20 Overused Phrases That Need to Be Banned

The fast-paced nature of modern life plays a huge role in our lives. We’re always in a hurry, rushing from one thing to another, and sometimes we don’t have the time to come up with original expressions.

Overused Phrases

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Overused phrases are a convenient shorthand. They’re quick and easy, allowing us to convey our thoughts without much effort. In a world where time is a precious commodity, it’s no wonder we resort to these shortcuts: overused phrases.

One Redditor asked, “What word or phrase do you think is overused in today’s culture/society?”

Thousands of users commented on this post, and we have gathered the top 20 for you!

1. Hack

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“Hack” has become a buzzword that captures the spirit of our time. It has been adopted as a trendy and catchy alternative to the more traditional term “tip,” and it seems to have annoyed quite a few people!

Someone said, “The use of “hack” instead of tip or suggestion.”

Another wrote, “I wish people would stop using the word “hack” when they suggest using an object how you’re meant to use it in the first place 🤦🏻‍♀️”

Someone else added, “To cook food, you are supposed to use “recipes” not “hacks.” Cooking a recipe isn’t “a series of hacks.””

2. Luxury Apartments

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One Redditor said, “Luxury Apartments = Sometimes still a slum”

Another replied, “Came here to say this! I checked out some “luxury apartments” recently, and I was like, ok, is this really luxury though, or is this just not a visible rundown place? Like luxury shouldn’t substitute decent looking.”

The people who manage these places want to attract tenants. So, they use words like “luxury apartment” to make it sound amazing and exclusive. They’re trying to get people excited and make them think they’ll be living in some dream house.

3. Influencer

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This user commented, “Influencer. No, you can’t expect free stuff because you call yourself an influencer.”

Another user responded, “As soon as someone without any discernable talent is referred to as an influencer, they get relegated as junk in my brain and dismissed accordingly.”

Back in the day, being an influencer was a big deal. You had to have something special, some real talent that made people actually want to listen to what you had to say. But now, it seems like anyone with a smartphone and a decent following can call themselves an influencer. It’s like everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon, trying to get a piece of the fame and fortune.

4. Gaslighting

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This term might be new to some of you, but let us break it down in easy words. Gaslighting is when someone tries to mess with your head and make you question your thoughts, feelings, and sanity.

One Redditor wrote, “”gaslight” Most people don’t even understand what it really means.”

Someone else agreed: “There’s a difference between “lying” and “lying about what the other person knows is true so that they doubt their own perception of the world.””


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Someone wrote, “PTSD. People need to use it correctly so that it doesn’t lose its importance and meaning to people that actually have trauma and PTSD.”

Another added, “Yeah, it sucks for people who have PTSD/CPTSD, as, like you said, I think the word has lost much of its meaning. PTSD is not remembering a bad memory; it is going into a panic attack or even fight or flight. CPTSD is even more complex, as it is often caused by a continuous traumatic event. Sorry for the wall of text; it just pi***s me off since I have CPTSD from severe chronic pain.”

So, PTSD is a real condition that affects many people, and these people deserve our support and empathy.

6. OCD

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Now, OCD is a condition that affects the way a person thinks and behaves. Having OCD doesn’t mean someone is just overly neat or organized. It’s much more complex than that!

One person commented, “Same with OCD. “No, you don’t have OCD, Shelly; you’re very-retentive and a neat freak. That’s it.””

Another clarified, “Thank you for saying this. The term OCD is terribly misused. Having it is like having the worst bully in your head at all times. It is a debilitating condition and can absolutely run a person’s life off the rails.”

7. Literally

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One user wrote, “Over the last few years, I’ve been making sure I don’t just add “literally” into sentences for no reason. I got pretty bad with it.”

Someone else replied, “I only use literally when I mean it, but it’s gotten to a point where I have to specify “like actually literally” just so that people know I’m being exact, man.”

Have you noticed how often people throw it around these days? It’s, like, literally everywhere, and that’s both figuratively and literally. But let’s be real; this word has become so overused that it’s losing its actual meaning.

8. Vibes

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One said, “Vibe. Everything is a vibe now. Edit: God d*** it, there is a vibing award?! Both thank you and sc*** you. Thank you.”

Another person shared their personal experience: “I had dinner with two female friends who I don’t see that often, and it’s really noticeable to me now I’ve had some time away from them that they use phrases like “it’s such a vibe” and “it’s giving [insert another ridiculous phrase] vibe”. I felt like every other sentence they said was some kind of “current” slang and it was just starting to annoy me! For context, I’m 31; my friends are 31 and 27.”

These days you can’t scroll through social media without seeing captions like “Good vibes only” or “Feeling the positive vibes!”

9. Being Woke

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In recent times, it seems like everyone wants to claim they are “woke” to appear enlightened or socially conscious. It has become a trendy label, and people are quick to adopt it without fully understanding the issues behind this word.

One said, “Woke. Fact check white supremacists? Woke. Drink a Bud Light? Woke. Make an appointment with your dentist and don’t show up? Directly to woke. Undercook fish? Woke. Overcook chicken? Woke too, believe it or not.”

Another added, “At this point, it’s no longer held to its original meaning and is just used by people to describe something they don’t like.”

10. ‘Triggered’

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This user commented, “This one sucks because it’s intended to be used to describe people with real mental illnesses having involuntary reactions to certain stimuli. Instead, it’s gen z’s equivalent to the millenial’s “U mad bro?””

Someone replied, “Sucks because, in counseling, triggered is a commonly used phrase when discussing the onset of anxiety, particular thoughts, recollection of traumatic experiences, etc. Now it’s just slang, and it feels really weird to use it in a professional setting.”

However, in recent times, the phrase has been used inappropriately. It’s become a casual term to describe feeling upset or offended by something, even if it’s not related to trauma!

11. My Truth

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One Reddit user said, “My Truth” This phrase shouldn’t exist. It can be “my” interpretation, opinion, feeling, memory, etc., but a truth is absolute.”

Another spoke, “Isn’t “my truth” another way of saying “I can do what the ever I like, and everybody has to suck it up” ?”

The phrase “my truth” can also be problematic when it is used to justify actions that may be untrue or harmful to others.

12. Cringe

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Someone shared, “This. It bothers me that cringe has become the default response whenever someone is being silly/goofy when I feel like these traits should be celebrated.”

Another user added, “I hate this word and its overuse, but I struggle to find a better word for things or actions that make you cringe.”

Cringe is a word that has become quite popular, especially within social media, but it’s worth exploring the meaning and the consequences of its overuse.

13. Toxic

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This Reddit user said, “How about “toxic”. That used to mean poisonous. Now it seems to mean unpleasant.”

Someone responded, “Everyone says “omg lol, my toxic trait is-“ some random quirk they have that may be annoying but not toxic🙄.”

The term “toxic” has also become somewhat of a catch-all phrase now!

14. Narcissist

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While the term “narcissist” has its roots in psychology, its casual use oversimplifies complex human behaviors, and sometimes that’s not even true.

One Redditor wrote, “I was coming to say this. Not every a**h**e is a narcissist.”

Another commented, “I think there’s a distinction between using “narcissistic” as an adjective to describe a behavior or action; and using “narcissist” or “narcissistic personality disorder” as a noun. The former could be an opinion that x, y, z was selfish. The latter has a strict definition, affects a minuscule portion of the population, and requires the diagnosis of a medical professional.”

15. Racism

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One said, “Racist. Everything is racist..”

Another shared, “A friend was complaining that their GPS was probably racist and sounded too “white”.”

Someone else added, “I think a lot of things that are called racist are actually just prejudice. Prejudice isn’t good; it’s a step towards becoming racist, but it’s not the same.”

Addressing the issues of racism is necessary in today’s world but overusing it minimizes its meaning!

16. Iconic

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The term “iconic” is used to describe someone who is widely recognized for a particular era or style. However, its overuse has led to a dilution of its original meaning, and it just doesn’t have the same effect as it used to.

Someone wrote, “Now used to mean “more than five years old.”

Another commented, “Ha. I was recently described by a friend in SM as having an “iconic look.” – I just look above average. Good to know it’s just a trendy word.”

17. Curate

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This user said, “Curate. No, Donna, you did not “curate” the dinner menu.”

Someone else replied, “Absolutely a pet peeve of mine. It’s usually substituted for “selected” or “chosen.” Curate applies to something like evaluating pieces for an art exhibit.”

Do you think that it is overly used?

18. Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder is a medical condition that requires professional diagnosis and treatment. It is not a term to be used casually or as an adjective for simple mood fluctuations.

One said, “Yes, girls joke about it to justify their mean attitude. But I dated someone who was actually bipolar, and it is much deeper than that.”

Another responded, “”aren’t we all a little bipolar?” “Well, I require a plethora of Meds to function in my everyday life, so no, I’d say not.””

19. Cancelled

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In recent years, “cancelled” has become a popular term to describe a public figure being unacceptable because of their actions. While the concept of holding people accountable for their behavior is important, the term’s overuse has made it quite worthless.

Someone shared, “”cancelled”. someone isn’t being “cancelled” because two dozen 14 y/o twerps tweeted something mean about them while doing nothing. calm down.”

A user said, “I think originally it was an ironic term, but people started using it unironically.”

20. Like

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This Redditor commented, “Like” I was like thinking that like we use this word like way too much.”

Another user responded, “Came here to say this. For so many people, every other word out of their mouth is like. I find it aggravating and hard to take them as seriously as I probably should.”

Many people unconsciously insert “like” when they talk to gather their thoughts or add emphasis. Do you do that too?

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