The 20 Types of People That Make Us Want to Pull Our Hair Out

Ugh, don’t even get us started on those people who know exactly how to push your buttons and infuriate you beyond belief. You know, the ones we are talking about—the people who seem to have a sixth sense for knowing just what to do. It’s like they have a Ph.D. in Irritation Studies or something!

One Redditor asked, “What type of people infuriate you the most and why?” Thousands of users commented on this post, so let’s discover the top 20 ones we have listed for you!

1. Littering

Team of young volunteers picking up litter in the park.
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “People who are inconsiderate, like littering or not picking up their dog’s poop.”

Someone else added, “This is my second. It’s not hard to move out the way instead of blocking everyone or even keeping trash with you till you can dump it somewhere. My Ex used to think it was funny that I would get mad when she threw thrash out my window. I would have a grocery bag in my car for trash, and she would still throw her out; she was messy.”

Do these people not understand that there are consequences to their actions? Do they not realize that their laziness has a domino effect on the environment and everyone around them? It’s infuriating because it’s such a simple thing to do—throw your trash where it belongs, people!

2. Shopping Carts

Beautiful happy young woman in sunglasses holding paper bags and sitting in shopping trolley on violet
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AllaSerebrina via

First of all, let’s talk about the sheer laziness of these shopping cart abandoners. They stroll through the store, load up their stuff, and then instead of taking a minute to return the cart, leave it smack dab in the middle of the parking lot like it’s no big deal. Newsflash: it IS a big deal!

One said, “Not putting away shopping carts.”

Another person agreed and said, “I have a shopping cart pet peeve. Homeless people take shopping carts and then just leave them with XYZ belongings in them. I just saw 15 mins ago an empty shopping cart on its side on the sidewalk corner of a busy intersection.

Two people sitting on an overturned cart I think waiting for the bus, but they were mostly on the sidewalk, and I had to walk around almost into the street with my bags. I so wanted to say something, but I wasn’t feeling well.”

Another added, “There’s a new (to me, at least) version of that–shoppers who leave their carts right in the middle of the entry/exit vestibule at the front of the store, blocking it for everybody. Really grinds my gears.”

3. Being Entitled

Young beautiful frustrated angry woman.
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A Reddit user wrote, “For me, this extends to anyone who starts screaming at an employee fulfilling a minimum wage position. They do not deserve to be treated like that, no matter how important you feel.”

Someone else replied, “Related are the people who go “Well that’s your job” when people complain about customers. Like the people who get mad when they find out the person fulfilling their Starbucks order doesn’t like them and is annoyed at your specific a** order. Why are you so upset that the person you don’t know the name of and only see for minutes at a time thinks about you?”

Can’t these people see that the world doesn’t revolve around them and that the rest of us have our own lives to live?

4. Opinions, Not Facts

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Here’s the real kicker—these opinionated know-it-alls aren’t interested in having a genuine discussion. Nope, they just want to shove their opinions down your throat and call it a day. They’re not open to considering other viewpoints or expanding their horizons. It’s like their brain is locked on “my way or the highway” mode!

One Redditor stated, “People who base their opinions as facts and anything contrary to their beliefs is wrong.”

Another person pitched in to say, “Yeah, trying to have a genuine adult conversation with those types of people is so infuriating. They never open their minds up to different perspectives of things.”

5. No Self-awareness

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Someone on Reddit said, “Those who have zero conception of the world around them. They walk so as hey, stop and chat with their friend in the middle of where people are walking, slowly push their cart and block most of the aisle, or stand on there in the worst possible spot where people have to go around them”

Another Redditor agreed to say, “At the sledding hill this year there were only 2 runs open, and one was occupied by 4 early teen boys sitting in the middle building a ramp, which makes it unusable for the majority of the people. Park ranger checks in reminds them not to build a ramp, but they still are just sitting on the run. I tell them to please move and immediately, their mom speaks up hey those are my kids and I’m fine with what they are doing.

Ok, I think they could sit somewhere else so the other 40 people here can use the run? She tells me NO, they are kids just having fun. Ok, but they can do what they are doing anywhere, but the 40 of us can only sled on these two runs. She could not get why it was not cool that her kids blocked the run no matter how many people asked her to please move her kids. Like why she acted like she owned the hill.”

Do these people live in a bubble or something? It’s like they have no clue how their actions and words affect those around them!

6. Liars

Portrait of angry and bothered screaming girl being shocked someone spoiled her party yelling holding hands on head in desperation.
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Some people lie with such ease, you’d think they were professional con artists. They’ll spin tales, twist the truth, and manipulate the facts to what suits them!

Someone commented, “People who are lying to me, while I know they are lying to me, and they know I know they are lying to me, but they keep lying because I can’t prove they are lying, or else they know I can’t call them out for one reason or another.”

Someone else couldn’t agree but say, “I have a friend who lies about almost everything, and we all know he’s lying and he keeps at it. Some of my other friends choose to accept it as just the way he is, but I always ask follow-up questions, where he will double down and lie some more, usually making himself look ridiculous with impossible answers.

The thing is, I’ve known him for 20 years, I know that these things have never happened; otherwise, I’d have heard about it. The other thing is he doesn’t need to lie, he’s a very talented and successful person, he’s biggest character flaw is lying to impress people, when of course, it makes him look like a fool when he could just be cool and be himself.”

7. Lack of Knowledge

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It’s tragic to see how some people think they know it all but have the knowledge of a potato. Like, come on, ignorance might be bliss, but it’s infuriating for us, who crave a little bit of intelligence in our lives!

One said, “Those who are willfully ignorant. They just take whatever information they’re fed, usually from one source, and just believe it without hesitation or any kind of critical thinking.”

Another Redditor couldn’t agree more and said, “That’s what d*mb people do.”

8. The Victims!

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Someone wrote, “Constant victim mentality.”

Another person added, “I have a friend who has money AND a victim mentality. She has a habit of talking about how poor people are better off than she is because they don’t get “scammed” by hired “help” and when her husband got a DUI and had to go to a rehab thing for a month to keep his professional licenses, that poor people have it easier because they can just pay $10k to get out of it. I’m confused as to who she thinks is poor and has $10k just sitting around they can use to pay the fines/court costs to get around a DUI.”

It’s always someone else’s fault—their boss, ex, neighbor’s pet goldfish—it’s never their own doing. Can’t these people see that life isn’t a never-ending game of “Pass the Blame”?

9. The Brutal Honesty

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
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One user shared, “Those who say/claim “they’re just telling it like it is” as an excuse to be a complete and utter insufferable jerk to any and all they come in contact with.”

Another person stated, “I saw this on Reddit years and years ago, and I have no idea where it came from originally, but it was like a lightbulb moment for me. I cut a few really cr*ppy ‘friends’ out of my life. “People who happily call themselves brutally honest tend to delight in the brutality more than the honesty.””

So, to all the mean-spirited “honest” people, listen up: honesty should never be used as a weapon. It’s possible to be honest without being mean and hurtful.

10. Speeding the Car

man very frustrated in car.
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Some people really do think they’re Vin Diesel and drive like they’re auditioning for “The Fast and the Furious.” Like, do they have a death wish or something?

Someone said, “People that speed up when you try to pass them.”

Another added, “I’m convinced those people usually just don’t have any idea how fast their going and just pace themselves with the rest of the road. When young to pass them, they just subconsciously speed up to match speeds.

The other day, I was driving down a 4-lane highway mid-morning. There were four cars, each in one lane, all driving about 10 under the speed limit. I got behind the one in the fast lane and flipped my lights at them until they sped up. And when they sped up, all the other cars sped up to match them. It was super annoying.”

11. Jay-walkers

Unidentified people jaywalk
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One Reddit user wrote, “Those who walk in the middle of the road rather than using the sidewalk.”

Someone said, “This is almost everyone in my subdivision. I have no idea why. WE HAVE SIDEWALKS.”

Another commented, “Mine too! Drives me nuts. I’m convinced some of them are suicidal. They’ll be out alone or walking their dogs in the street after dark in dark clothes, just asking to be run over. Even children know not to do that!”

So, to all you jaywalkers out there, listen up: use your legs to walk a few extra steps to the nearest crosswalk. It’s there for a reason—to keep us all safe and prevent accidents!

12. Cutting Lines

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Sneaky little line cutters are everywhere. They think they’re above the rules and can waltz right to the front of the queue.

A Redditor wrote, “People who cut in line to get on the bus. It’s not like we’re going anywhere until everyone is aboard. What’s the rush?”

Someone else agreed and said, “I get both of you, but… it’s the only a bus. You want a nice seat, call an Uber.”

13. No Accountability

Face enraged infuriated woman screaming emotion
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Someone said, “People who refuse to admit that they are wrong. It’s like talking to a brick wall, and no matter how wrong you tell them they are, they will end up getting themselves in a bad situation and then blame you for it. They never take responsibility, and they always say someone else did the bad thing. Even worse is when they force someone else (usually a spouse, child, or younger relative) to admit that the other person was responsible for the mistake. (As a customer service agent, I get these people ad nauseum.)”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “My version of this is “People who refuse to admit they are wrong, especially by becoming super defensive at the drop of a hat. And even if you CAN get them to admit wrongdoing, they resist actually, meaningfully apologizing, trying to improve, or exhibiting any kind of self-awareness or vulnerability.”

Well, newsflash, accountability is not a game of hide-and-seek, and it infuriates the rest of us who believe in owning up to our mistakes.

14. Anger Issues

Angry man screaming
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One user said, “People who cannot control their anger. Particularly road ragers who yell, gesticulate, tailgate, brake check, etc, or do anything that is intended to provoke others on the road. They make me incredibly angry. Guess what I do with that anger? That’s right, just NOTHING, because I’m driving a car on the road around other people, and I’m an adult with self-control”

Someone else added, “It’s amazing how many grown adults don’t have even the slightest grasp on emotional regulation.”

It’s like they have a short fuse, and the smallest things can set them off like a firework on the Fourth of July. Well, guess what? Their anger issues are something other people should not have to deal with.

15. Bullies

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These bullies think they’re the kings and queens of the schoolyard. They think they’re the main characters in their personal reality show, where everyone else is just background noise.

Someone commented, “Bullies. They ruin lives and create broken people.”

Another user added, “The tragic thing is when people who have been bullied turn around and becomes bullies themselves, perpetuating the cycles of abuse. Not every bully has a tragic backstory, but sometimes it’s just kids witnessing and internalizing the casual cruelty of their family and friends, thinking that’s normal and acceptable.”

16. The ‘Superior’ Kind

Adult man in formalwear and eyeglasses on yellow background
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Someone said, “People who treat everyone else like idiots.”

A discerning Reddit user commented, “I do the opposite. I assume everyone is smarter than me until they prove otherwise. I’ve been proven wrong a lot.”

Another responded, “Ignorant folks”

Can’t these people see that treating others as inferior is disrespectful and reveals their own insecurities? It’s infuriating because nobody likes to be talked down to or made to feel small!

17. Being Loud

human on computer with megaphone sticking out screaming.
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Someone on Reddit said, “Loud people. Dress loud, talk loud, overly animated or constantly needing to be seen and heard whether intentional or not.”

Another wrote, “Sir, there called “Attention Hore’s””

Loud people talk, laugh, and cackle at a volume that would wake the dead, like they’re competing in the “Loud Olympics” and trying to win the gold medal in ear-shattering noise! It’s too annoying.

18. The Empaths

Skeptical brunette woman looking at camera
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Self-proclaimed “empaths,” think they’re the emotional superheroes of the world, but their actions scream anything but empathy!

A Redditor wrote, “People who call themselves empaths. There’s no clearer indication that you’re an incredibly self-involved person than thinking that you’re special for feeling empathy.”

Someone else agreed, “This. Every single person I have met who has described themselves as an empath/empathic has turned out to be extremely reactive (negatively) and extremely emotional about everything, even slightly negative in their lives, and hardly empathic, and even callous, towards anyone else.”

19. Narcissist

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Someone commented, “On a similar note, people who seem to have many “narcissists” in their lives are clearly the problem themselves.”

Another replied, “In general, how people talk about others is an indicator of their personality. “If you met an a**h**e today, you met an a**h**e. If everyone you meet are a**h**es, you’re the a**h**e.”

Narcissists can’t seem to have a conversation without turning it back to themselves. They’ll hijack any topic, no matter how unrelated, just to talk about their achievements.

20. Being Selfish

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One user said, “People that make selfish decisions. But not like major selfish decisions, because for those, you often have to be. It’s the little ones like:

Not using a turn signal or using it too late. Stopping abruptly in high traffic or tight areas, store aisles, concourses, festivals, etc… Not holding the door when someone is right behind you. Even the no look reach back will do. No sound awareness: loud talkers, speaker phone talkers, Bluetooth music players, etc… Parents that let their small children run around public places with no regard for others. People incapable of apologizing.”

It’s time to break out of the “me bubble” and embrace genuine selflessness’s beauty.

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