12 Popular TV Shows People Absolutely Refused to Watch

We all know those people who like to buck the trends and NOT do what everyone else is doing. When it comes to TV shows, it is the same thing. Here are some TV shows that people refuse to watch.

Anything Kardashian

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This isn’t the name of the series, obviously, but people absolutely refuse to watch anything Kardashian related.

Someone wrote, “Idk how anyone does it. I got 2 episodes in (maybe?) To the 12 yr old dancing on the stripper pole, and I was done.”

Ted Lasso

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Someone wrote, “I have a coworker who refuses to watch Ted Lasso even though he likes watching soccer and admits he would probably enjoy the show. Apparently, he has an annoying family member who has recommended he watch it multiple times, and he gets a kind of spiteful enjoyment out of telling them he hasn’t seen it.”

Tiger King

Tiger King
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“Not popular now, but tiger king. Couldn’t get over how bad those animals were treated and can’t bring myself to watch it,” someone wrote.

Another added, “I maintain that if Netflix viewers weren’t kept inside by lockdown, the show would not have been so successful. I watched it, and I did not feel good about myself after.”


VelmaSeason 1 - Episode 6.
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Someone shared, “I tried, even just for laughs on how bad I knew it’d be. I just can’t do it. It’s is like listening to fingernails down a chalkboard for me.”

Another added, “That show has achieved the remarkable in having no one actually like it. It’s actively spiteful towards the source material, the surface-level ideology has conservative folk hating it, and leftist folk hate it because it’s just straight up mean-spirited beyond the pale. I haven’t seen anyone in who hasn’t wondered who it’s even for.”

13 Reasons Why

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“Hated that show it almost seemed to glorify depression and suicide amongst the gen Zers” someone commented.


Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in episode 108 of Dahmer
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People do not like how shows like Dahmer seem to glorify murderers. One person said, “Any like “Dahmer”. These people should be anonymous and forgotten.”

Someone added, “I usually am all in for true crime stuff, and I could barely watch it. I felt like they were trying to play him off as some hapless guy and his dad as the same. They did the victims dirty, and the neighbor was the only character that seemed to care about anything.”

Black Mirror

Bryce Dallas Howard in Black Mirror
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Someone shared a sad, personal anecdote. They said, “My ex suffered a psychotic breakdown and fully believed the show was being written specifically to send her messages. She would constantly tell me about how this character or that plotline was about her life. It was horrifying to watch. Just the opening screen makes me sick to my stomach.”

Big Mouth

Ayo Edebiri as Missy Foreman-Greenwald in BIG MOUTH
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“Big mouth, no explanation needed,” someone wrote. Another added, “Why is it that so many ‘adult-oriented’ cartoons have the ugliest artstyles known to man anyway.”

Another person wrote, “I hate the art style, I hate Nick Kroll, and I hate what I’ve seen of the subject matter after a friend fowarded me a clip.”

Emily in Paris


Someone joked, “Call it what it is: Mary Sue the Ugly American ft. Product Placement.”

Another person wrote, “usually I like to watch terrible shows to point and laugh, but this one is SO bad I can’t even bring myself to.”

Grey’s Anatomy

GREY’S ANATOMY – “Wedding Bell Blues/Happily Ever After” (ABC/Raymond Liu) CHRIS CARMACK, CAMILLA LUDDINGTON
Image Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu.

One person wrote, “Wife loves it, and I can’t stand all the people being operated on with some askew disease .0000001% of the population gets while fighting about who’s dating who and all the cliche melodramatic stuff of a daytime soap opera.”

That 90’s Show

That ‘90s Show. Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman in episode 101 of That ‘90s Show

“I LOVE that 70’s show, but that reboot was not it. I watched first episode because of the returning characters, but that was it,” someone wrote.

Another person added, “I watched That 90s Show since That 70s Show has always been one of my favorites, and my issue with it is that it doesn’t feel like the 90s. The way they talk, dress, act, etc., just felt like Gen Z, minus a cell phone in their hand 24/7. I didn’t get any 90s vibes.”

Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke HBO Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 6
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One person had an issue with the final season. They said, ” If a show that big can have its entire fanbase and legacy erased with one bad season, it’s not worth getting invested in it for nothing.”

Another person added their opinion, ” I normally like fantasy books, and I’m sure I’d probably like the show to some extent. From what I’ve heard and the clips I’ve seen though, it’s just way over the top too gory for me, there are an absolute ton of characters that I would almost definitely get mixed up, and it honestly sounds like work to actually enjoy the show.”

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