Is Your Stroller Safe? Avoid This Mistake To Keep Your Baby Safe in the Summer

Often, the focus is to keep babies out of hot cars, a great safety measure all parents should embrace. But did you know that the temperatures of baby strollers can get to harmful levels too?

According to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, covering your strollers with even the thinnest pieces of clothing can significantly reduce air circulation and create a greenhouse effect in the enclosed space.

It is a common practice for parents to cover baby strollers with blankets to protect toddlers from harsh weather and environmental elements. But are they aware of how dangerous it can get as the temperature rises?

Safe in the Seat Experiment

Safe in the Seat, a brand of strollers, did an experiment that proved how fatal covers over strollers can be.

In the video they shared on their TikTok account, four strollers were covered with different types of covers and thermometers put in them.

At the start of the experiment, the outside temperature was 87°, and the four thermometers were all reading 92°. They placed the four thermometers in each stroller and decided to check the temperatures after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour.

When the 10-minute timer went off, the first stroller was 108°, the second was 112°, the third was 106°, and the fourth was 99°.

At the thirty-minute mark, the first was at 121°,  the second was 116°, the third was 115°, and the fourth stroller was 105°.

When 60 minutes elapsed, they found that the temperatures were more or less the same as at the 30-minute mark.

It is important to note that the first cover was a mesh cover. It shows how high the temperatures can spike even when using the lightest covers.

Keep Your Baby Safe

At the end of the experiment, it was recommended that you get your baby out of the stroller as soon as possible. If you are out, consider taking breaks from the stroller.

Also, consider having a fan inside the stroller to improve air circulation.

The bottom line of the experiment was to refrain from using covers over the strollers. They lower air circulation, which could create a fatal environment for your toddler. People add the covers thinking they are protecting their child when they could be doing the opposite.

At the beginning of the experiment, it was noted that heat stroke in children begins when the core body temperature is 104°. They added that a 107° body temperature could cause fatalities in children. 

User Experiences and Suggestions

When parents cover their baby’s strollers, they do so to protect them from elements like direct sunlight. But now that it is clear those covers can be dangerous, it left parents in the comment section wondering what ways they could protect their children as they stroll out.

One commenter said, “Any suggestions to block out the sun for newborns without causing this heat?”

Another replied, “ Probably clip on an umbrella since it covers direct sunlight and allows circulation since the stroller isn’t always covered.”

Another commenter said, “This is important because the mesh cover would have given me a false sense of security.”

And lastly, “This is why I only use a cover to protect from rain, snow, and harsh wind. If it is hot outside, no cover!


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