10 Worst Frugal Fashion Fails That Are All Too Relatable

One great way to cut costs is to purchase less expensive clothing and take advantage of super sales. However, sometimes trying to be frugal can lead you to fashion failure.
“What is your worst instance of jumping on a deal to regret your purchase later?” asks one user on a popular internet forum. Others took to the thread with their biggest frugal fashion failures.

1. Too Many White Socks

How many socks does one person need? One commenter says they purchased a bulk order of 100 white socks for a great price. Unfortunately, that was right before they realized they no longer wanted white socks.

2. The eBay Trap

Buying clothes for a discounted price on eBay can be hit or miss. One user shares that they often make the mistake of buying things on eBay that don’t fit right and never feel up for trying to resell the items.

3. Too Many People Jumped on This Deal

Another explained their struggle with a shoe company’s online system when they held a big sales event. As a result, the website was flooded with too many orders, and the store had to cancel many orders because they ran out of stock. Unfortunately, the user has not received a refund after 16 days.

4. Too-Big Button Downs

Don’t let tempting sales fool you into buying clothes you know won’t fit right, like this commenter who has a habit of buying button-downs on sale. They see the sale price and say, “how wide can they be?” Well, they share, there is a reason why they only shop slim and nothing but slim now.

5. The Navy Blue Suit Fiasco

One user shares their bad experience with a good sale. However, they soon realized why this navy blue suit was on supersale once it arrived, and they tried it on. “The suit still hangs in my closet unworn, with the tags still on it, mocking me,” they say.

6. They Didn’t Check the Details Before Pressing Purchase

Sometimes a great sale can be so exciting that we neglect to notice the specific details of the item. When one user bought a pair of expensive shoes on a massive online clearance sale, they were so excited that they didn’t notice they accidentally bought a woman’s size nine instead of a men’s size nine. The online retailer doesn’t accept returns for clearance items, so this user is stuck with shoes they can’t wear.

7. This Sport Coat Just Won’t Fit Right

When you purchase things second-hand, primarily online, you may not get exactly what you expect. “I bought an old tweed sportcoat on eBay for like $80,” writes one commenter, who notes that when the coat arrived, it was not the advertised size. Moreover, even when this user had the coat tailored, it didn’t fit right. That’s the last time she will take a chance on something from eBay without precise measurements.

8. Squeaky Sneakers

No matter how good the clothes look online, you never know what they’re like until they appear at your doorstep. That’s precisely what happened to one woman who found some nice-looking shoes online for cheap. They share, “They squeaked and popped so loudly when I walked that they were unusable.”

9. Sometimes the Real Deal Is Worth It

Numerous people admit that they purchase knockoffs to save money, only to go through multiple pairs in a short period. “With the amount I spent, I should have just bought the real ones in the beginning,” admits one.

10. Watch Out for This Mistake

Avoiding impulsive purchases when online stores advertise one-day-only sales can be hard, but resisting the urge can help prevent a fashion failure.
One commenter bought a watch under these circumstances but accidentally chose a metal wristband instead of their desired choice, a leather strap. “It has been sitting in its original shipping packaging since the day it arrived.”
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