20 Cheap Items You Can Buy That Will Make You Look Like a Millionaire

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. With a few clever purchases, you can upgrade your lifestyle to give off an air of sophistication and luxury. These cheap items will make you look rich.

Cheap Items That Make You Look Rich

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A Reddit User asked, “What’s a really cheap item you can buy that can make you look incredibly rich?”

We have compiled the 20 best responses; some items on this list might shock you. Keep reading to find out.

3-Ply Toilet Paper

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One user responded, “Apparently, 3-ply toilet paper. One of my friends was at our house last year and after a bathroom trip, she told another friend, “Ooh, they’ve got money; they’ve got the good stuff.” Lol”

Another user interestingly added, “I have worked at companies where our first warning of financial problems was suddenly seeing cheap thin toilet paper in the bathrooms.”

What do you think? Is 3-ply TP the ultimate measure of wealth? Hmm.


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Another person suggested “Cufflinks. You will need the correct shirt, of course.”

Someone else agreed to say, “Good point. All the top management at my work wear French cuffs with cufflinks.”

Do you equate cufflinks with wealth? Would buying a cheap pair of cufflinks do the trick?

Lab Grown Diamonds

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At half the price of real diamonds, with little to no difference to the naked eye, this user made a lot of sense advocating for lab-grown diamonds as opposed to the mined: “Lab created diamonds, they say it can even fool professional diamond dealers, it isn’t as cheap as what others posted, but it can still save a lot of money.”

Another person shared their personal experience saying, “I was showing my boyfriend the kind of ring that I want the other day (just browsing a random website to look at styles) and he was shocked at the price. Fortunately I told him I’ve been wanting a lab diamond so the price won’t be too harsh lol.”

Not the cheapest item on the list, but definitely a fraction of the price for the look and feel of a real diamond.


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Someone answered the question posed above, saying, “A bidet. They’re like 30 bucks. Anyone that sees one of those on your toilet will think you’re fancy.”

Another user agreed to say, “You don’t need a plumber or even tools. I bought one for like $20 and it just screws into the toilet tank and hose.”

Do you think a bidet screams fancy? Do you have one installed at your place?


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One Redditor suggested an interesting suggestion to impress your dinner date: “I always assumed mussels were way out of my price range, but after having them at a friend’s, I went to the market and realized they are like $2.50 for a giant bag of them. Cook them up in a little butter and garlic and you have yourself a classy dinner.”

Will you ever try cooking mussels to impress your date while staying under budget?

Glass Bottled Milk

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Someone said, “Oh, glass bottled milk! I’ve had people act like I’m a Rockefeller for having glass bottled milk…”

Do you think glass bottles for beverages make them look much more premium? Have you ever transferred your normal milk to a glass storage bottle for aesthetics?


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Another person shared a quick clothing tip, “A scarf. Throw that bad boy around your neck and you look rich.”

A woman added, “Yes, yes, yes. I was going to say this. I am female and I put one on with so many outfits and it just looks waaay nicer!”

Someone else came through with a bougie fashion tip for scarves, adding, “You have to tie like a loop knot to look classy.”


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A user shared, “Someone who is well groomed is always going to look well off. Learn how to do your fingernails. For a very small investment you will look well-groomed even.”

Another person agreed and said, “People do notice your nails. When I go for job interviews, it’s on the top of my to-do list the day before. I mean I keep my nails clean/manicured anyway. But I put in a bit more time doing them for special appointments/occasions.”


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A Reddit User shared, “A watch. You can spend $60 on a nice watch (a Timex Weekender, for example) and you instantly look much fancier.”

Someone else said, “Really, just a cheap metallic analog watch could make you look fancier. A couple years ago I ended up getting a fairly nice 300-something dollar watch as a gift, but for like 4 years before that I had some cheap 40 dollar watch that was painted silver, and I got tons of compliments about it.”


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One user commented, “A cigar. I always carry one round just in case.”

Another user further elaborated, “Pretty much. My recommendation there is to find a decent affordable cigar that’s approachable, consistent, and can easily be had in the $4-$6 range if you shop them a bit. The vast majority of people won’t know the difference.”

Branded Keychains

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Someone shared an interesting recollection, “Buy a keychain of expensive car brands. I had a friend in San Diego and he’d either just drop that thing on the bar or make a big production of it or he’d fiddle with it while talking up a lady. He was so broke he could only order a diet coke and ice waters. It worked…constantly.”

An interesting trick. What do you think?

Thrifted Clothes

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A Redditor shared a story about their friend: “Clothes shopping at Goodwill and Savers. Got a buddy who shops at second-hand stores like these for all his clothing and accessories. Manages to find name-brand pants, suit coats, watches whatever. Every day that dude’s outfit is impeccable.”

And it’s better for the environment, too, so win-win!

Automatic Soap Dispensers

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A person shared, “Best friend’s parents had an automatic soap dispenser. Googled it because it seemed like such a luxury but turns out some of them are very inexpensive.”

Another person added, “Yes! I bought three of these for just over $12 total and they’re great. Going on our third year with them and no issues. “

An Assortment of Teas

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One Reddit user said, “Have 12+ variations of teas to offer people when they come over.”

Another user agreed, “My mom is good friends with her old coworker and his wife, and they live about 7 minutes from me. I went to their house for dinner one night and after the meal they asked me if I wanted any tea, and pointed me in the direction of this huge china cabinet full of at least 50 types of tea, bagged and loose leaf AND at least 10 types of honey. I was thoroughly impressed.”

High-End Water Bottles

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Some people had the remarkable idea of buying high-end water bottles to keep in the fridge or buying once and then refilling it with tap water.

One of them said, “High end water. Don’t even have to drink it. Just leave it in your fridge forever.”

Another person hilariously added, “A glass bottle of high-end water says “I’m bougie enough to drink $3/bottle water, unlike you poors.” and that’s it.”

Tailoring Off-the-Rack Clothes

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One Reddit user shared an interesting life hack, “My cousin once bought a suit for 50$ sent it to get tailored for 15$. I kid you not, he looked like a million bucks.”

While expensive suits usually come tailored, a great hack may be to buy off-the-rack and get it tailored to fit your size. A good-fitting suit makes all the difference in elevating your look.


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Someone commented, “A decanter. Idiots everywhere think I’m rich when I have wine breathing in a decanter.”

Or hear us out. Transfer some store-bought red wine to your decanter minutes before your guests arrive. This is a trick that will surely impress guests at a dinner party.

Vinyl Records

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A Redditor shared, “I bought some cheap $1 Vinyl Records (to listen to and find samples) and placed them in my dorm room, apparently they think have a very good taste in music and regard my cheap and old record player as luxurious.”

Another added, “It’s the vintage look that makes it look classy. Similar to having a bookcase full of books.”

Wooden Hangers

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One user shared, “Wooden hangers. I gradually replaced the plastic ones in my closet and it makes me look that much more baller.”

Wooden hangers are more durable and aesthetically pleasing than generic plastic ones. This is surely an interesting tip to spruce up your closet! What do you think?

French Press

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A coffee enthusiast commented, “A coffee grinder and French press. Offering your guests a fresh cup of coffee from your French press- come on now :).”

Well, hard to argue with that logic. Freshly ground coffee > Instant Coffee.

Cheap Items That Make You Look Rich

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We hope this list has shown you that you don’t need to spend much money to “appear” rich. Investing in some of the items listed above can elevate your lifestyle without breaking the bank. These suggestions may inspire you for your next shopping spree, as some of these items can add a touch of luxury to your life without being too costly. So pamper yourself and live a bit better!

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