10 Foods You Can Make Cheaper Than You Can Buy

Making your meals may save costs and preserve your health from the harmful effects of processed foods. After someone asked a frugal community for their best suggestions, these foods were voted cheaper to make than buy.

1. Bread

It’s okay to say bread is one of the foods that’s hard to separate from everyday eating routines. However, several people believe baking bread is much cheaper than buying it. For example, a person says, ”I buy my flour in high volume, and I make a starter for continuous use.” Several users assert that this method helps save them some money.

2. Pizza

One user claims that making pizza rather than buying it is wise and cost-effective. Buttressing her point, she explains buying ingredients in bulk and freezing the dough makes it fresh for days. A second person replies in concordance, explaining that getting a pizza stone may helps create a better pizza at home.

3. Cake

The consensus on making cakes at home to save costs is relatively high. Many believe it doesn’t only save you some extra, but that home-baked cake also tastes better. As a cake lover, I consider this excellent culinary advice for every sweet tooth like me.

4. Soups

Making soup at home can save you some bucks and ingredients. One individual says, ”most of my leftovers go into soups.” She uses trimmed veggies, onion bits, and bones as part of the stock. That way, she can reuse leftovers for future meals instead of committing them to waste.

5. Butter

Butter is an essential ingredient in most dishes. It suits fast foods like sandwiches, toast, and other baked foods. Butter is expensive, but a user often says, “it’s quite easy to make” by whipping cream into butter.

6. Lasagna

Proclaiming her dismay at how much it costs to buy lasagna, a person says It takes her less than an hour to make two full-size lasagnas at just $15. Two full-size lasagnas cost about $30 to 45 dollars in restaurants. That’s some high-percentage savings right there, I think.

7. Beans

Rather than buying canned beans, many say that making beans at home could be very cost-effective, promising a better outcome than those stuffed in cans. However, one argues to justify canned beans because ”it takes a while to cook.” So it doesn’t consume all my time, I have grown the kitchen habit of cooking beans using a pressure cooker.

8. Hummus (Mashed Chickpeas)

The inability to buy hummus in large quantities is one of the reasons why a person says it’s better to make it at home. In empathic support, many others say, “it’s cheaper to make than buy.”

A user, however, stressed how the scarcity of a condiment might make buying hummus worth it. For example, “tahini, an essential dip ingredient, is pricey”. Peanut butter, olive oil, and liquid from chickpeas tin others suggested to her as perfect substitutes.

9. Enchilada Sauce

With the option of better ingredient control, many people agree that making enchilada sauce at home is a sensible choice. One states, “It cost me less than a dollar to make two large jars of enchiladas.”

10. Desserts

Some desserts are better made than bought, a user opines. Cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and apple pie top the chart. “It’s cheaper to make these desserts at home and tastes better too.”

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