30 Ways To Be a Savvy Saver Without Feeling Like a Scrooge

Feeling pinched? These 30 money-saving life hacks will help you stretch your dollars further.

We all know the feeling of having more month than money. But no matter how much you earn, there are always ways to save more. These practical tips will help you cut back on expenses without sacrificing your lifestyle. So put an end to money stress and start watching your savings grow!

 1. Create a Monthly Budget.

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Creating a monthly budget is a great way to get started saving money. By knowing how much you need to spend, you’ll be prepared to save when you can.

2. Cook Meals at Home.

Family Eating Meal
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Eating out might be enjoyable, but it’s expensive, too! By cooking meals at home, you can save money. Bonus points for learning how to cook better!

3. Meal Prep for the Week.

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Short on time (and money)? Try prepping all your meals for a week to be ready when you need them. You’ll save big on unexpected food and meal costs!

4. Buy Groceries in Bulk.

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Buying groceries in bulk is often cheaper – plus, they last longer. Make sure to only buy groceries in bulk that you know you’ll use.

5. Use Digital Coupons.

Coupon Purchase Order Discount Concept.
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Who said coupons are a thing of the past? There are plenty of digital coupons available online that you can use for all your shopping needs. Now, coupons are on coupon apps that you can easily download to your phone instead of sitting and clipping them from a newspaper!

6. Shop During Sales.

window display with text SALE in a shop.
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Shopping during sales is one of the best life hacks to save money out there. Instead of always paying full price, take advantage of sales and discounts!

7. Buy Generic Brands.

Women are shopping In the summer she is using a credit card and enjoys shopping.
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Generic brands are cheaper, and oftentimes they’re just as good as name-brand alternatives. .

8. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

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From magazines to memberships, many people have subscriptions they don’t use. Cancel any unused subscriptions and save that money instead.

9. Reduce Dining Out.

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Dining out can get pricey, fast. Try to reduce the amount of times you eat out per month and see how much you can save.

10. Use Public Transportation

Unidentified people jaywalk
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Public transportation can save you money on gas and car repairs. Plus, it’s better for the environment!

11. Carpool or Rideshare.

Happy Man Looking At Female Friends Shaking Hands Inside Car.
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Do you and a coworker work similar shifts every week? Try asking them for a ride to save on gas money.

12. Walk or Bike When Possible.

a woman riding a bike in a park.
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Get your exercise in and consider walking or biking instead of driving.

13. DIY Home Repairs.

Side view of handsome installer holding screwdriver near kitchen cabinet
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Stressing over some small leaks or cracks around the house? There are plenty of resources online to learn how to do your own home repairs. It’s time to get handy.

14. Buy Secondhand Furniture.

red vintage leather sofa on the street.
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15. Sell Unused Items.

Woman taking photo of her used clothes in order to sell them online.
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Do you have any items lying around your house unused? Sell them online or in-person to make some easy money.

16. Host Potluck Dinners.

A potluck with different kind of homemade food on the table.
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It’s important to make time for friends and family – and you can do it without breaking the bank! Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings food to share.

17. Make Coffee at Home.

Barista pouring milk into coffee
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Making your coffee at home is one of the most rewarding life hacks to save money. Many people don’t realize how expensive their daily coffee is. Try saving by brewing it at home instead!

18. Pack Lunch for Work.

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Buying work lunches can be expensive, and even time consuming! Pack a simple lunch at home to take with you to work instead.

19. Buy In-Season Produce.

Woman picking out some vegetables
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Produce is cheapest when it’s in-season, so keep that in mind when grocery shopping!

20. Utilize Your Local Library.

In library. Pretty blonde woman standing with books in library.
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Libraries offer many free services, including books, movies, and even tickets to local events, if you love reading, then get to know your library!

21. Purchase Used Books.

Young indian handsome man in glasses reading book at cafe.
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Are you a book lover? If so, you know how expensive new books can get. Consider buying your books used to save money.

22. DIY Cleaning Products.

young housewife cleaning on white.
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Cleaning products are easy to make at home, so why not save some money and do it yourself? Most only require a few ingredients, such as baking soda or vinegar.

23. Cut Cable or Satellite TV.

Couple watching tv
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With so many streaming services available, many people don’t use cable anymore. Begin exclusively using your favorite streaming services to save on a monthly bill!

24. Use Energy-efficient Appliances.

KitchenAid stand mixers on display.
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Did you know that some appliances take up more energy than others? Avoid high utility costs by investing in energy-efficient appliances.

25. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions.

Young African-American woman in green sweater reading magazine on pink background.
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Cancel old magazine subscriptions that you don’t use anymore to save money and space.

26. Install a Programmable Thermostat.

Mother At Home With Son Adjusting Smart Central Heating Thermostat
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Programmable thermostats save money by controlling your home temperature while you’re away. This reduces energy costs and improves the temperature of your house. It’s a win-win!

27. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use.

Men's hands are Plug in power outlet adapter cord charger of laptop computer On wooden floor With sun Warm light.
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Unplug your electronics when you’re not using them to reduce your electricity bill. This money-saving life hack is great for the planet, too.

28. Shop at Thrift Stores.

Thrift Store for the Second hand Used pans ,shirts,
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If you never got into thrifting, this is your sign to start. From furniture to clothes to home decor, thrift stores have a little bit of everything. And all for a bargain price!

29. Collect Rainwater for Gardening.

Rainwater harvesting: Pre-Monsoon Summer rains in May in Kerala, India. Copious amounts of water run drown from the rooftop. Runoff water is collected in polymer tanks. World water day.
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Do you love gardening, but you’re tired of running up your water bill? Try collecting rainwater to garden with if you live in a wet climate!

30. Use a Clothesline.

Baby clothes are drying on the street. Selective focus. nature.
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Do it the old-fashioned way and dry your clothes on a clothesline. Sometimes the older ways of doing things really are the best! You can always learn from your grandparents!


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