote.

4. Running

“Best hobby in this universe!” they exclaimed. It certainly is cheap!

5. Yoga

“You technically don’t even need a mat,” someone commented.

You can find free yoga videos on YouTube and use a blanket or towel as a mat.

6. Cooking

“Cooking. I have to eat anyway, and I feel like I can be creative with ingredients 🙂 It’s a huge creative outlet for me,” wrote one person.

Another added, “Same. It’s also fun to see how cheap you can make a meal while having it taste like a $20 plate. Yesterday I made a Taiwanese dish for $2 a plate, and it tasted better than anything I could have gotten as takeout.”

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7. Upcycling

“Mending/upcycling/repurposing. Making pretty stuff out of cast-offs is sooooo inexpensive and satisfying,” wrote one person.

Another agreed, “I love being able to think, ‘oh, I could really use a ______’ and being able to make it from materials I already have.”

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8. Crocheting

“Crocheting blankets,” wrote one person wrote.

Another expounded on how they do it cheaply, “Ask on NextDoor or a buy nothing group if anyone has yarn to get rid of. Lots of knitters have plenty to ‘de-stash’ for cheap or free, and others also end up with yarn they don’t know what to do with. You can knit a blanket with many different yarns as long as they are close to the same weight.”

9. Trash Collecting

“Trash collecting. It’s super cheap (just have to buy gloves and bags), good for the environment, good for your body, good for your self-esteem. Also, people will thank you for this! Give it a try. I personally find it to be super rewarding,” someone wrote.

That is not a hobby you hear recommended every day!

10. Digital Photography

“Digital photography. You can use a cell phone or spend as much as you like,” wrote one person.

Most people have a smartphone already, so trying photography isn’t expensive. Phones take very good pictures!

11. Calligraphy

“Hand lettering/calligraphy for crafts and card making—I end up having to send or give cards for birthdays and events, so making something that looks professional because of the handwriting style is super cheap compared to buying expensive cards at the store,” wrote one person.

12. Hiking

“Hiking. Buy a NW forest pass. Get maps, dress appropriately, bring water. Pack a lunch. Gas can be pricey, but depending on where you are in the country, it’s extremely accessible. Bonus points if you make a generic Instagram account to post photos of cool views you saw while hiking,” one person shared.

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13. Watercolor Painting

“Watercolour painting. I found a lady on Insta who uses cheap (like $5 a set) kid’s art supplies mostly and makes fun little things. Andrea Nelson. Painting watercolor stuff makes me happy. It’s cheap and “small”- doesn’t require expensive or large supplies,” one person wrote.

They later added, “Edited to add… I have no artistic talent, but painting watercolor circles makes me happy… and looks sweet with a few of her tips.”


I hope you enjoyed this Reddit list of creative and frugal hobbies. Are you going to try any of them?

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