11 Ways To Celebrate Reading in Your Home

National Read Across America Day is celebrated on March 2nd!

Schools and other literacy institutions use this day to promote and encourage reading and literacy for children.

I have always loved reading and consider encouraging and developing reading in my children an important part of being a mother. I desperately want my kids to be book lovers, and I do everything I can to have a home where reading is celebrated and encouraged.

Reading is extremely important, and I always look for ways to foster reading and encourage literacy in my home with my children. Here are some ways to celebrate and encourage a love of reading in your home.

11 Ways To Celebrate Reading in Your Home

Read a Book

The best way to celebrate reading is to… READ A BOOK! There are so many books in the world- I am sure that you can find something new to read for yourself and your children. Even babies can grab a new sensory book or a book geared for babies to enjoy (or eat).

Try a new genre that you haven’t tried before, or pick up a well-loved book and read away! Whether you grab a magical fantasy book, a romance novel, a fiction novel, a non-fiction educational book, or an inspirational read- let’s get reading!

Go to the Library

The library is an amazing place to explore reading and connect with your community. Get a library card if you haven’t done so, and take a trip to the library! See if your local library has any events you can participate in to celebrate reading.

Buy a Book

If it’s within the budget, celebrate reading by buying a new book for yourself, your baby, or for the whole family to enjoy. Kids who own books are more likely to succeed in life, so get your kids some books!

Get Free Books

Have you signed up for all the great programs that give free books for your kids- mailed every month? No? Today is the day to do that! Check out all the programs here and sign up for those that fit!

Have a Book-Themed Meal or Snack

Green eggs and ham, anyone? Pick one of your favorite characters and eat one of the foods from the book. Make a tasting menu from the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” or some Turkish Delight from “The Chronicles of Narnia” and get snacking!

Host a Book Club

Grab some friends, pick a book to discuss, lay out some snacks, and get to gabbing! Of course, you can do this with your kids and their friends too! Discussing a book after you read it is a great way to really celebrate the importance of reading.

Dress Like Your Favorite Character

Take out the costume box and get dressed like your favorite characters. Then, you can turn it into a game a have everyone else guess what book you came from!

Support Your Favorite Authors

There are so many ways to support your favorite authors besides buying their books. Leave a favorable review on Amazon or Goodreads, follow them on Social Media, and subscribe to their email list. You can see if they have any in-person or virtual events and join those as well.

Join a Book-ish Event

Author signings, reading, book clubs… there are so many options to celebrate books and authors. Start by checking out your local library and bookstore for suggestions or Google specific authors who you enjoy. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Donate to a Literacy Program

Encouraging literacy is good for everyone. I promote literacy in my own home, with my own kids, and I think it’s also important to encourage literacy in other children. Many great organizations are doing great work to improve financial literacy for children all over. Find your favorite ones and donate- big or small!

Cull and Donate Books

I love all my books, but there are some that no longer have a space in my house. So take the time to sort through your books (if you are like me, then you already own too many books!) and donate them to people who can read them and fall in love with them just like you!

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